Here in my office I sit surrounded by dolls and totes of dolls and Bibles and Bible study books. It is a gorgeous spring like day… in February!

As I listen to hyms on you tube I sort through Bible study books to put into my class library at church. Such a pleasant day!

The books are sorted. Some will remain with me, most will go to church tonight. So now I am going to take pictures and play dolls for a while.

I have been on quite a buying soree lately.
Some new, some ebay some from a source that always has good stuff!

I found at Wal-Mart this lass, and fell instant,y head over heels in love with her. So of course she ha d to come home with me!

I named her Baylee, after a little girl I spend time with who reminds me of Shirley Temple.
OK her package looks easy to open so here goes.

Once again my trusty Harbor Freight knife is needed.

They also tagged her head to the form fitting plastic hood… WHY????

OK so I didn’t just buy 1 doll… nope… I bought her clothes too.

Want to try them on?

Here goes outfit #1.

I like what she came in but loved some of the newer clothes. I am glad to see them moving in a different direction with the clothing.

Up first is this cut tee with a simple skirt. I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but these clothes are cute!

This set has a new Barbie label too!

Isn’t she cute?

Next is a sweet “denim” jumper with white blouse. I loved this outfit in the package, but am not so crazy about it on. I think a tee would work better than this top. I love the set, just not as a set… This set also is not tagged. Even though the package was the same as the last one.

Then we come to the dress I LOVE. I actually wore this style a lot when I was in college. Just a simple sweet Maxi Dress.

She looks just Darling in it!

The set came with this bag and this necklace. I like the bag but not the necklace, it doesn’t fit the casualness of either outfit in the pack.

Next time I will do one of my new guys in some new Ken clothes!

Hugs Y’all!

Around my place

One of the hard parts of blogging to me is, I don’t do anything new and exciting.

I am a home maker and it takes all my time.
My typical day begins like this.
Get up
put dog out
wash face
get dressed
drink water
scoop kitty box
take out trash
begin laundry
walk with Leslie Sansone (on dvd)
In between there I check my computer. Look at my running auctions, read new posts on PH, maybe check facebook, and the news.
I read Philippians and P31:10-31.
I clean the kitchen.

Prep things for dinner.

Work on the days room.
Then knit or sew.

Sometimes I get called to watch my grandboy. Those are exciting days. G is now a 4yo bundle of energy. He has learned to enjoy Mimi’s lap and wants to sit with me under a blanket and read or look at his tablet… my tablet…
Lately he likes to talk about zombies. Monday He came over and we went to McDs for lunch, we had breakfast for lunch. He got a cat woman toy. Then we went to the park until he wanted to go home because it was yucky with too many girls and boys there. He doesn’t enjoy the after school crowd, which since most of them were rude I can totally understand.

Today as I sat down at my pc, I saw the first rose blossom of 2017 off my vintage rose bush. This rose bush was planted by the original owners of my home, in 1951. The bush has no scent, which I find both odd and sad. I LOVE scenty roses! Though I must admit what it lacks in scent it makes up for in perfect, beautiful roses.

So you see, there isn’t much to write about!
Hugs y’all

Why I believe a person’s denomination does not matter.

This has been on my mind quite a long time. It is my belief that there is no one totally correct denomination any longer.
Even in the denomination I choose, the church of Christ, there are differences and sects that pull different things from the Bible and claim they have IT right.
Why do I believe this? Because I believe THE CHURCH is made up of souls, saved and sanctified by the blood of Christ. Christ did not teach a Faith of laws and rules. That was Judaism, and men could not keep it. So a new way had to be made, since God loved the world and wanted to save it.
Jesus is that new way. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son. Some versions say only son but that is not correct. Why? Because in Genesis 6 we are told there were “Sons of God”. Jesus was special because he was begotten. I looked this up and as a verb it is to father or procreate. So God created sons in the old testament, and begat a son in the new. Why the switch? I believe it is because in the NT he needed a son that could really understand what it meant to be human. Jesus had all the frailties, needs and feelings of a human. Yet he had total control of himself so that he relied on God and was able to remain sinless. Whereas Moses gave the law of the physical, Jesus takes it further into the law of the heart. No longer is it sin only to do a thing, it is a sin to desire to do a thing. Example, Moses said adultery was a sin. Jesus says that to lust is the same as committing adultery. Mat. 5
So then we read in Ephesians 4 that there is one Lord, one Faith, one baptism. This signifies that spiritually there is one church. Not one denomination. Not one physical church, one spiritual church. Who belongs to this church? The souls who accept Christ and follow him.

woman 1187
I further see evidence for this in Philippians 1. Paul writes that he knows that people are preaching in hope to hurt his feelings. His reply? Basically so what? The thing that matters is, everywhere Christ is being preached, either in honest desire to save or in a desire to hurt the church.
Is this being done today? Yes I think so. Whenever an anti church person uses scripture in an effort to try and deny it, or prove the church is sinful, the scripture is still spoken. Sometimes I think God even uses nonbelievers to teach believers. When false teachers use it to teach their false doctrine, it is still used. Remember we are told in Acts and 2 Timothy 2, to study for ourselves whether what they say is true or not. Do not rely on a preacher, teacher, missionary, friend, Parent or anyone else to teach you God’s word. Read it, study it for yourself so you gain firsthand knowledge of what God has saved for us to see.

Remember, even though there may be many huge churches, God tells us narrow is the way and few there be that find it. Not every person who enters the doors of a church building, no matter how often, will be saved. Does that mean we get to point fingers and declare this or that person unfit? No. We can calmly confront sin, but only God knows the heart. Only God is a righteous one with the… right, to judge any of us.
Call sin, sin, but do not make the mistake of condemning the heart of the sinner. Remember no matter how pious a person maybe, WE ALL are sinners in need of Christ’s saving grace.


New Year Goals

New Year goals.
With 2014 being over, and Christmas for the year done, I have decided on 2015 that I will set some goals.

My number 1 goal is to get off the couch and move. Beginning Monday I will walk 1 mile per day, minimum.
My second goal is to buy nothing new. There is nothing we need to get. I have most kitchen appliances known to man as it is. We have computers and tvs and such and do not need any. Could probably get rid of a few if we really wanted to. We need no clothes, if we lose weight, at least mine can pretty easily be taken in.
My exceptions to this challenge are under things and gifts for others.
My 3rd goal is the most important of the 3. More Bible reading and study. I already read a chapter each day for a month (January it is Mat. 5) in the morning and at night. My night chapter for January is Phil 4. I will add in the book of Ephesians, at noon each day. It is a short book and so can be read daily all month long.
woman 1187

I also need to get back to blogging and crafting. My goal is to blog at least once a week. More if my life grows in interest!

I think those 3 goals will keep me busy for a while. I intend to add in other things along the way as I master these.

While 2014 was not a bad year, it was busy and full of ups and downs.
My Beloved father in law’s estate was finally settled. Enabling us to pay cash for our home. We have been in the house 7 months now and other than a few small things, I dearly love it. It suits us.

The fall for me was filled with sickness and pain. It seems as soon as I get one issue taken care of another pops up. My hope is I am done for a while after this last allergy attack, which has lasted now just over 2 weeks. I discovered Zyrtec and Mucinex in combination allow me to breathe without coughing fits.

November saw Drew get a new car. A family gathering for Thanksgiving and fun Christmas prep and shopping.


December began with Chris shopping for a motor home. I went with him and his girl Courtney on the search. We saw a Tesla car on the road and took pictures (yes we are like that).

Motor home
Once the motor home was purchased, picked up and set up on location, Chris and his girl and Spazzy the cat moved in. Just in time for a winter storm, the likes of which are rare here!

Christmas was fun, it lasted almost a whole week this year! The Houston brother came in on the eve and stayed over the day. then on the Friday after Chris and his girl came and stayed until Sunday. We had our big family doings on Saturday.
I was also blessed to get to spend 2 weeks getting to know my nephew. He is 4 and a very smart youngster. My only regret is that I have been sick the entire time and unable to play as I normally would have.

Well my friends that is all the news I can think of. Stay warm!

PS. Just because they are cute…




A new, old challenge


I read a lot. I read mostly books by Grace Livingston Hill at this time. I read other authors too but right now I crave books by Grace.
I purchased a kindle copy of Katherine’s Yesterday Thursday night and read it on Friday.

In this book is issued a challenge. To read 1 Corinthians 13 daily for 3 months.

In these times of stress I think it is a good thing for us to remember God and his love for us. His rest that is freely available to us.

I hope that if anyone reads this little blog, they will resolve to take up this challenge too.
Hugs y’all

Something on my mind.

woman 1187

I have been reading about this brouhaha over what Phil Robertson said.
Now usually about this time there is a big brouhaha over when Christ was born.
It doesn’t matter so much what “they” decide to make a fuss over; the attack is on Christ and his followers.

Here is my stand. I am a Faith filled, Bible based conservative Christian.

I believe Phil Robertson is correct in calling sin sin. I believe he answered a direct question to the best of his ability. The issue as usual is folks wanting to be their own boss and not submit to God. That is NOT Phil’s problem; it is on the backs of those who chose not to obey God. The reason they make Phil (or whoever) their target at the moment is, they can’t get God to submit to their abuse. They rail at God and God just doesn’t pop down to take it on the chin for them. (He is God, he doesn’t HAVE to take guff from humanity)

Christmas is also “in doubt”. I do not celebrate it as a religious holiday. Why? Because while the Bible gives us all the info needed to believe in the birth of the Christ, it remains silent on the when. It tells us who (Mary, Joseph, Jesus and company in Luke 2) It tells us how (virgin birth) It tells us where (City of David) and it tells us why. (To save His people from their sin) However it does not say when. When doesn’t matter, the fact that he was born does. Even regular old historians like Josephus do not doubt that he was born.

I also will not find fault with those who do celebrate his birth at this time of year, or in July or when ever. Why? Because in Colossians we are told not to (Colossians 2).

What it boils down to is either we use the BIBLE as our guide book to serving God or we don’t. If we do, then we HAVE to support Phil Robertson’s statements. Why? Because they come straight from the book itself. Flatly stated with NO ambiguity what so ever. More than once and not just in the New Testament, but in both the Old and new.

So how is it some “Christians” oppose Phil? Because they have allowed their religion to corrupt their Faith. Faith takes the Bible as the inerrant word of God. Religion allows for it to be interpreted based on the mores of humanity at the time.

I am a person of Faith, not a product of religion. God tells us religion; true religion is the care of widows and orphans in their time of need. (James 1) Religion is supposed to be a work of Faith, not a label that divides people of Faith into groups that try to declare themselves the true believers.

One thing Christians and non alike need to understand. God never gives us permission to judge or condemn the people in sin. We don’t get to go out and bully them. Call them names or otherwise harass them. We are to give the message (this is sin, Christ is the way out). Jesus says if they accept it, great. What does he say to do if they do not? WALK AWAY. Wipe the dust of their life off your feet and move on. Don’t stop them don’t harangue them, walk away.

What does this mean? It means that those yelling and screaming about it being sin and name calling and waving fingers are also in sin. We are commanded to quietly, peacefully state the facts, make the case and then go away. No arguing, no continual barrage of truth, nothing. Make the case and move on.

Hugs Y’all

Where are God’s people?


I keep seeing disturbing news reports. Not about foreign affairs either.

These things are happening right here at home in the land of the free and the home of the formerly brave. Our fore parents came here in large part to found a country where we could practice our Christianity without punishment. This has changed.


The news reports I am seeing deal with things the world does not see as important, or even things the world has decided  we as Christians need to accept and shut up about.


A bakery is closing. Why? Because it doesn’t have the support it needs from the Christian community. A group of activists gets to celebrate because they won a victory over Christ. How sad is that? People say they trust God, but when a thug confronts them and says they can’t follow him, they slink away like mice.


Why is it activists for satan can gather large crowds and the church stays away? Why are Christians not pushing through the crowd in support and solidarity with the bakers, the photographers and others who are being threatened and sued and charged with crimes because they take their Faith seriously in ALL aspects of their life? Personal and business.


Remember how strong the church, the true church, not the denominations we each claim, is. God says the church itself, is so strong the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. So why are we letting the bullies on the block hold us down?

I don’t care what steeple you worship under. If you are sanctified by the blood of Christ you need to get your armor on and prepare to fight.  The church has grown weak, begun to think like and accept the world’s ideas of peace. For too long we have heard meek and mild when Christ himself was strong and fierce when confronting sin. He was not meek in the temple, was he?  There can be no peace between the sons of satan and the church of God. 


It seems to me too many Christians have misplaced their fear. Their fear is aimed at the government, activist groups, thugs, terrorists. They have forgotten their God is the only one worthy of their fear and if they are his, he will protect them. Granted this does not mean physical protection necessarily but we are told not to fear him who can destroy the body, but him who can destroy both the body and the spirit. Who can do that? God.


God will be the victor, we have to make a choice, will we join him, or be against him, there is no other option.

What really is Judging?

This post has been a couple weeks in the writing.


I was thinking about this lately and decided it would be this week’s topic. It fits pretty well with what I posted before, because the world is always telling Christians we are judgmental.


When judging is the topic folks automatically turn to Mat. 7. Mat 7 :1 makes a bold statement. Judge not lest you be judged. If this were all the Bible had to say on judging it would be ok. It is not. If you read Luke 12, Jesus gives an in depth statement, predicting the way things today would be. Father against son and so on. In verse 57 Jesus says, “And why do you not judge for yourselves what is right?” So we are to judge some things, otherwise Jesus would contradict himself and God does not do that.


Yes there are things we are to judge. Sin is to be condemned on all sides. However we are also to be wary. 1 Corinthians 5 gives a good example of how we are to judge. A man there had taken his father’s wife. It seems from reading that the Corinthian church was prideful of being tolerant of this man. Paul slams them good on that one. He calls them arrogant. Later he arrives at the crux of the matter we face to day though. 1Co 5:12 For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge?

1Co 5:13  God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”


We are to judge those who claim to be believers. NOT those in the world. So what does this mean? Well those churches welcoming the gay couples need to reread their Bible for one. For another we are not supposed to force our Bible on the world.

So what does this mean for the current conflict? Well, marriage is a covenant between a man a woman and God. God tells us in Genesis Gen 2:23  Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

Gen 2:24  Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Gen 2:25  And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

So men are not taken from men to be a suitable helper for them. Woman however was. God did not say 2 men could become 1 flesh, nor 2 women. It takes 2 different parts to make the whole. This is reiterated by Christ when He quotes these verses in Mat. 19 and Mark 10. 

I have heard that modern scholars now doubt that Paul “meant” such a condemning tone when speaking on homosexuality in Romans. Well then they need to restudy scripture because God’s opinion on the act has been clear from the start. He created male and female. Not male and male. He told his first chosen people, the Israelites to kill such as practiced this; he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in part due to the practice. Then he says again that he created male and female in the New Testament. He calls it not just sin but an abomination. He condemns the practice in Romans, 1 Corinthians 6, and 1 Timothy 1. A very clear message rings out.


Just because a judge decides even if it is the SCOTUS it is ok, for Christians, it is NOT ok. We can not accept it no matter what laws are passed. Why? Because God, the foundation of our Faith says not to. Anyone who accepts this act can not claim to be a Christian. Why? God says this is not acceptable so either we agree with God or we side with the world, we can not do both. God called us to be in the world but not part of it.


This is not the only thing the world has come up with though trying to get Christians to weaken so they will fit in. Drinking is one too. God gives us liberty to drink. Not to get drunk. Now the world has decided that those who get drunk just can’t help themselves. They have a disease called alcoholism. God says be self controlled in all things. Including drinking. Now though we are to consider these folks disabled and coddle them along. The bottom line is those who really truly want help, can over come this issue.   

So how can you answer a person when they demand you stop being so “judgmental”?

Combining 2 verses of scripture. Look at them intently and calmly let this be the end of your statement.

Act 4:19  But Peter and John answered them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge,

Jos_24:15  And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, (snip)But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

My Friend and I had a talk.

Every morning before my banana and cold iced water I have a talk with my friend. Sometimes my friend talks to me in a whole chapter, some times just a few verses. Some how it seems to fit my thoughts for that day or perhaps my thoughts seem to fit it. I do not know.
Today my friend and I talked in 1 Corinthians 10 verses 25-33. In this section of scripture Paul tells the Corinthian church not to worry about what they eat. He says “the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there in”.
This verse always strikes a cord with me. What this says in no uncertain terms is, I am at liberty to eat or drink what ever I choose. He continues on though to instruct me that I have that liberty as long as I do so with thanks to God. God should be glorified in what ever I do. This carries great responsibility with it.
Paul goes on to say, that if some one comes to me and is pricked because of what I am eating or drinking, that for their sake I should stop. So if I am eating pork and a sister is hurt some how feeling I should not be eating pork I need to stop for her sake.
Is it wrong for me to have pork? God says no. However it is wrong for me to act in a manner that is disrespectful to another. Disregarding how another feels is disrespectful. Later once this sister begins to understand the liberty we have in Christ to do or not do, that may change.
I have always heard these verses. Usually when some one is arguing about drinking alcohol. Yes we have that right. However, what is more important? MY rights or the soul of a sister who is not convinced of our liberty? If by drinking that glass of wine I hurt her, is the price really worth it? Paul says no. If my job on earth is to represent Christ who did no harm to any, what does it say about my conviction to follow Christ if I am willing to disregard the thoughts of another?
Now I do believe that a solid discussion of scripture is called for. Because a religion deciding we can not do that which God says we can, is false religion. They are adding to the law of God. However that is no excuse for doing something unneeded just because I can.
There are many instances of this. Look at the brouhaha over “holidays”. No where in the New Covenant are we told to celebrate feasts or special days, other than the first day of the week, when the disciples came together to break bread. Yet every year around October folks get all antsy and riled because of the up coming festivals and holidays. If the earth is the Lord’s, then surely so are the days. Personally I do not celebrate any day as holy. Other than Sunday. I do have a feast and gifts and all on Christmas, and I do a feast on Thanksgiving. The rest I do not mess with. Colossians 2 is very explicit in it’s instruction. Judge no one for any respect of any day. We have liberty to do or do not, as long as what ever we do, we do with thanksgiving to God.
I am not sure why my friend brought this to my attention this morning, but he did and he asked me to share with you when I talked to him afterward.
Have a blessed day ladies!
hugs y’all


I have begun a Sunday Bible study based on a book called Cultivating Contentment. I think what I have is the workbook, not the actual book book. Make sense?

Anyway this weeks lesson was Discontent. Discontent in the dictionary as a noun means:
: lack of contentment: a : a sense of grievance : dissatisfaction b : restless aspiration for improvement.

Does this describe you? In reading over the lesson I discovered that many of the things the author (Lucy Swindol wrote the forward but I am unsure how much of the study guide she wrote) listed many things that do not affect me. Her examples included, clothes you bought 2 seasons ago (most of mine are at least 2 seasons old!) Kitchen wallpaper, I have none. Actually the one thing on her list I would like to change, I have no bedroom curtains… I would like some once I decide on material I will probably make some.

The questions are based o Scripture. For example, what is the lesson from Proverbs 30: 15, 16?
What 4 things never say enough?
Hey that gives me an idea… What if I hosted a drawing and the entry is the answer to a Bible question…
I could post it on Monday and pick a winner on Friday…

Anyway back to contentment.
I remember never being content. Now days I still feel an urge to change something. Not often. Some days for example I wish I stayed home instead of working. However working fills a need in me to help others. I love my job. I love my home. If I stayed at home I would probably miss working.

So how do we find contentment in this world that Paul tells us in Romans 8 is subject to frustration? We turn to God. We train ourselves that only by following HIS word can we find contentment here on earth. No this does not mean we must shun prosperity or make ourselves look mournful and be content that way. That is false humility. Isaiah asks in chapter 55 why we do not use our money to buy bread and to use our labor for things that satisfy.

So many times I see dour Christians who deny themselves things in the name of godliness. They seem to think it makes them look pious, when really it makes Christianity look scary and unwelcoming. Like several proverbs say, better is little with contentment and love than much with contention.

Contentment and contention are polar opposites and can not reside together.

Anyway my first day of this study I can say it puts a new light on some things. However I can also say Miss Swindol seems promote the idea that a life of decadent delicacies and frivolity, if affordable is ok. I am not sure I agree. I am a utilitarian person. That means that while I like a few knick knacks, over all I prefer things that have a function. I prefer to have a function.

I wonder what next weeks study will reveal…