Princess #1… Snow White… of course!

Over the last several months, since I began once again seriously collecting dolls, I have accumulated 4 Snow Whites out of the box. I have 1 in the box.

Snow White to me is a forgotten princess. Disney has remade Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and several others. Snow White sits there and nothing. She is also my favorite princess. She always has been. (They are being photobombed by Snoopy and I, if I were a Peanuts character…)

So I got to looking at these 4 dolls. I figured since there is a bit of difference in the faces, and the dresses that they must be different some how.

I looked online and could only place one of them.

She is this one. She came in a set with the 7 dwarfs . This is the only one I have that came with shoes. None have the head gear.

I thought maybe they had different manufacturers… That really confused me. I keep reading how Hasbro got the Disney doll contract and ALL these are Mattel… It turns out Hasbro didn’t get the Disney contract until 2016.

Hmmm Does that mean the Mattel versions will become hard to find and “rare”???

This young lass I can’t place because she came to me neekid except for the gold ribbon on her neck.

This one has a different shade of lipstick than the others, and no neck ribbon.

Apparently some one decided her hands would be a good snack… eeww.

I think if I could take this fancy bodice and put it on the fancier skirt it might make more sense. This is the plainest of the skirts but the fanciest of the tops…

Well I have taken my pain meds and it is now making me sleepy.

Before I go, I want to mention a shopping app that I have begun using. It is called Ibotta. I used it today for the first time. It was fast and easy. If I were a couponer still, I bet I could save a lot on my groceries. The app has many stores to choose from, including walmart, cvs, heb and sams. Just to name a few. I did my test at heb. I picked the deals that were on things I needed anyway and went shopping. I came home, scanned the barcodes on the items then took pictures of my receipt. I now have $6 coming back to me. Plus a $10 bonus for joining up.

If you are interested in trying it out Please use this link:


You will get a $10 joining bonus when you file your first rebate, and I will get $5 for introducing you.

Good night ladies!
Hugs y’all!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post on Saturdays but….

OK so I read yesterday about a community sale. I decided to go to it first.
The very first stop I saw this:

A Barbie carousel with 3 Disney princesses in it, in their original dresses. Elsa even has 1 shoe… On looking closer after I got home Tiana has a chewed hand. Still, I didn’t have her yet! The other 2 dolls are in great shape. Now the only Princess I do not have is Aurora. The others I have multiples of. I plan to compare them in a post. Just to see if they are identical or have some differences.

Elsa, is even a Disney store doll! My first!

I found apron fabric! (Like I need more fabric!)

Beads for a project I am thinking about.

A book of funnies… I almost didn’t get this. The gal at the sale told me they were only dealing with dollars no change… I offered .10c for the book. Fortunately I found something else. I bought that and she gave me the book for free.

This cute little squirrel had to come home with me… literally… he was freaking out the lady hosting the sale. When I took him from her he began moving and squeaking and chirping… She said he is definitely yours… he likes you!

I also found another beach barbie. I have her already but, the more the merrier! I also found this lass, she needs hair help but the crown might make figuring out who she is a bit easier!

For ebay, or etsy, I picked up this Bunnykins set.

Actually to be truthful, I got a lot more than just this. However I stopped by my friend’s shop and she bought the rest of it!

I ended the day with more money than I started with. This is an extremely rare occurrence but a welcome one!

Did you go saleing today? Find any treasure???

Hugs y’all!

Around my place

One of the hard parts of blogging to me is, I don’t do anything new and exciting.

I am a home maker and it takes all my time.
My typical day begins like this.
Get up
put dog out
wash face
get dressed
drink water
scoop kitty box
take out trash
begin laundry
walk with Leslie Sansone (on dvd)
In between there I check my computer. Look at my running auctions, read new posts on PH, maybe check facebook, and the news.
I read Philippians and P31:10-31.
I clean the kitchen.

Prep things for dinner.

Work on the days room.
Then knit or sew.

Sometimes I get called to watch my grandboy. Those are exciting days. G is now a 4yo bundle of energy. He has learned to enjoy Mimi’s lap and wants to sit with me under a blanket and read or look at his tablet… my tablet…
Lately he likes to talk about zombies. Monday He came over and we went to McDs for lunch, we had breakfast for lunch. He got a cat woman toy. Then we went to the park until he wanted to go home because it was yucky with too many girls and boys there. He doesn’t enjoy the after school crowd, which since most of them were rude I can totally understand.

Today as I sat down at my pc, I saw the first rose blossom of 2017 off my vintage rose bush. This rose bush was planted by the original owners of my home, in 1951. The bush has no scent, which I find both odd and sad. I LOVE scenty roses! Though I must admit what it lacks in scent it makes up for in perfect, beautiful roses.

So you see, there isn’t much to write about!
Hugs y’all

Thursday Things

Since I have been under the weather all week I have not been able to sew. I have however done some digging in my sewing room. I discovered a few dish rags I knitted this winter. I knit in winter when it is too cold to go out and do other things.
I knit when I need quiet and prayer time too. There is something calming about picking up the needles and a skein of pretty yarn and just letting my heart talk to God while the needles do their work.
I was told I should put these on Etsy too. So I took pictures. They are very cheery. 

I have small hands and while sometimes I want a big dish rag some times I want a smaller one, easier to control too. They measure 5in x 5in. They take a shorter time to knit and less yarn too. I only use sugar and cream yarn for these. I do intend to make some bigger ones too, once I have more empty time on my needles!
I hope you like these!
Keeps sewin’ (er knitting?) y’all!

Welcome to All About the Apron

This blog is for discussing my and my daughter in love’s business, Prairie Homemaker Aprons and Accessories.
We will share links to apron literature, yes folks write books about aprons. I will share my philosophy about aprons and links to cool sites with aprons. Crafts made with aprons and hopefully lots of apron pictures!

This post is just a teaser guess, to let you know what is coming! For now I need to go get some apron work done! I will be back tomorrow hopefully with some pictures and Mel’s Philosophy of Aprons!

see y’all then!