June 25th…

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Well … This last month has been wild. First, just after I got things posted, I had an attack of gout. Once I got that taken care of (FYI Cherry juice is awesome) I suffered a huge allergy attack. I could not breath and was coughing and miserable for weeks. Then I had a reaction to the anti anxiety med the doc had put me on… I just felt foggy all the time and really didn’t care about anything. So my Beloved hubby said, don’t take it anymore! I stopped.

I saw the doc a couple weeks ago and am on a better track now. I have doubled my allergy meds and it is helping. I also began taking raw apple cider vinegar daily. I feel less tired and no more fog.

So now I am planning to begin again with a few changes.
1) I plan to re-begin my old habit of first thing in the morning reading Phil. 4. The whole chapter every day. It is my favorite passage in scripture. I also will begin again to read Proverbs 31:10-31. I did this today and have done more so far this morning than my late normal.

2) 15s. I need to restart these too. I just need to get a handle on life again.

3) planning 1 room per day, amidst laundry and up keep chores like dishes.

Today I Plan to:
do the laundry, or at least 2 loads.
Laundry 2
Vacuum the living room and Dining/ game room
clean the kitchen
Dishes 1
make and freeze cookie dough
boil eggs
bake and freeze cake.

I may even investigate flylady again… eek you know it is bad when I go there!

Well I am off to find the kitchen and reboot laundry.

Hugs y’all

New Year Goals

New Year goals.
With 2014 being over, and Christmas for the year done, I have decided on 2015 that I will set some goals.

My number 1 goal is to get off the couch and move. Beginning Monday I will walk 1 mile per day, minimum.
My second goal is to buy nothing new. There is nothing we need to get. I have most kitchen appliances known to man as it is. We have computers and tvs and such and do not need any. Could probably get rid of a few if we really wanted to. We need no clothes, if we lose weight, at least mine can pretty easily be taken in.
My exceptions to this challenge are under things and gifts for others.
My 3rd goal is the most important of the 3. More Bible reading and study. I already read a chapter each day for a month (January it is Mat. 5) in the morning and at night. My night chapter for January is Phil 4. I will add in the book of Ephesians, at noon each day. It is a short book and so can be read daily all month long.
woman 1187

I also need to get back to blogging and crafting. My goal is to blog at least once a week. More if my life grows in interest!

I think those 3 goals will keep me busy for a while. I intend to add in other things along the way as I master these.

While 2014 was not a bad year, it was busy and full of ups and downs.
My Beloved father in law’s estate was finally settled. Enabling us to pay cash for our home. We have been in the house 7 months now and other than a few small things, I dearly love it. It suits us.

The fall for me was filled with sickness and pain. It seems as soon as I get one issue taken care of another pops up. My hope is I am done for a while after this last allergy attack, which has lasted now just over 2 weeks. I discovered Zyrtec and Mucinex in combination allow me to breathe without coughing fits.

November saw Drew get a new car. A family gathering for Thanksgiving and fun Christmas prep and shopping.


December began with Chris shopping for a motor home. I went with him and his girl Courtney on the search. We saw a Tesla car on the road and took pictures (yes we are like that).

Motor home
Once the motor home was purchased, picked up and set up on location, Chris and his girl and Spazzy the cat moved in. Just in time for a winter storm, the likes of which are rare here!

Christmas was fun, it lasted almost a whole week this year! The Houston brother came in on the eve and stayed over the day. then on the Friday after Chris and his girl came and stayed until Sunday. We had our big family doings on Saturday.
I was also blessed to get to spend 2 weeks getting to know my nephew. He is 4 and a very smart youngster. My only regret is that I have been sick the entire time and unable to play as I normally would have.

Well my friends that is all the news I can think of. Stay warm!

PS. Just because they are cute…




And we’re walking…

Obscure Star Gate SG1 reference…
Onto the kitchen!
The only thing in this kitchen that is not as I want it, is counter top work space. That we plan to change in the not too distant future. Along with the sink cabinet and flooring.

As we walk in we see my apron hook. This apron is one I wear mostly as a serving one and is not my everyday work apron.


This little white cabinet was in fil’s laundry room. For now it serves as the mixing and coffee center.

The red crate houses most of the red speckle ware I collect. Beloved bought me these for Christmas last year. We have an amazing store down town called Eggemeyers… I spend a couple hours in there every time I go! The crate we found at an estate sale and it adds the perfect… something to this wall!


Turning to the right we see the shelf unit with the microwave in it and some food/utility supplies. Next to that is the built in oven. Underneathyou see my baking cabinet. Which the cats have discovered they can open at will.


Moving on we come to the stove, where more of my speckled ware is in use!

This bucket is the perfect size to hold all my utensils.

The little red tube is a really cool knife set I found at Kitchen Collection. It is 3 ceramic knives and they slide into a set of bristles that hold them in place. I had an extra ceramic knife and added it to the others. Very handy and cute!





Swinging around we come to the sink area. Not much special going on here. We plan to redo this area in the next few months, and we will redo the entire floor and the bathroom at the same time. We wish to replace the old cast iron plumbing stack. It makes sense to do it all at once.


One of my favorite parts of this area is this little old lady with a bustle. I used to house utensils in the bustle but since I have my nifty new bucket, I use her to hold straws I snag when I eat out and extra hand wipes and so on. She is just too sweet not to put her to use. Plus she reminds me of an awesome trip we took to meet up with my friend Sue Ellen in Brownwood. That was the best day I had in a long time!


Next is the refrigerator. Notice it has an in the door ice maker… Yes I LOVE this ice maker. I must have ice in my drinks and this makes it so easy!



Here is the old phone box. I love this bit of character.


However it needs to be useful… so I

Loaded it up with my cookbooks!

Well that is my kitchen. I hope you like it!

Next time we will travel through the kitchen to the living room.


Hugs Y’all!

Beginning the tour…


Well today before I take you into the house I decided I should show you my favorite spot outside the house.

This is the little porch we use as the front entrance. This leads into the dining room. It is cool and shaded in the morning and then again about 130pm it regains it’s place as a cool shady spot to sit and rest.

I sat out here today reflecting on what a lovely spot it is. The trees were swaying in a cool spring breeze. Birds were singing and swooping from tree to tree. A pair of small geckos were scampering about playing chase. Geckos are great friends here in Texas as they eat those nasty big bugs folks call water bugs. We fight those bugs here in true battle. Geckos help win the war.

Well here are pictures of my favorite spot in the front of the house.

Favorite spot2Favorite spot1

I have no idea why they are sideways. They are not on my pc that way!
Tomorrow we will see the dining room…
hugs y’all