Whew do I have a post for you…

My plan was by this time of year 2020 to be in crafting genius mode. I am not. I am still in where is my craft room under this mountain of raw materials mode.
Does that stop my driveway shopping excursions? Not for a minute. This last weekend I got some really cool things too.
On Saturday I went to an estate sale at a retirement community. The high rise was having it in the community room.
I got some boring stuff.

A couple pool floaties that can be filled with water or air. The idea is they can be used to cool your aching back. I think they will just be pool floaties.

Then I paused at a table with a lonely looking lady and admired this bowl she had fake grapes in. “Just take it” she says. I told her I couldn’t, that wouldn’t be right and offered $2 for this bowl I didn’t want. She said no just $1. Wait that is not how negotiations are supposed to go! So yes I took it and to be honest it is growing on me. I am searching for it’s origins but so far not finding much.

She also had a lot of pewter. So I bought this little pitcher, creamer I think for my Beloved. He collects pewter.
Only it isn’t… pewter. It is quadruple silver plate from the Pairpoint MFG co. in New Bedford Mass. Who I understand went out of the silver plating business about 1938. Possibly before then.

Then we went to brunch at Denny’s with our adult children.
We did decide that brunch together is fun and we should do it on Saturdays but… at my house which has better food, service, less noise and much less cost. So the consensus decided. I do love cooking and for a crowd!

So Beloved and I hit one more sale. It was for a good cause, Veteran suicide awareness. This guy travels the country putting on these sales to raise money to help vets get the help they need. Since my father, going back several generations was a vet, my Fil and grandfather in law were vets (on Beloved’s maternal side) I support helping veterans get any and everything they need. I personally feel that veterans when they get home should get free medical care, housing and schooling for life.
Anyway he had some pictures Beloved looked at. I think he finally chose a T-Rex.
I found Barbies. Of course!
The guy tells me they are vintage. No. They are 80’s or 90’s. I told him vintage is 70’s and beyond. He says he knew they were old because he had put them in storage 10 to 15 years ago when his little girl didn’t want them. OK that’s 2005, still not vintage but I didn’t argue. I knew he didn’t know what he was talking about because while he was trying to urge some one else to buy something I heard him tell her he bought the dolls along the way to resell…
Either way I paid my $2 each and made off with these. I will enjoy redressing the ones not in original clothes.

These Kens look to be the same. I think the dressed one is all original. He has a wedding band on! I have never seen one with a wedding band before. He will go on a shelf as is. The other one I will enjoy dressing up in some of my Ken clothes.

These 3 girls. One is wearing a dress from a Ty Kids. I know because I have the Ty Kid that owns the dress. What is up with the bikini babe’s leg? She will go into the tote with the rest of the swimsuit dolls that are in their original suits. This 3rd one I will fix up her hair and add her to the model tote.

A cheer leader! I need to find some pompoms and sneakers. I know I have sneakers I may have pompoms.

I am thinking this one was an ice skater. Maybe one of the Olympic ones. I have seen this hair and face on various skater dolls.

Then this one in a simple white swimsuit.

This one I named Ellie Mae. Not at all sure why… it just seemed to fit. She will become one of my new stuff models.

Then there is this one. I guess she was left in the sun with leggings on or something?

The biggest score of the weekend though were these.

Near as I can find they are Cuddle Cats by Lefton. They must be fairly rare because I can only find crumbs related to them. They were made in Japan which dates them probably to the mid 60 early 70s which is when Lefton began moving manufacturing from Japan to cheaper places. The bits of info I have found have been on places like pinterest.de and .eu Nothing US so far.

One person says they are just after WW2 and made in occupied Japan, but in that case they would be marked that way. These only have the paper labels.

I don’t care for value, I know they are worth more than the $20 I paid. The tea pot is damaged but well repaired and one of the shakers has a flea bite on it. Otherwise they are in excellent shape.

Have you shopped on any driveways lately? I know much of the country is still too chilly but here in Texas it is almost ac weather!
Let me know what you think of my shopping. Did I do well?
Hugs y’all!

Still around!

The last month had my birthday, followed by my grandson’s birthday. Then a 2nd trip to San Antonio. There was a lot of other stuff tossed in (car repairs and so on) that were not as much fun as the birthdays!
My Beloved is back on hemo dialysis. In a way it makes me sad. It however will restore my home to home not hospital like status. He says he is happy with the decision.
Well instead of a big post, I am going to post some pictures.

First, 3 generation of Frizell men. I love these guys.

Next a few from the Witte Museum in San Antonio. We only hit a small portion of it but it is an amazing place! If you go, Tuesdays from 5 to 8 is free. Don’t forget to look UP! They include the ceilings as part of the exhibits! Sadly my pictures of the ceilings did not come out well.

Next, my Boogie Boys birthday. He turned 1!

On the way home we stopped by the place where I got my Shirley.
Where I saw ….

Which both now reside with me! I am trying to decide how best to wash the clothes. They were sitting there for a long, long, time and are quite dusty.

Now some random pictures from the month.

Hugs Y’all!

Well 2017 is finished!

I hope your year ended well. I as usual ended up sick!
Christmas and after brought me LOTS of dolly goodness. Some Barbie, some not.
I am working on pictures and descriptions now.

Also, there will be doll opening! I got some great deals on a couple of dolls, and got multiples so I can showcase one and play with one.
For tonight I will do something small I discovered at walmart. These were in the clearance section.
Flip Zee Girls.

Never heard of them but they look fun so lets open them up and see!
The idea seems to be they hatch and you can put them back in the pod.
They are made of a rubbery feeling stuff. I love the faces. However the freckles seem to be almost chicken pock like. The pictures of them open refuse to upload for some reason. I will work on that and edit one in later.

I will work on more pictures and such. In the mean time this was my favorite gift this year…



Ladies this post is a pre post. Why? Because there has been a large influx of stuff!
Both doll and house craft related.
I finally have some paint for the furniture. My original plan to spray paint it was a flop because the paint just rain right off.

I used up a 2oz bottle of my acrylic to get 1 headboard done. Then I bought a quart of satin latex. We will see how that goes. What do you think of the painted one? They are a little warped, not sure how to fix that, even the beds are. Comes from being played with I imagine!

Then as if I didn’t have enough work to do to refurbish 2 doll houses… I got a third…

This is the house from the webisodes Life in the Dream House. I do not plan to fix the elevator. In fact I plan to remove it and cover the holes. Still working out that plan but have the materials I hope will work!

Check out the bathroom. No tub, no commode but…

Tada, at least they get a tub!

In order to make this house playable in my office it needed a table. With rollers.This is because the only space left is in front of my outside door. I never use this door, but sometimes in the fall I like to open it.

My solution? A garage sale table, that Beloved put casters on! This baby took up the whole of my cargo area. It rubbed against my driver seat!
I put a tablecloth on it but I may have to just take it off. It got all twisted around while I was taking pictures.

I also acquired a Barbie yacht. It is not complete, but what do you want for the grand sum of $1? It will be cleaned up and I will decide what to do about deck chairs. I might get some more beach chair sets, if I can find them. I wanted 4, I found… 1, so far! That blur is Katie getting into the shot!

Now there are bags of craft or Barbie items all over!
New play sets, a pool, clothes, I REALLY want to get some stuff done and put away so we can play fashion show!

Plus, several new play sets.

Some tiny Fairy dolls to talk about.

Plus, I don’t have any pictures yet but… on the Doll not Barbie front, my sister sent me some of my baby clothes. When I came home from the hospital at 7 months, they went to thee toy shop to get me some clothes! I plan to put some on my German doll (fitting since the clothes were bought in Germany) and if I can figure out how to reattach this doll’s head, I will display her with some too!

My plan for this week is to work steadily in my office, fitting in homekeeping here and there, and take pictures of each step and write up several posts so I have some ready to go. I also need to tidy up the shelves to make room for several of the dolls I already posted about to find a home. In a bag on the floor is no fit home for a Bride doll!

Which project would you like to read about first?
I don’t have space for fashion shows until I get some stuff fixed and put away in its place!
I am itching for the pool party shoot! I think I will need to clear off my big table for it though, I must have 20 bathing beauty dolls!

Hugs y’all!

Ok so Bratz… (A post even for non fans)

Now I will state when Bratz came out I did not like them at all.
Among doll lines they are still not a favorite. However Several of these I just got, are growing on me.
I joined a Bratz forum to try and learn more. Only to find it has been inactive for about 8 months! I guess the cool factor has worn off on them.
However I did find 2 names.

I have Cloe. She is one I am learning to like. Her hat is too fun. Plus, I like the boots. Though mine would need to be flats… or flatz???

I have also identified Masquerade Penn, as a vampire. There might be a shirt for him in the bag of clothes. I haven’t looked closely at it yet.

Another one I really am beginning to like, I call the hippie chic. It is her hair! LOL I LOVE the long hair. She is taller than the rest by a good margin. I found one like her on ebay but she was wearing pink sneakers not these boots. I don’t know which is really hers. She was the only doll with out shoes and these were the only shoes so this is what she got! The ebay person did not give her a name either.*** While looking up the orange haired doll, I did find a picture of Meygan, in this outfit… It was only a head shot, but at least I know who she is…

Next on my getting to like it list is this lass. I can’t find her anywhere, definitively. I have found several that look really close… I haven’t gone over any of these with my comb yet. I like her because she is just clean and simple.

The rest of these, maybe they will grow on me too eventually.

I do like how simple this one is. No bling, just a girl in her jeans. When I was young, I might have even pulled this look together myself. I loved my jeans, boots and tees!

This one… oh my word! That hair! I love it but it is going to be a challenge for sure!

This one too is simple. I like the color combinations and there isn’t any blaring bling with her.

This one I am sure is Bratz. I think it is Megyan. The hair color and the boots are right but I can’t find her in this outfit. This doll is also different in that her legs and arms are articulated. I too love the RED hair!

This one too is getting to me. Such soft colors in her face. While the lips on the Bratz bug me, I have to admit the make up is beautiful. I like the colors in her clothes too. I admit here and now, those pictures women take pooching out their lips, drive me batty. Ladies, it is NOT at all attractive! Then again I don’t like those open mouth poses either…

These next 4 may or may not be Bratz. They have the same stamps on their backs from MGM but they only loosely resemble the Bratz…

This one is shorter than the others and is not peg legged. I read there was a Bratz kids line of shorter dolls… Perhaps she is one of those…

This one does have the peg leg with… feet attached…

These last 2, now that I look at them I wonder.

This one somehow reminds me of an anime character. She really is cute. She also reminds me of my 2nd dil, my youngest’s girl. This doll on Amazon looks like her. The hair isn’t just the right color, but they have on also called Lottie with this color hair…

This one… I was thinking maybe a MH doll. She doesn’t fit though. She has the Bratz style eyes. She is peg legged. However looking over the only Bratz site with character pictures, I can’t find her. The spider and cobweb is more MH-ish…

Now, perhaps it was the packaging they came in. I remember the whole look being one of… I don’t know, when I saw the dolls in the store I thought of them as disgruntled, discontented. I also thought the make up was over the top. However seeing these, no packaging and sitting side by side with my EAH, Barbie and so on, their make up is not so glaring. Actually, compared with several of the outfits for Barbie, these dolls are modest!
Though to be honest, a lot of the modern Barbie stuff, I just don’t like.
So what do you think? Bratz yea or nay?
Next time, I am delving into the Sparkle Girlz! These are prettier than the ones I bought new!
Hugs Y’all!

Saturday Adventures!

I went driving and what did I see? Two yard sales on Linda Lee. Linda Lee is one of my cross streets.

So From one I found:

Peanuts! Well a trash can. Never used!

From the other I got:

Barbies! A pair of twins even. Which is cool because I have a few outfits that are duplicates! The young lady selling the dollies was up front. “I don’t want to sell any clothes so they are naked”. At least she knows what she wants!

Then I drove way out to Grape Creek, where we moved from. I bought a bag of stuff there.

In it were clothes and shoes.


Including this one with mechanical stuff on her back.

Plus this cute vintage one with issues. Some one glued her head on plus she is missing a foot. I love her face and hair. I may look for boots for her so she can be displayed.

A couple of cute Kelly knock offs.

These 3 are labeled as Lovely Patsy dolls… The ones I have already are much higher quality than these. I wonder which came first…
The 3 look to me like sci fi space bimbos. No idea why.

I hit several sales where I didn’t purchase anything or what I purchased is not for me.

Then I went to a neighborhood sale where I walked down then back up the street and stopped at various houses. (What a day to forget my fitbit!) I got:

A Snoopy

A vintage Barbie with 1 leg. (I am thinking late 60s early 70s)

Another bikini babe

My first Barbie movie. (I have heard this one is really good)A bag of clothing and misc.

A bag of what looks like dolly hair clips.

More clothes.

An O’Ball. I love these. Best baby toy ever! If you ask I will explain.

Then Beloved was on his way home so I came home too.

He took me to Salvation Army where I got:

These dolls. The AA is not a Barbie but is still good quality.

We also went to the bowling alley for lunch.

Then he took me out for ice cream! This stuff is the BEST ice cream I have ever had! It is homemade in the shop. I had Tahitian Vanilla and salted caramel. I don’t ever want to buy any other ice cream!

OK I saved my best set of dolls for last.
He also took me to Goodwill. I don’t usually go to this goodwill because I have never found any dollies there. Today my friend Elizabeth sent me a message that they had dollies, and pictures of them. I left 3 dolls there, 2 Cinderellas and another generic Barbie.

There was Tiana. This one is in perfect shape, no chews or marker on her!

These last 2 are vying for my favorite of the day.

This I think, is Steffi, friend of Skipper. I will definitely do something to tame those curls!

This.. one is… unique… I have no idea how to even look her up…

The body is marked Mattel inc. C 1991 made in China.

The head is marked Bikin Express LTD. China.

I am thinking this is a hybrid… A google search brought up the company and they seem to go with Mattel on ebay but nothing like this! This face reminds me a bit of Robin Williams… She is unique though so she had to come home with me!

Which is your favorite?
What do you think of my choices?

Hugs y’all

Lets Play!

So Beloved read the label on the back of the doll house, before he screwed it into the wall. It said Pjs Toys 2004.
According to what I found this was sold on Amazon at one time and is a pack and store doll house.

So here is the furniture in my first house, the dream house. It is so close to the edge, you can barely get dolls in.

Here it is in the pack and store house.

Fits way better doesn’t it? Plus there is room for dolls to move. I actually made the bed from foam and fabric, hot glued together with spools as bed legs. I am not happy with it, but at least Barbie has a bed. I laid a doll on it, then cut it to her size.

OK here is the PAS house with the shelf liner I got to put down as tile/ carpet. I think I have decided to paint the house inside. White. I may or may not stencil in some pink accents.

Ready for the fashion show?

OK this first one, is not one from the $2 tote.

I got this from dollar tree. I wanted to test something I read on a blog.

It fits Ariel ok. A bit large in the chest. Tomorrow I will test it on a Barbie and see the difference.

Here is a generic Barbie, by that I mean she has a face like most others, not that she is not a Barbie. I love this flowered dress. Very summer tea party isn’t it?

This next one is also super cute. I love the soft colors. Agan our model is a generic Barbie.

Next is Snow White in a simple yellow gown. Possibly a Belle dress? Not very fancy though. looks like an everyday dress.

This is another generic Barbie, see how similar she is to the other one? She is wearing a nautical suit. Complete with sailor hat.

Here we have Princess Anna from Frozen. I have currently 4 of Queen Elsa. This is my first Anna! I tried to re-braid her hair. It was not a good look when I got done!I took it down and went for a simple pull back to bring some order to her hair.

These last 2 are vying for the spot of my favorite from the $2 tote. Both will remain in these outfits. Just because I LOVE the look of them!

First we have Rapunzel as Jeanie. I have always loved I Dream of Jeanie. I have always felt it was way better than Bewitched. I adore Barbara Eden, she has a timeless sweet quality, just like Rapunzel. Yes I know she is wearing a Jasmine suit. I do not happen to have a Jasmine though so… Jeanie she is!

This one will be Helen’s favorite I bet! I don’t know if the thing on her shoulders belongs on shoulders or if it is supposed to be a belt. I like it on the shoulders. Especially since her dress is strapless…

So, what do you think? There are a lot more clothes to go through. I need to match things up so they can be shown off too!

OK, a vote, should I redo the PAS house or leave it as is? I can live with it but it looks dated and dirty, even though I have cleaned it. Please let me know in the comments.

Hugs y’all


Well the 2 people who read my blog have spoken. They want to hear first about Thursday’s adventures!

The day began with this young man. Here he is patiently waiting for his sausage patties at “old Donald’s”. That is all he will eat. That and a Hi-C orange… only they are discontinuing the Hi-C orange in favor of another soda. In which case he will be getting apple juice.

He played for a while.

He saw me take a picture and said I had to take one of his Princess Peach toy.

Then I got a text from my friend at the Trendy Trunk.
I have Barbies are you interested. With a picture. My reply, we will come look.

I got all her Barbies. Mostly because I want to help her succeed but I really did like most of them.

This is the only one I didn’t like, What on earth is her purpose?

You pull the cord and her top half spins, but when you let go the cord, it goes in and she stops spinning. I do love her face and hair. I just wish she didn’t have this odd contraption on her body!

This one is a Cinderella doll. I probably have a Cinderella dress around here some where. However since I already have 2 or 3 of her I will leave her in the visitor play bin.

This Ken seems pretty standard. His outfit though seems to be rare. It may go to ebay. Since I plan to keep him in the play bin I will buy him some new clothes.

This one, I love the suit and matching cover up!

This one, I think has been redressed in one of the super star outfits.

Look at her jewels. They are more reminiscent of a holiday Barbie to me. They do not match the pink shimmer of her dress and Pink belt.

Later that day I saw an ad on facebook. A lady wrote her daughter was selling off several of her dolls she didn’t play with anymore. Most were Monster High, and I don’t do MH. I just don’t like the dolls.
However further down she listed several Barbies so I messaged her I was interested in the Barbie stuff. We set up a meeting and when dil came to get GB, we all went. GB needed a nap, and dil, ds and DG were all going to a movie that night.

GB napped in the car and continued on the couch once we got home. He and mimi had our own movie night, complete with a big movie box of candy.

From this meet I got:

A baggie of misc items.

Pet bowl and carrier

kitchen stuff


Some things I am not sure what they are. Looks like barrets a head band and maybe dog toys…

Halloween Barbie. Not a fan of halloween but I like the doll and will keep her with her stuff.

This one that seems a cross between a star Barbie and a princess… She goes in the play bin.

Another Elsa, this one complete! With shoes!

I think these 2 bikini babes come from the same line. Now just to figure out which line it is!

This young lass has a gorgeous swimt suit under her clothes! I am beginning to think I need a Barbie pool so I can play… ummm stage… a pool party…

There was also this lass. She went in the play bin, she was not to me unique.

Now for the last 2. These are my favorites out of my Thursday hauls.

This is it seems Video Game Hero Barbie, old version. The new version has smaller pink skates. LOVE the pigtails!

This one is obviously my favorite, since she is holding a guitar!

So what do you think? Was it worth the wait?
Do I tackle too many dolls per post? Should I scale back and just of one or 2? Or do a big post like this and then do each doll on her own at some point? (For the special ones anyway).

My next post will be my birthday haul!
Hugs y’all!

Just a note

No real post tonight just an update.
On Thursday I had my grand boy. ALL day and until almost 10 that night. I was too tired to write.
Friday I spent all day cleaning and organizing for a BBQ today… only it turned out to be a surprise party last night! I was too tired to write.

Today I realized that I had about 40 pictures from Thursday to write about. I got about 10 new to me dolls.

Plus the birthday stuff I got last night! Sadly my allergies, pain and asthma have made me too tired to write! I do however have dolly fodder for at least 3 days.
Plus I just realized I never posted Saturday’s post… Now I need to find it…and its corresponding pictures…

So, for the 2 people who read this, which do you want first.

A) the Thursday second hand dolls post.
B) The birthday haul post? This one will include several doll openings and accessories packs! Plus a look at my reorganized shelves!

Just so you know, I am one of those bloggers who checks email 50 times a day to see if I have any real comments…
Hugs Y’all!

Big Barbie stuff…

So today I went to some yard sales. I didn’t find 1 Barbie thing!
Not one!
I found a musty smelling GG that I left there.

I went to my friends shop and found something new for my BIG Barbie.

hp photosmart 720

She is about the size of a 3 year old. My Barbie, not my friend… This is the only before photo of her I could find.

After. She had a dress on her sale rack (my friend not my Barbie) I might grab too. I will take Barbie with me to try it on though. While there we will try on shoes too.

Then I went to CIA, my favorite thrift store. I found a lot of Barbies, all clothed and with neat hair. I picked out 9 and brought them home with me.

This is how they package them. The price is $1.50 each. More than I like to pay BUT, the hair has already been done for me! Plus I get clothes too!

I tried to avoid getting Blondes. However a few of them had something unique so they ended up in my cart.

This lass is too big for this dress, it won’t close in back. Let’s rummage and see what we can find for her.

There, this pink heart dress is too short, I will add lace to it eventually. At least it matches her earrings better than the blue one!

This poor girl is all mismatched! Diamond earrings, pink hair streak, which goes ok with her top but… tartan does not go with pink!

I don’t have a pink skirt that matches so… let’s put her in this dress instead!

This lass, I like just as she is. The pink Dress is a Barbie gown. All I will do to her, is change her black hair band for a pink one.

Look at her neat nautical necklace!

OK on to the brunettes…

This is a Belle doll in an I don’t know what kind of out fit. I don’t like it, that I do know!

Ah. Belle looks much better in a Belle gown than that too tight whatever it was!

Here is another Tiana.

Fortunately for her, I have another Tiana dress!

This young lady I will leave as is. She and her dress have a more vintagey look than the others.

While I like the red on this young lass, it doesn’t match her shoes…

We will try her in this dress from the other lass. Well it still doesn’t fit.
I need to look this brand up… it says chic on the label.

OK this one for some reason was my favorite pick of the night.

These jeans do not fit, they don’t close in the back. Also the red and blue do not match her lilac earrings or shoes… so…

I saw this at walmart and got it for her.

It also has a white necklace that just looks wrong with the peter pan collar!

Ok ladies, what do you think?

I am tired out so goodnight for today.

Tomorrow, aside from yard sale things, I have a very special doll to share.

Hugs y’all!