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OK I have been super focused on my dolls lately. I realized this morning though that I have been neglecting one of the hobbies that started me blogging in the first place.


So today I have decided to be crafty. Plus, I have a lot of apron stuff around that I need to clear out. Of course… to make more room for doll stuff…

Besides I read someplace that crafting helps fight off depression. Since I have bouts of this affliction now and then, I need to get back to my crafting!

So My plan is to take this:

And make a cute little apron out of it.

It should be easy, I won’t have to do all the seams, the ties are already done. I will have to move the waist ties but the neck ones are fine.

So here we go. First I snip the neck straps. I will cut off the ends with the metal on it and the neck ties are only in need of a quick hemming.

Next cut out the back zipper area. I may use part of this for a pocket. However since this apron is one I will use mostly for serving table, I may ditch the pocket.

Ta Da!

Finished in less than an hour. It went much faster than I expected.
One thing I didn’t count on was the skirt was actually a slip and a skirt. Hemming the sides got a bit messy. However I like the idea of the double layer in case of spills. My skirt will stay clean.
I like it. What do you think?

Now, just because I feel the need to do something dolly…

This young lass is getting a bit of work.

Not all she needs but at least now she doesn’t look drunk or hung over! I admit… her gloved arms are freaking me out. They always seem to turn backwards… eep…

Now I know I got some new clothes yesterday and some how they have disappeared. I thought I put them in my dolly drawer but no I did not. Only the shorts were in there…

This young lass donated her blue ball gown to Ella. Sooo she needs something! I noticed her earrings were pink… Ah ha! The pink dotted dress from my cheap China clothes stash will do for now.

I had this little romper thing… I thought it was GG. This is a Ty Kid… Her name is Princess. No the romper doesn’t say princess to me either. However it does better than neekid…
When I bought her neekid my goal was and is to make clothes for her. Perhaps my crafty gene will kick in and inspire me!

Now a while ago I bought a doll who, after she came home lost her head. Apparently her neck was cracked and I didn’t see it. It broke and her head fell off.

So I bought these dolls yesterday, thinking of one as a body donor until I fix the neck…

I chose the lighter toned one because the original body is really pale.

Well… now I have 2 headless dolls. These dolls are NOT meant to be donors… At least they were cheap. Live and learn!

Hugs Y’all!

First off an update.
Remember this lass:

Elsa with the battery area and speaker thing and magnet looking things on her hands?
Well they are not magnets. They are so you can hold her hands and complete the circuit. She flashes and sings. She didn’t do either until she fell off a shelf. Now she flashes and grunts. I think she needs new batteries before she will sing. Her name it appears is Musical, Magic Elsa. Thanks to The Toy Box Philosopher Blog for their review of her! I learned that she doesn’t sing, but does play her tune. I have to agree on the snowflake cover thing. It is not designed or sewn at all well. My Elsa is missing her crown and her skirt. shoes. Her loop of bangs has also come loose.

Update #2.
I have a friend who owns a resale boutique. It is called the Trendy Trunk and for any local folks, I highly recommend checking it out. A very cool store. Anyway she had me add Polly Pockets to my list of stuff I must have.I haven’t found any yet… So remember that box I bought for $5?

Well we had company last night and one of the girls and I were in my room talking dolls. She wanted to see my AG clone dolls. (Springfield collection and one sold at Target that I can’t remember the line)
I showed her my big baggie of misc and we dumped it out and I showed her these tiny princess dolls… She exclaims, oh those are Polly Pockets… So I did find some! I just didn’t recognize them from my store days. Those ones looked different than these. I like these.
I have Tiana Aurora Belle Cinderella Ariel and Snow White.
Well my shop friend does because I was not going to keep them. So on my travels today I took the box to her. What she didn’t buy, went to a thrift store.
I was also informed I had some littlest pet shop things too. Those also will go to my friend. With cats, I am not into tiny toys!
If you are local, you should really check out the Trendy Trunk. It is really a cute store, with reasonable prices on quality children’s and maternity, clothes and goods. Everything from toys to furniture. Plus, she has layaway!

She actually had goodies waiting for me. So here they are:

A Campbell’s kids doll. This one from a quick look online was made in 1971 He is missing his shoes but who cares with that fun filled face?

She also had some Barbie clothes.

And some Veggie Tales. I love these guys. There was a nativity, so you KNOW it had to come home with me! Plus a few extra characters.

And a little people Donkey…

Then we come to the Barbies!

I love this one, she has a streak of purple in her hair! Plus the big beach feet. I plan to look her up.

Another Rapunzel. I love this dress.

This Cinderella… in a Belle gown… looks like she partied a bit too hard at the ball… We will see what we can do to make her look more like her own self.

While in that area I hit the Salvation Army and found these:

GG Bella.

And these 2 no names, just numbers. The body looks similar to a Barbie body but the head… They are NOT bratz but I don’t know what they ARE… Do you???

Elizabeth also took over my Monster High lass. Which I was most happy about!

Have you had any awesome yard sale or thrifting adventures? I would love to hear about it!

Hugs y’all

OK so I think I have decided to blog Monday thru Friday and take Saturdays and Sundays off.
Saturdays are filled with yard sale shopping and Sundays I try to limit my time online anyway.

So this Saturday I went to a sale that had been advertised for a month on Facebook. I knew there were going to be hordes of cool things there…. So I got up early. Prepped my cucumber, lime ACV water and headed off… Got there and… it was one of the biggest piles of junk I have EVER seen. They did have 2 interesting things. An Antique bedroom set, in twin, and a child’s wooden table and chair set, in dire need of restoring.

I passed, since restoring furniture is not my thing. I want to do it, but where would I put it once it was done???

So here is what I found yesterday.

3 Boxes of patterns for… .50c I haven’t looked through them yet but most will be headed to ebay or etsy, since they are unused! The used ones will go in my donate box.

I also found a Melissa and Doug Noah’s Ark! With a bunch of the animals.
All wood too. They all need a bit of cleaning. I may contact the company and see if I can get some replacement animals. M&D are very good with CS. I LOVE this company.

A nice solid wood footstool. I wanted this one because it is sturdier than my plastic ones and, at 5’1, a good footstool is something I NEED!

Before I get to the Barbie finds… I found this lovely lass!

She is Mia from the Crissy family of dolls! She is wearing an original Mia outfit too. Mia was released in 1971 by Ideal. I had Velvet as a girl. I don’t remember much but I do remember her name. Mia is broken. Her hair no longer retracts. It needs some work too to make is soft and pretty again. I will get to that eventually. I will also search on how to fix her so her hair retracts as it should. At least no one cut it off! I found a baby Crissy once, some one had pulled her hair long then gave her a buzz cut… very scary looking baby!

Ok now on to the Barbie stuff. I have a special one I will save for last.

Ok this one is Elsa from Frozen… I think… She has a place for batteries and her hands have these magnet looking things on them… but her hands do not go together. I can not figure out this net and snowflake cover thing either. No matter what I do, it looks twisted some how. She has a speaker so I imagine if I had whatever it is she is supposed to hold she might sing… maybe?

Next, another Lovely Patsy doll! I now have 3. This is the first naked one I have found though. I have issues finding info on her. Most google info is on another doll, from the 30’s or so that is valuable. Plus not at all Barbieesque

This is my 3rd or 4th Number doll. No identification on her but a number, and made in China. The others seem to be dates, this one doesn’t.

I found another articulated Barbie… I think I have her already but the more the merrier. the blue tag says $1.29

This one is a Barbie Beach, Water Fun, Summer doll. I like it when I find dolls whose name is not just Barbie. Her suit is in great shape too, not much wear on it.

This is my first Monster High. I am not really into these dolls, but for .25c, why not grab her? She is Frankie Stein… Umm so yes I have her now. Now sure what I will do with her.

So now the one you have been waiting for…

A reproduction from 1997, Bride Barbie!

She is complete, her hands still gloved and holding her bouquet. She is missing 1 shoe. Her gown is even marked Barbie Reproduction 1997.
It has never come off the doll either. The belt does not unlatch, so to get the dress off, you would have to break the belt!

There seems to be a lot of glue, like hot glue, on her hands holding the bouquet. They feel sort of gummy. Looking at pictures of her online, I think this was done by the previous owner. The pictures I find of her in the box show her hands at her sides, one with the bouquet in it. I don’t know right now if I will try to undo the damage or not. I am afraid I might make it worse.

Now I need to get digging into those boxes of patterns… If I find any really neat stuff in there I will post about it.

By the way…. are these posts too long? Should I focus on just 1 doll? 2? What do you think? After all, I am not just writing for my pleasure, I want you to enjoy it too!
Hugs Y’all

Ok, no one else voted. So combining the 1 vote with my desire to open her up, I did!

Here is a close up of her box.

These fell out as I opened it.

Out… Almost.

They actually sewed her hair to the box and plastic strip. Plus tied down her head with a twisty tie thing. This is getting ridiculous.

Her… card board cooler. There are card board dinners and cokes and a blanket on the back of the box. However they are all too warped to salvage.
The inside of her box feels almost sticky as if a coke spilled inside it.

Free at last!

With her accessories. her hands are not set up to hold either the bottle or the frisbee… that is kind of silly.
She will go on my DOW/Americana shelf. Coca Cola is definitely an American icon, as is Barbie!

Plus the outfit for Raquelle, which is her name until I learn differently!

Temporary spots, until I get more stands!
Hugs y’all!

This weekend was tough… Saturday yielded nothing but this chair yard sales wise.

I think it will work for my skipper.

So there was nothing Barbie wise to write about.

So I am playing with dolls again. Tonight I will play with this pile…

Remember this beauty with the black hair and ponytail? This girl has attitude. Notice her hip swung out at an angle! That slight angle makes sitting her down… very unladylike….

Tonight I will try her out in different outfits.

Also so far there is one vote to open the Coca Cola Barbie.

Here are some more close up pictures of her box. It really is in rough shape. Plus her accessories have come loose. That is drying me nuts.

OK so now on to my play time!

Here she is in the pink sundress I originally picked for her. Some how she has more attitude than this though.

Hmm… definitely not feeling the blue kimono…

Pink skirt, pink shirt, black leather jacket and black mini boots… Maybe…

Heart dress and pink and white jacket??? Hmmm the jacket says genuine Barbie yet it doesn’t want to fit this Barbie… see how much of her wrists hang out???

So you all get to vote, which outfit works best on this doll?
I wish I knew her name! I think maybe Raquelle but I can’t find any that look exactly like her!

OK I began this post last night and just finished it. So good morning!
Hugs y’all!

More Newness!

First of all tonight, some ids!

The Ken in the prince style shirt is… The first Ken doll with flocked hair! The shirt is indeed a prince shirt, from his costume as the Prince in Cinderella, From the early 60’s “Little Theater” set. Thank you Amber!

This lovely lass, which I thought might be pretty in peach is actually Super Star Barbie in a costume ball gown. Remember I thought the butterfly wings thing was an add on? Nope it is a masquerade mask for you to wear when you attend the ball with Barbie! Thanks to Teresa at The Barbie Blog for the id help!

I think this guy, is a Super Star Ken. Mostly the hair and the smile give him away. He looks similar to the Tennis guy but I think that one is older. Plus is it just me or does he have an odd torso? He reminds me of Heman from Masters of the Universe…

Well there was nothing at the sale that said Barbies! The lady said a guy came by and right before me and bought it all! We got there at 8:05!

I found a set at the next sale, a Barbie and Ken. He is the new, Justin Bieber clone Ken. Yuck but they were together in the baggie for $1. They said the guy might be one from one of the boy band lines…

They did have a couple extra pieces of clothes.

The next sale I found a box of misc. I offered $5. Ended up paying 6 because she didn’t have enough change. Still, I got 4 dolls.

This one in the leopard print, I think has had a sloppy hair cut done.

I like this one with the pony tail.

I love the hair on this one.

This one is a Belle, and I like how the reddish color is coming through on her hair. Most look shiny brown, hers has red in it too.

There were 2 little dolls marked Mattel, but no names. The top one has molded hair, with 2 little pig tails on top of her head. The other I think had her hair chopped off. I found a dress, looks like a former ball gown, with the inside all cut out too…

Plus these accessories. There were more, tiny pieces but I didn’t drag them out yet.

These tiny princesses, and clothes. These were in a baggie I still need to sift through. The tiny accessories probably go to these.

That will be all for today. Unless I do another post later. I am tired today and we have Conner, my nephew too.

Hugs y’all!

OK as I said I am done showcasing the Barbies from the last couple of weeks.

From now on it will be ones added to my collection over time. One caveat to this… there is a sale tomorrow, that advertised Barbies! So I may have some new ones to share tomorrow night. We will see.
I do have a question for Barbie collectors. I have noticed on the dolls I have unboxed, their clothes are not tagged. Is the the norm or a new thing?

Another question. I have other boxed dolls. Well not boxed so much as in plastic. These are all relatively cheap dolls, usually about $12. I got most on clearance. Is there any value in keeping them in the boxes?

To be honest I have thought often of just selling them off or giving them away. I don’t know at this point why I even bought them. I did give away my Butterfly Art Barbies. The market has been flooded with them since I got mine on rush clearance at Amazon years ago. Though they are kind of growing on me…

Here are the candidates for opening.

Spy Teresa

Spy Barbie

Pink and Fabulous Barbie with brown hair. I always thought it was Teresa that has the brown hair…

I can be Actress Barbie. Looking at this one, she has so many tiny accessories, I think boxed is best for her.

My shelves are working well. However…

Look at all the unhoused dolls! True some are duplicates and triplicates.

This shelf set is going to be for the formal, ball gown or Bride type dolls.

This shelf set will house the DOW, American Story (Of which, I found out, there are 4 more I need to hunt for!)

This under shelf is where I plan to put the dolls I intend to … play with… as in changing outfits now and then…

Over here are dolls that will not be unboxed. I think all the top shelves will be these as well. So I don’t worry so much about dusting!

Star Trek!


Tea Party

Valentine Sweet Heart


I now have 4 or 5 Snow Whites so this one will stay in her box.

So will this gorgeous Belle, at least until I find another on clearance!

OK some dolly help is needed.

Yes I know Donnie and Marie…

Who are these two, who look ready to play tennis?

This guy with the sort of prince jacket? He is marked, Ken Mattel inc Patent pending MCMLX (MJ says this is 1960) On his foot he is marked Japan. I have had him for a while, just stuck him on the shelf. I think I paid $1 for him on our vacation across country yard saleing 2 years ago.

And this guy? He is very wiggly. Marked Ken, Hong Kong.

This cute blonde? She is wearing a Sweet 16 dress. That I know well!

This is Camp Barbie, I bought her new. She has lost her lantern. It is here someplace. (We have moved several times and had various people “help” in the packing since I got her)

Now I have this coca cola Barbie, her box has been wet… Unbox or keep as is? She will be my only Barbie in jeans…

I think the ones that will not be unboxed will go up on the top shelf. Then the princess dolls can go on the next shelf, leaving me the bookcase top for more unboxed dolls.

Beloved made me this tonight:

Isn’t it cute!
Well I need to be up and at it early tomorrow so good night! If you have any insights into any of these dolls or clothes PLEASE share!

Hugs y’all

Tonight I will open the last 2 dolls from the Barbie bonanza estate sale (BBES). They are Pioneer Barbie and Colonial Barbie.

I am out of stands… pout. I went to Hobby Lobby to get some and… they are also out of stands. I bought their last 5 last week. I found 2 dolls that fit the goofy little stand that came with the Russian and Polish Barbies. The ones that do NOT fit the modern dolls!

They work ok with… Skipper! The 1976 Ballerina fits okay in it too.

Tonight I also decided to play dress up with my dolls. Well a few of them.

This beauty, with no hair, I put in the outfit I had the Don King hair doll (DKH) in.

She will wear this until I find a wig for her.

Her friend I put in a dress that will hide her atrocious knees better. I love the dresses they came in and plan to find dolls for those as well. (They are drying right now because I washed them out, the sale I found them in was.. well a mess…)

DKH Barbie is in this cute vintage dress, with modern sneakers. I do NOT like these split back shoes. I want the old style back!

I also, in an attempt at some sort of control over her hair, gave her a couple braids.

I did the same to this Barbie as Belle doll. Looks a bit better.

Next, remember these guys? I think they are both Blaine but I am not sure what Blaine!

Is he more buff than Ken? I ask because, I bought this set of Ken clothes at the store tonight and getting them on the doll was almost nightmarish. At first I thought it was the bent arm but this shirt just doesn’t want to fit him. I finally got it on and closed. The material feels almost like water proof upholstery material. Yuck.

The shorts and shoes went on no problem. His old shirt I gave to his surfer shorts wearing twin. You know, I am not into the boy dolls and now I have…7 of them… Of course I imagine I have over 50 Barbie’s… oh wait.. including the 2 sets of Barbie/Ken I have 9 boys now. I will do a post just on my guys later I think.

Ok ready to open 2 more Barbies? Hopefully with real stands…

Up first, Pioneer Barbie:

I LOVE the RED curls. She does indeed have a real stand also! She had a wad of tissue paper up her skirt. See the basket of apples?

She comes with a mail in card, to register as an official doll owner, and they send you free stickers. For giggles I am going to send it off and see what happens.

Look at this cute basket of apples! Since we have cats, I am leaving them in the plastic wrapping in the basket.

Joy a REAL stand!

I love these flats, of all Barbie shoes these are my favorites. She also comes with a book.

Isn’t she gorgeous? A bit of a funny. While I was at the BBES looking at the dolls, my former boss came up beside me and said I HAD to get this one. WHY? Because the pioneers headed west to the prairies and I am known online as the Prairie Homemaker! The apples make me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rocky Ridge Farm. Definitely this doll is one of my favorites.

OK next is Colonial Barbie.

Her box is already torn so I don’t feel quite as apprehensive deboxing her!

She also comes with a mail in card. I will send it in too and see what happens.

Her prop is what is supposed to be a bit of stitchery I think. Ah, a quilt block. The Frame was in pieces and I put it back together.

All the goodies in her box have come unglued or taped from their places, making it easy to get them out.

She too, is gorgeous. Pioneer is still ahead though, because of the RED hair!

Here she is on her stand with her book and quilt square. According to the box I am missing one in the series, the Harvest Feast one. I may just have to begin hunting her!

Next time, I will begin introducing dolls I have that are not recent additions! As always, help on iding dolls I don’t know, as well as clothes, is welcome! Even encouraged!

As an aside… My Beloved got a 3d printer at Christmas. He made this little guy for me last night. I keep hinting at Barbie shoes…

Hugs Y’all

I have gotten so many dolls lately it is getting hard to remember them all!

Tonight I will feature several. One an old favorite in a new (to me, really a vintage) dress. I will also feature a couple I am just not that into. Remember I have said I do not think all Barbies are works of art. These 2 fall into the not category for me. Plus a special opening at the end!

So lets get them out of the way first shall we? Then we can have fun!

First is this pink haired girl. I think this doll is pretty enough. Her hair is very soft and long and… pink… I think I prefer the pink as a highlight not a main color. She has a sparkly silver streak in it. Her face is pretty and I myself like the straight arms better than the bent. I think it is really her dress I don’t like. It is just too short and tight. I have seen girls try to wear such dresses and they always look uncomfortable! Check out those shoes! Really pretty but killers!

This next one with the hair.. it also is very soft but way out of control! Again she is ok but not a raving beauty. Her dress is ok. Not too short/tight. Her shoes also are cute but killer!
OK I admit I have trouble walking in my sneakers some days but still…OK now on to the fun!

This doll has a very similar, it might even be the same face as the last but there is something… different in it. She has painted on clothes, plus a purple skirt. Her killer shoes are in a lilac. My personal favorite of the purple hues. Her hair has a bit of bounce, and I like bounce! My own hair is just straight, fine and fly away, brown. (with hints of red and blonde and now and then white)

Next up is, I think a Barbie as Belle, though the gown is unmarked it is gorgeous. She has a very serene expression on her face too.

This next doll was also in a Belle gown but she is NOT a Belle. She might be the belle of a ball though…

I decided she needed a less fussy look so here she is in a vintage, possibly homemade, sun dress. I like this doll because she is unique among my Barbies. Yes she is blonde but she has bangs and they give her an different attitude than the rest.

Next we have one I labeled Don King Hair. Her hair is… well there is a lot of it…
I put her in this outfit but will probably change it. I think this one might be to one of the DOW but I don’t know and it is not labeled. I just noticed, her eyes actually sparkle in the light. I like her face.

Here is a sweet faced girl that I am not sure is Barbie, she might be one of the High School musical dolls. Anyone know? She is Mattel, that is certain.

This young lady is pretty in pink and even has her shoes! She is just too sweet!

I may have shown this doll before, but I wanted to show her in her new kimono. This one and an identical blue one were ebay purchases and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Next is a glamorous Barbie. I put her in a one piece suit with a sarong skirt. I love the silver belt!

Now this next one is other than my Sweet 16, favorite. She is one of the HAIR Barbies but I have not figured out which one… yet… The dress I have her in is one I got last week at the Barbie bonanza estate sale. It reminds me of one I see often on ebay, called either a night at the movies or something about shopping. I paired it with the 1 pair of sneakers I had and a little purse that looks to have palm trees on it. I thought it looked cute with the dress and sneakers.

Ok … Are you ready for my BIG doll of the night?

I went to get my nails done today. A thing my Beloved insists I take the time and money to do. I don’t do much, a shellac polish and a simple manicure. Well a couple doors down from my nail place is a children’s/ladies resale boutique called The Trendy Trunk. I go in to check for Barbies now and then. I gave her my name as looking for Barbies and legos.

Well when I came in the door she said, I knew you would be in here today. I was hoping you would, I am so glad to see you.

How is that for a greeting? I had promised her some Nancy Drew’s I had. I was putting them on ebay but I would rather give them to some who will appreciate them, kwim?
Well this is what she had waiting for me:

Yes that is an I Love Lucy Barbie! Missing only her box! Ladies, she has nylons on! I do indeed love Lucy. I have since I was a kid. It is the red hair. My mom kept her blonde hair dyed red. This was just so cool! Even my Beloved MJ was impressed! So what did she cost me? Nothing. Just some books I was going to get rid of anyway! I also scored 3 gallon baggies of legos.

Here she is free of her trappings. Ladies, this doll is from her personal collection. This isn’t just one she picked up to resell. That makes her even more special!

Here she is on the DOW/American story shelf. After all who is more American story than Lucy???

OK ladies, I am beat. More dolly goodness tomorrow.
Don’t forget, if you want to hear me yammer about my dolls, I have several videos up. Let me know if you want more!

Hugs Y’all!

This is not tonight’s blog post.
That will be coming up shortly. However here are the videos I tried to upload last night and couldn’t. It took a long time today, I think my internet is choppy for some reason!

Patriot Barbie


Misc. DollsClothes

Valentine Opening

Please remember, I have had a doll explosion the last few weeks… so there is a huge honking pile of stuff everywhere!

Hugs Y’all

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