The Unique Dolls

Among my large lot are several unique Barbies.

Among them is a Video Camera Barbie.She is the Video Girl Barbie. How did I miss this? She apprently caused a bit of uproar in 2010. With an FBI report “accidentally” being released to the media.
Her necklace holds the camera and her back has the view screen… I am sure we have a plug here somewhere that will fit her. I plan to ask MJ when he gets home. I will post an update if I can get her working!

Next is this lass with wings. I have never seen anything quite like her. Her hair needs a bit of fixing and I need to try and find her other shoe, it is probably in one of the baggies full of shoes. She has a weird… fin looking piece on her back too… Research on google turned up nothing, not even an image of this one! She doesn’t move either. Only her arms. Her legs don’t even move.

This one is cool… I love Dolphins! Her hair too needs a bit of work. Again, I do not recall ever seeing this one in stores!

You just wind up this knob in back and away they go!
There is a lever too which is an on and off switch. Push it up and it holds the Dolphins in place while you wind up the knob. They make quite a breeze when let go!. It turns out she is I Can Be Dolphin Trainer Barbie.

This lass had a molded on necklace. When you push the pendant, it and her belly button light up… It seems she is the Barbie Sparkle purple light up doll… Where do they get these long drawn out names from?

Actually I found 2 of these, a Blonde one too! Now I need to find a proper dress for the brunette. The yellow one does NOT go with her shoes…

The last 3 lasses are Ballerinas.

This purple one and the blue one have springs in their hips.
I have no clue what line these are from and can not find them online.

This pink one is a bit different. No springs. She does have this hoop on her back, perhaps so she can be wired to fly? Her tight skirt does not appear removable and limits her leg movements.

So which one is your favorite?
Do you think Video Girl Barbie is worthy of the hoopla surrounding her?

I think my favorite is the wind up dress Barbie. I just really love her gown!

Hugs y’all

Small Dolls.

This batch of dolls are different from what I normally collect.
These are small. Not happy meal size but smaller than Barbie.

When I was a child, Dawn was one of my favorite dolls. I have a couple Dawn dolls now too. These dolls are ones I have not fully identified. Dawn I KNOW! LOL

This pretty pink butterfly lass I believe is a miniature Barbie. Her wings are cloth, they feel like iron on patches.

This is a Chelsea dressed for halloween. One of these days I need to bring order to her pigtails!

This one, despite the hair, I don’t like her. Too… I can’t even find words to describe her. Not appropriate for a child’s toy. Even if she had clothes on I don’t think I would like her.

Here we have another Chelsea, looks ready for school to me. Her knees are jointed. I have several Chelsea’s and this is the first jointed one!

I don’t know if this is a Barbie or not. Her arms, head and waist move, her legs do not.

This one is similar. Her head does not move. Only her arms do. Her hat seems to also. It is not removable.

Here is one of Chelsea’s friends. I do not know yet which one. I love the red hair and pigtails! I love the freckles!

Another Chelsea doll. Her skirt does not want to stay up.

Here is a Christmas Chelsea! I have seen a picture of this one somewhere.

This one is one of the Barbie family I think. She is wearing a purple label Barbie dress.

Another ready for school Chelsea!

I have no clues on these two… any ideas?

These next 3 are mermaids. I almost did these with the mermaid post.

Love the pink hair!

A mini Merliah?

The last one, a blue one!

OK I have enough Chelsea’s as Helen said to begin a Barbie preschool!

Next time I will do the new batch of princesses, and princes. Then we will begin on the Barbies!

Which was your favorite small doll?
Hugs y’all!

The Beginning.

So tonight I will do as requested.
One reader asked that I begin with the EAH dolls.
I KNOW 3 of these dolls are EAH.(Cuz I found their direct matches here)
The others I suspect but am not sure.
So I will begin with the not sure ones first.

This little orange haired lass might be a Bratz. I always thought Bratz had peg legs though and she does not. However neither is she slim and jointed like the EAH dolls.

This red haired lass is slim and jointed. However I can not find any doll that looks like her. She looks a bit like Rosabella Beauty. I do not think she is a Bratz. I however have no clue who she is! Maybe a Monster high?

These 3 I know who they are!

Apple White, I have one of her already.

Blondie Locks, Daughter of Goldie Locks

Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty (AKA Aurora)

Ok, now for the clothing puzzle from last night.

Remember this cape?

Now, remember this dress?

Tada, a set! Each from a different sale event! This is why I keep mismatched shoes. Eventually a mate might just appear! Each has a black and white Original Barbie label.

I am tired tonight so this will be all for this time!
Hugs y’all!

Wow, Just Wow!

Ladies do I have a story for you! When I first began sharing my doll stories, I rarely, if ever, found any really cool dolly related items. Now it seems each week I find at least 3 dolls to share. True, they usually need help, but that is what I am doing. Learning how to at least restore a doll to playable condition. I am lucky in that I have a Beloved that not only tolerates my hobby, but actively encourages me in it!
Here we go.
So yesterday I went to my friend’s shop. As usual I ran into Salvation Army on my way.

Where I found this. Yep, I now own a pink Barbie Corvette convertible. It is remote controlled but there was no remote, so I have no control!

Total price? $2.41!

Then I went to Elizabeth’s. She had this waiting.
A newer Barbie trunk. Inside were 9 dolls!
Here they are.
I am not going to do a big post on them tonight. This is just a run down of what I got this weekend.

Why? Well because I answered a facebook ad.
This is what I got!

I have not truly begun sorting yet. There are at least 50 dolls. All in nearly new condition. Of course, as with most dolls I get, some need hair help. None of these are in major distress and all are clean! Plus… there are NO neekid ones!

So far I know there are at least 11 mermaids! There are Bratz, MH, EAH and some I don’t recognize. I think there are even some my scene dolls. Plus guy dolls! Aladdin and one of the Prince Charmings. I think Ella’s.

I am going to sort and take pictures. There are many Disney princesses. So I will sort what I already have, and weed out the imperfect ones, replacing them with these!

Plus, several Chelsea’s. (Used to be Kelly, Barbie’s 5 yo sister.)

OK, besides the dolls, there are 3 horses.

2 Baggies stuffed with shoes.

A baggie stuffed with clothes.

Does this piece look familiar? I will show the answer tomorrow.

2 Mermaid costumes!

A baggie stuffed with accessories!

Plus the first yard sale I hit this morning had this.

A box of Barbie house furniture! Being wicker, I think it will go in the weekend house. I am also thinking of painting it all white.

Until I paint it I will set it up like this. I have foam and other things to make mattresses. This house is now ready for the weekend!

There were 2 real wood pieces too, which I will paint and put in the big house.

Plus this, a jar of Barbie goodies!

All together a big Barbie day!
What should I post about first?
Miscellaneous dolls?
Just to give you a taste of the dolls to come…

Let me know in the comments!

Now I want to correct an impression I left last night. While the Raquelle doll is not my favorite, she gets high marks for being playable. I like her suit, that was what attracted me to her. I notice the fashionista dolls are all made like her. Very hard, though on most their heads move more and easily. I just miss the move-ability of the older dolls.
Hugs y’all!

Which doll is a better value?

For today’s post I did something that for me is, a bit wild!
I went to 3 stores and purchased 5 dolls… at full price…

I went to Walmart, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

I am going to review each of these dolls by 4 criteria. As a collector I look at 3 main things in choosing dolls.
1) Looks. Is the doll pretty? If not pretty is she at least unique in some way (which is why that Robin Williams faced witch dolls came home with me)Does she have obvious seams in her arms and legs?
2) Movement. Does she have joints in good shape? This isn’t as important in dolls that will sit on my shelf. However in dolls for my staging it is a factor.
3) Playability. By this I mean can a child (or impatient adult) undress and redress her easily? Is her hair combable or is it a snarled mess? One reason fashion dolls are so popular is little girls (and little girls at heart) love to shange out fits and shoes. Match purses and so on.

When buying new these 3 criteria are joined by a forth.
Ease of removing it from the box. For dolls I really like, I will make exceptions on this one.

The other day I wrote about a doll I got from dollar tree. I called her Daisy. This doll while cheap was ok. She moved, her clothes were easy on and off as well as they fit Barbie well enough. A bit short, but a seamstress with lace or ribbon can fix that easily enough.

Today I got a “Polly” doll from Family Dollar. Her price tag was $1.75. She came out of her package easily enough. Her hair is a simple straight cut.
Her face is ok. She does have a twist and turn waist.

Her clothes to me are odd. Pink polka dot tank, grey tweed looking shorts and purple heels…

When she sits one of her shoes pops off, they do not fit her well at all. Her knees are ridged.

Getting her shorts off was easy. Sadly the velcro began to come off in the process. Removing the top was a whole other ball game. To remove the top, I had to take her apart. Seriously, I had to remove her arm to get the top off.

Her clothes will not fit Barbie. They do however fit Skipper… sort of. Given that I can not find Skipper clothes I might spend the money on this doll occasionally if she has a super cute outfit on.

Between the 2, I would rather spend the $1 at Dollar tree than the $1.75 at Family Dollar.

Next, from Dollar General I got a Glimma Girls doll. The price is $5. Her box was a bit hard to negotiate. With the help of my exacto knife I got her out!

She is kinda cute. The look on her face says she is not happy with that schmaltzy name. She reminds me of the old puppet shows on TV. Where the heads were always bigger than the bodies… She has a solid waist, no twist and turn (t&t). Her knees flex but do not bend.

I am not going to remove her clothes to try them on Barbie because I am afraid to do so would damage these wing things she has on her back. They are a sort of clear film paper. This would also prevent her hair from being brushed. I don’t see a way to safely remove them. So for playability, she gets low marks.

The next doll I got was a Sparkle Girlz from Walmart. Price $4.94 Her box was a cone she just slid right out after I unbanded her feet.

I like her face. She too has the big head, no t&t waist and her knees barely flex. Her hair is soft and combable. I tried her shoes on Barbie and they did not go on. She reminds me also of those old tv puppets. As well as some sort of scifi space chick. Though not as bimbo like as the ones I showed the other day. On both these dolls, if buying for a child, I would not the spend money. They would be damaged by playing.

Next we have Lovely Patsy, which I found at Family Dollar for $5. Her dress looks to me… 1940sish…I keep expecting to get a whiff of Chanel No.5. The gold just does not set off the silver jewelry or the pink shoes to advantage.

Her knees do bend a tiny bit. No t&t waist. Her dress seems to fit loosely. It is even on Barbie. She has a lovely face and seems to me very playable. Her shoes do fit Barbie.

The last doll I got was Raquelle. I, to keep the competition fair got the $5 one. Honestly I was disappointed. Nothing bends on her. Her face is lovely. She came out of the box easily. They didn’t tag her head to the box.

There is just nothing to this doll. I understand she is meant as a first Barbie. However, they could give her bendable knees and or a t&t waist. Her head doesn’t even slightly tilt like most of my other dolls so she can “look” at the camera. She just stares off into space… Her hair is simple and straight. Her suit is painted on and frankly why I choose her. I liked the suit. Of all the dolls, she was hardest to get to sit up.

She can wear Patsy’s clothes and shoes.

My over all feeling is, if you have $5 to spend on a doll, your money goes better with the Patsy. You get the doll and accessories for the same cost as the cheapest Barbie model.

My ranking for these dolls.
#1 Patsy
#2 Raquelle
#3 Sparkle Girlz
#4 Glimma Girls
#5 Dollar Tree dolls
I wouldn’t even spend money on the Polly doll.
So what am I going to do with these dolls? Well I am seriously considering a Lovely Patsy collection. She and the others will join the shelf dolls. The dollar ones, will go in the pile to donate.
Now tomorrow… I am getting an influx of new to me dolls and accessories… Stay tuned!

Hugs y’all!

Something new…

I did something a little different today.
I had my GB so I couldn’t really get involved in a ton of stuff. He is only 4 and needs a bit of… monitoring.

Okay so I have begun to love the EAH line of dolls. I keep hearing about webisodes (made for web tv shows). I decided to check them out. Each episode is roughly 8 minutes.(at least that is what I found on youtube) I watched the first 3. The first one just set a scene. What EAH is and so on. The next 2 told a story. One, of Apple White (Snow’s daughter) and the next of Raven (the evil queen’s daughter) I actually like Raven. She wants to do right but everyone is telling her she can’t, it isn’t her destiny. There is also Daring Charming, the Prince… but I like his brother, Dexter better. Truthfully, I am not impressed by the story lines. While the dolls are gorgeous and I may collect them, I am just not sure I will continue with the series. If you want to try it out, is is on youtube.

After that my GB came and sat on my lap while I watched several webisodes of Life in the Dream House. A Series on Barbie. These episodes are about 3-4 minutes long. About 20 seconds of that is the opening song.
Now in all my years of playing with Barbie, I NEVER thought of her as a dumb blonde. Never. I always thought of Ken as handsome (relatively) and intelligent. This series… doesn’t. My main goal in watching is to learn the names of the dolls.
I am really displeased with the way Mattel is handling Ken. They have turned him into a regular bozo. He can’t seem to do anything but smile and worship Barbie. Barbie can’t do anything but hair, make up and pose.Come on guys, the woman has had how many careers in her 50 plus years? She has to be smarter than a potato. I always thought of Ken as a sort of Freddy from Scooby Doo. This series treats him as if he were a stooge.

Now they did introduce a couple of characters, Raquelle. She wants to BE Barbie. Sadly she tries just way to hard and not in polite, nice ways. Barbie, for her part tries to let some light shine on Raquelle but it seems to backfire. I don’t like the series, GB had fun asking over an over who the characters were.

Now I want to know when they are coming out with the dark haired Ryan dolls! Sadly he too worships Barbie but at least he is interesting. If you want to watch this show, here is the link.

Ok ready for some dolly fun?

First up are the Twins. I am naming them Natalie and Nicole. They are wearing matching shirts I got in one of my tote purchases. Unfortunately I could not find 2 pairs of matching pants. They are definitely beach dolls, they have the large beach feet, for which I have found NO shoes… yet.

Natalie’s pants are so tight, she can not sit down and keep them on.

Meanwhile Nicole is wearing a more stretchy yoga style pants. While this allows her to sit, it is very bulgy in the back. Not attractive. I will look for something more suitable for them. They need something pink though, due to the streak in their hair!

Next we have Shari, modeling the dollar tree dress and shoes. While it seems too short, most Mattel dresses are about this length anyway. The shoes were a bit of a struggle to get on!

This young lass I found is NOT a Steffi. Steffi was made by Ideal, this is made by Mattel. She is as near as I can find one of the versions of Skipper! (Who now, according to the show, has black hair with a purple stripe)

This AA doll I need to find a name for. What do you think about Tiffany? I believe this doll to be a Sparkle Girl from Walmart. Their bodies fit Barbie and Disney Princess doll clothes, but their heads are much bigger.

Next we have what looks to me like a Raquelle. This doll has a speaker and battery compartment in her back. She is supposed to talk or sing. She is wearing the gown from the doll with many issues, which I have decided to part ways with. She was not a Barbie either.

Here is Teresa. She needs to wear something with orange in it, because of her orange earrings. She is I think one of the bikini babes. I think this because of her large flat feet, aka beach feet. The thing that throws me off is her super curly hair!

Lastly we have Brenda. She looks a lot like Shari, but her joints are much looser. She is wearing a dress I think is too short. Plus it is hard to tie the halter to keep it on. She will change clothes tomorrow I think.

Tomorrow though I might have more dolls… You never know around here!

Hug y’all!

Life intervened…

Sorry about that…
I had not intended to be off for so long. I was feeling badly, a cold that hit my throat hard! Plus had my GB over here during the day. I love him but when you are feeling sick, a rowdy 4 year old is not helpful!

I have today off so I want to do some home keeping and of course some Barbie stuff!

To that end, I got to thinking about it. I can make a bed, and possibly a chair and couch. I can’t make a kitchen or bathroom so… I used some of my birthday Amazon GC and bought them.
I ordered this

I ordered this kitchen.

I had ordered this
living room earlier. I have had it a week or two.

The kitchen and bathroom arrived last night!

I still need to put down the new floor covers in the house but I can do that pretty quickly.

Check out what the bathroom box says… too funny.

The bathroom came together pretty fast. The only disappointment being the wrinkle the mirror came with. Looks like Barbie has a cracked mirror!

These play sets say they are for ages 3 and up. However no 3 year old will be able to make this stuff go together! In fact, if you are not patient, you risk breaking them in the attempt to put them together.

The kitchen was more involved. I have not done any of the stickers. I haven’t even opened the small things yet. I don’t have the… mental fortitude to handle them after putting the big pieces together.

The refrigerator.

Stove and oven

Sink and dish washer.

In the house.

I look forward to staging this with various dolls, just not today!
I have a Barbie estate in the works. The big main house and the weekend townhouse with a camp ground/pool area between.

Here is a look at some of the dollies from the other day.

Remember this lass? She is an original, made in Japan Barbie. I think she is the twist and turn you could get as a trade in.

Until I can locate a correct leg (and figure out how to attach it) I put her head on a different body. This dollie donor had a destroyed head. I put her in this tall collared knit dress to sort of cover up the extra long (at least to me) neck.

Here is Tiana in her correct dress.

Next is this unknown AA lass. I think she might be a sparkle girl, from walmart.
I put her in this purple gown for now. Not sure if she will stay in it or not… yet…

OK this is a short post, I have so much to do today but I know at least one of my readers needed a dolly fix!

Hugs y’all!

Saturday Adventures!

I went driving and what did I see? Two yard sales on Linda Lee. Linda Lee is one of my cross streets.

So From one I found:

Peanuts! Well a trash can. Never used!

From the other I got:

Barbies! A pair of twins even. Which is cool because I have a few outfits that are duplicates! The young lady selling the dollies was up front. “I don’t want to sell any clothes so they are naked”. At least she knows what she wants!

Then I drove way out to Grape Creek, where we moved from. I bought a bag of stuff there.

In it were clothes and shoes.


Including this one with mechanical stuff on her back.

Plus this cute vintage one with issues. Some one glued her head on plus she is missing a foot. I love her face and hair. I may look for boots for her so she can be displayed.

A couple of cute Kelly knock offs.

These 3 are labeled as Lovely Patsy dolls… The ones I have already are much higher quality than these. I wonder which came first…
The 3 look to me like sci fi space bimbos. No idea why.

I hit several sales where I didn’t purchase anything or what I purchased is not for me.

Then I went to a neighborhood sale where I walked down then back up the street and stopped at various houses. (What a day to forget my fitbit!) I got:

A Snoopy

A vintage Barbie with 1 leg. (I am thinking late 60s early 70s)

Another bikini babe

My first Barbie movie. (I have heard this one is really good)A bag of clothing and misc.

A bag of what looks like dolly hair clips.

More clothes.

An O’Ball. I love these. Best baby toy ever! If you ask I will explain.

Then Beloved was on his way home so I came home too.

He took me to Salvation Army where I got:

These dolls. The AA is not a Barbie but is still good quality.

We also went to the bowling alley for lunch.

Then he took me out for ice cream! This stuff is the BEST ice cream I have ever had! It is homemade in the shop. I had Tahitian Vanilla and salted caramel. I don’t ever want to buy any other ice cream!

OK I saved my best set of dolls for last.
He also took me to Goodwill. I don’t usually go to this goodwill because I have never found any dollies there. Today my friend Elizabeth sent me a message that they had dollies, and pictures of them. I left 3 dolls there, 2 Cinderellas and another generic Barbie.

There was Tiana. This one is in perfect shape, no chews or marker on her!

These last 2 are vying for my favorite of the day.

This I think, is Steffi, friend of Skipper. I will definitely do something to tame those curls!

This.. one is… unique… I have no idea how to even look her up…

The body is marked Mattel inc. C 1991 made in China.

The head is marked Bikin Express LTD. China.

I am thinking this is a hybrid… A google search brought up the company and they seem to go with Mattel on ebay but nothing like this! This face reminds me a bit of Robin Williams… She is unique though so she had to come home with me!

Which is your favorite?
What do you think of my choices?

Hugs y’all

Fashion Show #2

Fashion Show #2

First, I want to test the Dollar Tree Doll.

I found one whose dress I liked. The doll looks ok. Lets open her up and see.

OK first off she is not tied to the box. She just slips right out. Mattel, take a lesson. This doll is much easier for a child to get to.

She would be a petite Barbie.

I got this outfit too. Lets see how Barbie does in it.

Not bad. The pants slipped on easily. They are high waters on her but don’t look too bad.

Her date for a movie! Ken is wearing a new set I got a couple days ago for him. The tee is a bit more snug on him but at least it closes in the back with out making him look like he is about to become the Hulk…

Over all I like the ease of these clothes. They are not too snug on Barbie.

Lets try Barbie in another out fit.

I love this shirt. These pants were not my first choice. I tried to put on a pair of Barbie Jordache jeans on her. They made it to her thighs snd refused to go up anymore.

So here are Barbie and Ken prepared for a hike to the fishing hole.

That evening they attended another movie.

Now lets look at our French lass. I say that because the writing on her box is english and french.

In her 2nd outfit.

Look, the Jordache jeans fit her! A bit long but with her high heels they work! Just an aside, this doll reminds me of Daisy Grant on Madame Secretary. On the whole though, I don’t like this doll (Sorry Daisy) I like the face. The ease of removing her from her box. There is nothing wrong with her really but she just feels… well like a $1 store doll. So if I buy them in the future it will be only for the clothes. I do like the clothes. They go on and off easily and with the exception of stray thread ends here and there, really work as well and look as nice as the higher priced value dresses by Mattel. LOL I have noticed too, many of them look very similar to my cheap china dresses I got off ebay!

Here is a look at what happens when I prepare a blog post…

The drawers on the left of my desk are full of, dolls, clothes and accessories!

Which explode when I begin picking out which clothes and which dolls to show!

I Bought this set so Barbie could have coffee…

When I saw it in their hands, it reminded me of my friend Jalene, aka Farmer J, She LOVES her coffee!

He pours her a cup.

Then waits patiently for cookies!

I like these 2 dolls as a couple. What do you think?

Hugs y’all

Fashion Show #1

Well have we got a show for you.
I am going to confess something first. I let kids play with some of my dollies. I have a tote full of Kens and Barbies that are not my favorite for what ever reason or that I have not spruced up. Many of the girls have dresses and shoes on… One of my young visitors is always removing the shoes. So far only 1 has been lost.

Today after they left and I was restoring things I found several toys missing. Now I am certain they are in this room, or at least this house, but it bugs me that they are not where they belong.

For example, a Barbie fork, set of chop sticks and the flowers from a vase. Some how the fire from the camp fire logs is gone. One of Ken’s shoes…
So is this just nitpickiness on my part or is it something I need to address? I do plan to do a deeper search of my room tomorrow, but I will also have my grandboy. The ages of the children here today were 4 and 7, 1 boy and 2 girls.

I have decided for now to just put away the small articles I care about keeping, the new things mainly, shoes and kitchen stuff.
Ok on with the fun!

First, before I forget, some views of the Barbie camp ground. Friends have gathered to swim and visit! There are many small things I kept put away. Like marshmallows on roasting forks, fishing poles and canteens ans such. I will do a better came scene with all those things added in once I get my office finished and every thing has a proper place!

First we have GB (generic Barbie) Wearing the gown Ariel wore last night. It fits this doll slightly better but the shoulder straps are still a bit big.
The idea behind trying this out is, dollar tree has fashion dolls for $1. I could buy those dolls just for their clothes. Not sure what I would do with the dolls, it would depend on how they feel. They could join the play with totes. If they are really flimsy, they mioght go in the recycle bin.

Next we have Ariel in a vintage Barbie summer dress. I do not like these shoes with it. I would prefer red or white flats, but I have none of those!

Here we have another GB in a cheap china dress. I love this dress.
This is a newer Barbie. Notice how the bodice doesn’t quite fit? I thought maybe it was just miss measured work. This GB is an “hinged” Barbie. I do like how the joints allow her to be posed. It does make them look more real. They are growing on me.

However here it is again, on a vintage Barbie. It fits snugly with no slipping.

Here we have Snow White in the lovely white star dress. I really love this dress. I am however looking for the perfect doll to display in it. I don’t think Snow is that doll. It is too fancy for a simple girl like Snow. On the upside, I did finally get her hair to stay our of her face!

Her we have another GB in the dazzling pink gown. Some how I am thinking this dress belongs on a more tanned dolly. Perhaps a Teresa… We will try again tomorrow!

This is also a GB but some how she looks… softer than some of the others. Some of them have an almost used look, a hardness in their face. This dolly does not. I think this dress suits her.

Now, remember I said there were Ken clothes too? A full outfit even?

Ok this is the Ken that came with the tote.

The clothes do not fit him. He is destined for now to be the surf bum dude. Looking at him, he is more buff that the other Kens in the chest and arms.

So he took this Ken’s shorts and gave him the suit.

So here is the Ken in a suit and the last lass in her gown.
I realized this Ken has had a hair cut… and not a good one so he will not go on display. I will keep looking for her date.

So what do you think?
Which doll is your favorite?

BTW on the refurbing of the doll house. I have decided not to paint it BUT… I am going to get some poster board and make new walls, that will be put over the old ones. I will look for pictures and things to glue on the poster board for art. I see it in my minds eye… having it turn out as envisioned is a whole other ball game. We shall see! The goal is to cover but not damage the “real” walls so that the house can easily be converted back. Make sense?
That project will not happen right away. For now I am busy dressing and working on dollies.

Hugs y’all!