My Birthday

Today was tiring and fun.
I began a project for the Barbie house just after putting in a load of wash.

Remember this shelf?

Well now it is white. It will have pink shelf paper and pink dots on it tomorrow, I will post a picture of the finished item.

I found a wooden chest at hobby lobby, it is now white.

Before grand boy (G) arrived I got my dolly ready. She and I had a shopping trip planned, and decided to take G along!

We began our trip at the SA thrift. Where G said sadly, “I’m sorry there are no toys here’… at least 3 times!

We went to my friend’s shop. There were toys there, plus a new dress for dolly, and more!

Elizabeth’s son Z stopped by and wanted to dance with dolly.

G wanted me to take pictures of his toys. That blur, is from G’s arm. That boy can not be still!

While there dolly got her name. I have had this doll for several years. I don’t like Barbie as her name because Barbie has become generic for a type of doll. So She is now named, Sarah Rose. After my grandmother and Beloved’s mother. I will post a new picture of her tomorrow, I forgot to get one earlier.

Then G and I went to McDs. That was a bit of a fiasco. They no longer carry his Hi-C orange and he did NOT like that blue gatorade stuff (I can’t blame him there).
Plus they didn’t have the Luigi toy he really wanted. Then his apple juice squirted his clothes… he ended up eating 2 sausage patties, and he drank about 1/2 his juice.

In these pictures, you can see where he was when I got out the camera…

Then he came to sit and eat and said mimi take a picture of me eating and drinking… I tried!

After McDs it was off to the carwash to get my free birthday wash. G loved it! He laughed and called out the colors. When we were in the drying area he said, lets do it again! I promised to take him next time I get my truck washed.

Then it was home to Mimi’s house with Katie licka nose and a nap. No G doesn’t always take them anymore but today his highness needed one. He was restored to his usual princely self afterwards.

When G went home Beloved took me to IHOP for dinner. Which confirmed for both of us that they do breakfast really well, but not much else!

Ladies I am tuckered out so I am going off to bed!
hugs y’all!

Something a Little Different…

OK I have been super focused on my dolls lately. I realized this morning though that I have been neglecting one of the hobbies that started me blogging in the first place.


So today I have decided to be crafty. Plus, I have a lot of apron stuff around that I need to clear out. Of course… to make more room for doll stuff…

Besides I read someplace that crafting helps fight off depression. Since I have bouts of this affliction now and then, I need to get back to my crafting!

So My plan is to take this:

And make a cute little apron out of it.

It should be easy, I won’t have to do all the seams, the ties are already done. I will have to move the waist ties but the neck ones are fine.

So here we go. First I snip the neck straps. I will cut off the ends with the metal on it and the neck ties are only in need of a quick hemming.

Next cut out the back zipper area. I may use part of this for a pocket. However since this apron is one I will use mostly for serving table, I may ditch the pocket.

Ta Da!

Finished in less than an hour. It went much faster than I expected.
One thing I didn’t count on was the skirt was actually a slip and a skirt. Hemming the sides got a bit messy. However I like the idea of the double layer in case of spills. My skirt will stay clean.
I like it. What do you think?

Now, just because I feel the need to do something dolly…

This young lass is getting a bit of work.

Not all she needs but at least now she doesn’t look drunk or hung over! I admit… her gloved arms are freaking me out. They always seem to turn backwards… eep…

Now I know I got some new clothes yesterday and some how they have disappeared. I thought I put them in my dolly drawer but no I did not. Only the shorts were in there…

This young lass donated her blue ball gown to Ella. Sooo she needs something! I noticed her earrings were pink… Ah ha! The pink dotted dress from my cheap China clothes stash will do for now.

I had this little romper thing… I thought it was GG. This is a Ty Kid… Her name is Princess. No the romper doesn’t say princess to me either. However it does better than neekid…
When I bought her neekid my goal was and is to make clothes for her. Perhaps my crafty gene will kick in and inspire me!

Now a while ago I bought a doll who, after she came home lost her head. Apparently her neck was cracked and I didn’t see it. It broke and her head fell off.

So I bought these dolls yesterday, thinking of one as a body donor until I fix the neck…

I chose the lighter toned one because the original body is really pale.

Well… now I have 2 headless dolls. These dolls are NOT meant to be donors… At least they were cheap. Live and learn!

Hugs Y’all!

And we’re walking…

Obscure Star Gate SG1 reference…
Onto the kitchen!
The only thing in this kitchen that is not as I want it, is counter top work space. That we plan to change in the not too distant future. Along with the sink cabinet and flooring.

As we walk in we see my apron hook. This apron is one I wear mostly as a serving one and is not my everyday work apron.


This little white cabinet was in fil’s laundry room. For now it serves as the mixing and coffee center.

The red crate houses most of the red speckle ware I collect. Beloved bought me these for Christmas last year. We have an amazing store down town called Eggemeyers… I spend a couple hours in there every time I go! The crate we found at an estate sale and it adds the perfect… something to this wall!


Turning to the right we see the shelf unit with the microwave in it and some food/utility supplies. Next to that is the built in oven. Underneathyou see my baking cabinet. Which the cats have discovered they can open at will.


Moving on we come to the stove, where more of my speckled ware is in use!

This bucket is the perfect size to hold all my utensils.

The little red tube is a really cool knife set I found at Kitchen Collection. It is 3 ceramic knives and they slide into a set of bristles that hold them in place. I had an extra ceramic knife and added it to the others. Very handy and cute!





Swinging around we come to the sink area. Not much special going on here. We plan to redo this area in the next few months, and we will redo the entire floor and the bathroom at the same time. We wish to replace the old cast iron plumbing stack. It makes sense to do it all at once.


One of my favorite parts of this area is this little old lady with a bustle. I used to house utensils in the bustle but since I have my nifty new bucket, I use her to hold straws I snag when I eat out and extra hand wipes and so on. She is just too sweet not to put her to use. Plus she reminds me of an awesome trip we took to meet up with my friend Sue Ellen in Brownwood. That was the best day I had in a long time!


Next is the refrigerator. Notice it has an in the door ice maker… Yes I LOVE this ice maker. I must have ice in my drinks and this makes it so easy!



Here is the old phone box. I love this bit of character.


However it needs to be useful… so I

Loaded it up with my cookbooks!

Well that is my kitchen. I hope you like it!

Next time we will travel through the kitchen to the living room.


Hugs Y’all!

Fun Friday: Altered Apron

Well I did not get any serious sewing done today. I really should have. However my brain just could not handle it. My Beloved was ill last night. A call to his Dr resulted in reduced medications and he was ok this morning. Still I spent a sleepless night expecting to take him to the ER.
Once he was safely fed and off to work I laid back down and slept for… 5 hours! I never do that!
Then I had to tussle with my sewing machine, Baby, which I LOVE but she did not want her new needle put in. I guess she was tired after yesterday’s apron and mending too.
Finally after about 30 minutes of fussing the new needle was installed and threaded. By then my brain needed something fun and quick and so an altered apron was born.
I do not know if you are like me or not. I always have too much stuff I want to keep next to my living room chair. To the point where I recently downsized my table from a 2 shelved rectangle to a small no shelf square. Just enough space for my lamp, tissue, note pad, Bibles and a drink. Some days that works, others not so much. What do I do with the magazines? What if the kitties knock over my drink on my Bibles?? Such great problems needed a solution.
Here dear ladies is that solution.
You will need
1 pocketed 1/2 apron
safety pins
some method of sewing
and a wooden dowel about 12 inches long.
This is my beginning:

The apron was made for me by a dear friend, but as you already know I just don’t do 1/2 aprons. I also have very limited storage space. So if I am to keep it it must have another use. 

Cut cut cut:

Pin Pin Pin:

Sew sew sew:
Now to put it in place
Slide the dowel end between the cushion and the arm:
Hang it over the side:
Put the cushion back:
Fill it with things you do not have space for on your tiny square table. 
In my case I have a Country Living Magazine (new one!) Penzey’s Spice catalog and one of my Bibles. I also put my back scratcher in there.
I hope you enjoyed this diversion!
Keep Sewing y’all!

Retro Style Apron

This finish was harder for me. Mainly because I began this one over a year ago and it has been sitting partly sewn in my to make basket since then. Things I thought were ok then, kind of pester me now! LOL
I like this one for its full coverage. It is almost a jumper! One thing I have decided is that any new aprons that have the facing will also have material to cover it. I am just not giddy with the facing.
Here I go again:
Iron the rumpled pieces

Sew some seams

Oops broke the thread! I really dislike those nicks they put on the thread spools. When hand sewing they are ok but when one stops your thread when you are machine sewing everything goes all wonky!

Get the magnifier out for rethreading…
Ok off again sew sew sew

Place the pockets
Pin the bodice

The facing I am not giddy about:

The collar I am not really sure about either

The skirt

Tada! I will get some pics of a person in the aprons this weekend.
Keep on Sewing y’all!

What to do?

The need : Curtains to cover the ugly window…
The available tools:
Sewing machine
Since this blog is all about aprons, you just KNEW aprons had to figure into this some how right???
Cutting the apron in half proved to be very difficult. Not because straight lines and I do not get along (though we do not!).
It was made by a cherished friend I have lost touch with. However being a ½ apron, I just kept it in a drawer. I need the drawer space and can not longer justify storing aprons I do not use. What to do??? I want to keep it for the memory it holds of my friend.
The answer was repurpose it and make it into something else. I have 5 such aprons and am thinking on projects for all of them. However this one is perfect to cover my ugly window.
The window in my kitchen is ugly. Well ok all the windows in my home right now are ugly. They all need to be replaced, but I only have 1 that can be fixed with an apron.
So I cut the apron in 1/2. I actually cut 2 aprons one I will use for a different idea later.
Here is the ugly window:
Yes I have a window ac unit in the kitchen. When it is 103 outside, I need all the help I can get to stay cool!
Here is the area where magic happens… ok so it is where my feeble efforts to produce pretty things happens:
The beginning, 2 aprons with no clue the harm about to befall them:
Under the watchful eyes of Spazzie Girl the cruel scissors do their work…

2 aprons are now 4 panels…
Off to the sewing machine for new hems…

Sew Sew Sew… 

Viola, the ugly window is… still ugly but less so with pretty curtains in place!!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for my philosophy on aprons!
See y’all then!

Welcome to All About the Apron

This blog is for discussing my and my daughter in love’s business, Prairie Homemaker Aprons and Accessories.
We will share links to apron literature, yes folks write books about aprons. I will share my philosophy about aprons and links to cool sites with aprons. Crafts made with aprons and hopefully lots of apron pictures!

This post is just a teaser guess, to let you know what is coming! For now I need to go get some apron work done! I will be back tomorrow hopefully with some pictures and Mel’s Philosophy of Aprons!

see y’all then!

Things I have learned from this apron.

Yes dear friends the apron is finished. If I can get the camera to work I will take pictures of it. This project taught me several things.

1) I underestimate what God allows me to do.
2) I like sewing
3) If I can make this, I can make a skirt or jumper too.
4) 41/8 yards is a lot of material to work with.
5) I can thread my sewing machine with out help.
6) I love bobbin winders
7) I can replace bent needles.
8) I do not have the patience for traditional gathers
9) Cheat gathers with elastic look just fine
10) Bias tape hemmed on the ends makes for good ties…

The apron took about a week from cut out to final product. Had I had time it probably would have taken a day. I think this one will not be one I make for sale. I may make a few later, after I have become more experienced. Now I know though that I am capable of more than 1 piece projects and am planning to begin a new one tomorrow. I just have not decided what it will be yet. Judy is picking a pattern for her apron and we will work on it together.

Overall I have enjoyed this experience immensely. I can hardly wait to begin the next item.
OK now for some pics:

The front of the apron. I love this fabric!

The back of the apron. We used iron on facing, Then hemmed the 2 together.

A closer view of the front, I tried to get the pockets in this one.

Whew, now off to make breakfast, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy.