Well the 2 people who read my blog have spoken. They want to hear first about Thursday’s adventures!

The day began with this young man. Here he is patiently waiting for his sausage patties at “old Donald’s”. That is all he will eat. That and a Hi-C orange… only they are discontinuing the Hi-C orange in favor of another soda. In which case he will be getting apple juice.

He played for a while.

He saw me take a picture and said I had to take one of his Princess Peach toy.

Then I got a text from my friend at the Trendy Trunk.
I have Barbies are you interested. With a picture. My reply, we will come look.

I got all her Barbies. Mostly because I want to help her succeed but I really did like most of them.

This is the only one I didn’t like, What on earth is her purpose?

You pull the cord and her top half spins, but when you let go the cord, it goes in and she stops spinning. I do love her face and hair. I just wish she didn’t have this odd contraption on her body!

This one is a Cinderella doll. I probably have a Cinderella dress around here some where. However since I already have 2 or 3 of her I will leave her in the visitor play bin.

This Ken seems pretty standard. His outfit though seems to be rare. It may go to ebay. Since I plan to keep him in the play bin I will buy him some new clothes.

This one, I love the suit and matching cover up!

This one, I think has been redressed in one of the super star outfits.

Look at her jewels. They are more reminiscent of a holiday Barbie to me. They do not match the pink shimmer of her dress and Pink belt.

Later that day I saw an ad on facebook. A lady wrote her daughter was selling off several of her dolls she didn’t play with anymore. Most were Monster High, and I don’t do MH. I just don’t like the dolls.
However further down she listed several Barbies so I messaged her I was interested in the Barbie stuff. We set up a meeting and when dil came to get GB, we all went. GB needed a nap, and dil, ds and DG were all going to a movie that night.

GB napped in the car and continued on the couch once we got home. He and mimi had our own movie night, complete with a big movie box of candy.

From this meet I got:

A baggie of misc items.

Pet bowl and carrier

kitchen stuff


Some things I am not sure what they are. Looks like barrets a head band and maybe dog toys…

Halloween Barbie. Not a fan of halloween but I like the doll and will keep her with her stuff.

This one that seems a cross between a star Barbie and a princess… She goes in the play bin.

Another Elsa, this one complete! With shoes!

I think these 2 bikini babes come from the same line. Now just to figure out which line it is!

This young lass has a gorgeous swimt suit under her clothes! I am beginning to think I need a Barbie pool so I can play… ummm stage… a pool party…

There was also this lass. She went in the play bin, she was not to me unique.

Now for the last 2. These are my favorites out of my Thursday hauls.

This is it seems Video Game Hero Barbie, old version. The new version has smaller pink skates. LOVE the pigtails!

This one is obviously my favorite, since she is holding a guitar!

So what do you think? Was it worth the wait?
Do I tackle too many dolls per post? Should I scale back and just of one or 2? Or do a big post like this and then do each doll on her own at some point? (For the special ones anyway).

My next post will be my birthday haul!
Hugs y’all!

Just a note

No real post tonight just an update.
On Thursday I had my grand boy. ALL day and until almost 10 that night. I was too tired to write.
Friday I spent all day cleaning and organizing for a BBQ today… only it turned out to be a surprise party last night! I was too tired to write.

Today I realized that I had about 40 pictures from Thursday to write about. I got about 10 new to me dolls.

Plus the birthday stuff I got last night! Sadly my allergies, pain and asthma have made me too tired to write! I do however have dolly fodder for at least 3 days.
Plus I just realized I never posted Saturday’s post… Now I need to find it…and its corresponding pictures…

So, for the 2 people who read this, which do you want first.

A) the Thursday second hand dolls post.
B) The birthday haul post? This one will include several doll openings and accessories packs! Plus a look at my reorganized shelves!

Just so you know, I am one of those bloggers who checks email 50 times a day to see if I have any real comments…
Hugs Y’all!

Big Barbie stuff…

So today I went to some yard sales. I didn’t find 1 Barbie thing!
Not one!
I found a musty smelling GG that I left there.

I went to my friends shop and found something new for my BIG Barbie.

hp photosmart 720

She is about the size of a 3 year old. My Barbie, not my friend… This is the only before photo of her I could find.

After. She had a dress on her sale rack (my friend not my Barbie) I might grab too. I will take Barbie with me to try it on though. While there we will try on shoes too.

Then I went to CIA, my favorite thrift store. I found a lot of Barbies, all clothed and with neat hair. I picked out 9 and brought them home with me.

This is how they package them. The price is $1.50 each. More than I like to pay BUT, the hair has already been done for me! Plus I get clothes too!

I tried to avoid getting Blondes. However a few of them had something unique so they ended up in my cart.

This lass is too big for this dress, it won’t close in back. Let’s rummage and see what we can find for her.

There, this pink heart dress is too short, I will add lace to it eventually. At least it matches her earrings better than the blue one!

This poor girl is all mismatched! Diamond earrings, pink hair streak, which goes ok with her top but… tartan does not go with pink!

I don’t have a pink skirt that matches so… let’s put her in this dress instead!

This lass, I like just as she is. The pink Dress is a Barbie gown. All I will do to her, is change her black hair band for a pink one.

Look at her neat nautical necklace!

OK on to the brunettes…

This is a Belle doll in an I don’t know what kind of out fit. I don’t like it, that I do know!

Ah. Belle looks much better in a Belle gown than that too tight whatever it was!

Here is another Tiana.

Fortunately for her, I have another Tiana dress!

This young lady I will leave as is. She and her dress have a more vintagey look than the others.

While I like the red on this young lass, it doesn’t match her shoes…

We will try her in this dress from the other lass. Well it still doesn’t fit.
I need to look this brand up… it says chic on the label.

OK this one for some reason was my favorite pick of the night.

These jeans do not fit, they don’t close in the back. Also the red and blue do not match her lilac earrings or shoes… so…

I saw this at walmart and got it for her.

It also has a white necklace that just looks wrong with the peter pan collar!

Ok ladies, what do you think?

I am tired out so goodnight for today.

Tomorrow, aside from yard sale things, I have a very special doll to share.

Hugs y’all!

Snoopy Stuff???

OK I know I was supposed to open the Snoopy thing.
I did.

This is it… 6 3.5 floppies. Which my pc can not use.
So I asked my Beloved to put them on a thumb drive for me.
We shall see when he gets a chance if it works!

Today I had workmen here. Doing some kind of weatherizing of the house. It took them several hours. They replaced all our led bulbs with new ones. Wow, these are MUCH brighter than the old ones!

OK so while they were here…

Remember this lass? The long haired Rapunzel. The one on the top left, with hair down to her feet? Her hair was definitely a big tangle!

Well I did the boiling water and fabric softener on her today.

Here is the final result. I like it.

I couldn’t decide between lilac boots or the gold sandals. Ultimately I decided gold sandals were more princessy.

Then, the doll that had the really short mini and top and lilac boots got some attention. I really detest mini skirts on grown women, which Barbie is. They are ok on 5 year olds, older than that and they are in bad taste. Plus her hair was also a mess.

While I was readying her for her hot water treatment, I noticed she has an.. outlet or jack hole in her back.

Then, check out this huge hole in the top of her head… What on earth is happening? What kind of Barbie/alien is this???

Anyway I fixed her hair and redressed her. Much more feminine and not so harlot.

Now this doll is to me a puzzle.

She is much too large to be a Barbie clone. Yet everything I can find points to a Tammy or Sindy doll. However the only marks on her are on her head.

Which is faint and I think says unique…
The bottom of her shoes say Made in H.K.

Searching for her, I find her face and hair among the Tammie and Sindy dolls. No way she is one of those though… right?

Her head is vinyl and her body hard plastic. She really is a pretty little dolly. I just wish I knew what kind she was!

Well I am really tired tonight. No idea why, I have been one step ahead of falling asleep all day!

Hugs y’all