How is Your Summer Going?

My summer is a mixed bag. Between surgery trips, things breaking down and illness, its been off. However, there has been some fun in the bargain!

We are really enjoying the pool this summer. It has been such a blessing, especially the week we had no AC! My grandsons are little fishies and, like me, would spend hours in the pool if allowed!

We celebrated my Beloved’s birthday with friends at our home.

Then his brother had us over to celebrate again at their home! What a surprise they had for us. We both got gifts! Here is a large part of mine:

Barbies from the late 70s early 80s. Any clues as to who they are?

There are a few Skipper pieces though sil says she does not remember ever having had a Skipper… I have one here some place I wonder if these will fit her…

My favorite Barbie shoe is the basic black boot. I have always had a thing about black boots.

So when I do the fashion show post, what should go first?
I have too much to do today to do that part.
Tell me how your summer is going!
Hugs y’all


Just a short catch up post.
Last month my Beloved ended up retiring on disability.
I am fine with that. What I am NOT fine with is that he retired on the 18th and ended up in the hospital on the 23rd!

He is home now but was in there for 2 full weeks!
So I have not been able to do anything blog worthy.
Next week I hope to change that. I had just gotten an apron cut and ready to sew, and begun a dishcloth when my days became nightmares. We are taking this week to adjust and then I will hopefully be able to do my stuff again!
Hugs y’all!

An Addendum to My Thrifting Post.

I had a couple ladies ask for pictures of more of my finds. So I took some more. These are pictures of things that didn’t get good pictures when I first took them.

First up, the casserole dish, ready for the oven with our dinner!
Next the mugs. Well 3 of them. You already saw the one I used and the gift one.

This one is very plain but I love this shape of mug. If needed I am sure I can dress it up at some point.

Doesn’t the scene on this one just scream cozy and at home?

I have always had a thing for those duck/geese sets from the …80s or was it the 90s… I would still love the canister set. Apparently so would others. Judging from the prices I see on them, when I find any at all, they must be extremely popular!

Next the gift box for the mug. My SS loves snowmen.

The ornaments that will be once a week gifts. Really each week we are just supposed to do cards. However when something says give me and then several things say it… There are seven weeks until the party to give something. I got 6 things so far. I gave the plaque yesterday. So I need 1 more small item to be able to gift something each week.

The popcorn boxes. We watch a lot of stuff on TV. Not from the networks, but streamed from Netflix among others. Sometimes you just NEED popcorn.

The big SS gift. The box is a wreck but I have a lot of boxes that I can replace it with. Which will prolong the anticipation because the boxes I have are from kidney supplies…;D Isn’t he just too stinkin’ cute?

Last one of my favorite pieces. The Peanuts .10 box. I wish it had had the variety of cards in it. I would love to have framed one of each!
From your thrifting, what has been your favorite item? It could be something you just love (Like a pink English egg coddler for your bathroom) or something you use often.

This weeks adventures.

Thursday my neighbor, her dh and her dgd and I headed out to a thrift store. I am looking for older Christmas décor items and sadly, ebay is not helping. This stuff is not covered in gold dust folks.
Anyway, as we entered there was a sign, all Halloween 75% off. It didn’t mean anything to me, since I don’t do Halloween. Which is good because as far as I could see, there was NO Halloween stuff. 75% off or otherwise.
Next, we came on 2 large tables with orange stickers. I asked the ladies there and they said that was the dime table. There were several items there I am always looking for. Such as:
Pop Corn boxes, those plastic ones that hold about a quart of popcorn.
2 Picture frames. I often get sent pretty cards. So pretty I want to frame them. Looking at new frames at Walmart recently, I decided that just would not work.
A really truly biscuit cutter, also good for simple round cookies.
A large bowl. Not sure what I will put in it but for a dime…
Then I began in the dish section. I wanted some new fun mugs for my morning coffee. None of the 6 I found were marked. Then I saw the sign. Mugs were .25 each and on sale for 50% off. So, .12 or so each. 6 mugs cost me… .75c. I was pleased with that for 2 reasons. 1) I found 4 neat mugs for my kitchen and 2) I found 2 mugs that will make cheery thinking of you gifts.

I also found a new basket for my kitchen to hold my coffee stuff, Creamer, coffee and the cappuccino stuff I add to it to make it more COFFEE ish. The box of ornaments is in this.
A set of stationary, looks like large note cards but might be paper.
A small plaque that will go to my SS.
I found a lidded casserole. I have wanted one of these for years but just can’t bring myself to pay the price. This one was just under $5.
I of course perused the toy area looking for Barbie, but she wasn’t there.
I finally found the Christmas section.
I found several items that will be gifts. At church we are doing a secret sister thing where we give a note or small gift each week then a bit nicer gift (Not to exceed $5) at our big cookie party.

I found plates on which to gift cookies without wondering if my plate will come back…

I found one item that needs a new box, A snowman tea pot. It is so cute I have 3 options with it. 1) give it to my SS 2) give it to a friend who collects tea pots or 3) keep it. #3 is a long shot. Though I really like it, I don’t drink hot tea. I also have a hot pot for the odd cup of cocoa. I like my stuff to be useful…

I found one of my 6 mugs here too, a snow lady face.
A set of ornaments. I am thinking one each week would be fun.
A sweet box to wrap the mug in.These things are in the stack on top of the tea pot box. A few of my pictures did not come out right either.
A baggie of ribbon. I am planning an ornament making party so odd bits of craft stuff will come in handy.

A set of Enesco salt and pepper shakers for myself. I can’t find any value on the set. Nothing registers on ebay for this 1993 set. Not even under completed auctions. Most sets sold were about $5 so .79 isn’t bad.

I got an unopened 2 pack of Christmas cookie cutters. For some silly reason I gave away all my plastic cookie cutters last year in a fit of decluttering.
I defied temptation on the Santa cookie jar. I have ended up with a collection of cookie jars but not on purpose. Though I love them all I don’t go looking for them. This one was calling my name. I ignored it and moved on.

I did make 1 silly purchase. This was marked at .49c. When I opened it, it was empty. Now I love Peanuts, but .49c for an empty card box? No. When I asked the lady at the counter if they were really charging that for an empty box she was shocked and said some one must have made off with the cards. I said I do like the box. She asked if I would pay .10c. Since I can add it to my peanuts display I said yes.
After tax I spent $20. What do you think, did I do well or no?

Friday after mall walking, we went to the Salvation Army store to find fanny packs. We don’t want to lug purses around the mall so we leave things we could use at home. Like phones, inhalers and so on. I have skirts with pockets so I generally have my phone, and keys with me.

We did not find any fanny packs. I did how ever find this gorgeous blouse. I don’t have any blouses, or is it blice? Anyway I have shirts, which are basically polos or fancy tees. Red tags were 50% off this week so I spent $1.50 on the shirt. It looks crisp as if it was either gently worn or never worn.

I also found a few more frames for my project of turning gorgeous note cards into art.
I found a couple more mugs, but I am spoiled by the .12c mugs and could not bring myself to spend .69c each on them. I will go back when green tags are 50% off and see if they are still there… if I remember!

Then Saturday we hit an estate sale where I got this big ol’ box of stuff. I spent $20 but in it I got

A monopoly game. With the original pieces not the newfangled ones.

A set of sheets for my bed. From the feel they are at least 500 count.

A new quilt, printed not a REAL one and 2 matching shams.

A piece of hand done embroidery

3 yds of fabric

A over shirt/sweater… thing. For which the picture did not turn out.

A curtain set for my backdoor window

2 Trivets. They were the same so only 1 picture

A cool nightlight

With light detector. Note those prices? Well they were 50% off. So a complete bed package, sheets, shams quilt and all for $10.
We stopped by another sale on the way home where I succumbed to the lure of:

3 small gift bags, to use for our SS weekly gifts.

A set of pink glass candle sticks. I have a small bit of pink depression glass, I think in Princess pattern and these will look nice displayed with it.
My worst by was something that just demanded to come home with me. It was overpriced, and I knew it. I just fell in love with it though.

This is an English egg coddler. I found a set of them on ebay for $9,99. I paid… gasp $2 for one…
Sometimes though things just need you to take them home. The lady at the sale went on and on about its being an antique and worth at least… $25 or $30 in an antique store. I thought not to some one with google on their phone. Still I am doing my bathroom in pink roses and this will look cute on the shelf. I didn’t get the antique vibe from it. I used to deal in antiques, or at least vintage items. Mostly toys and dishware/kitchen ware. Antiques feel differently to me than more modern stuff and this just said modern to me.

So here is my coffee this morning, in my new mug. It made me happy just drinking it. Silly I know.

Here are my .10c frames with the note cards in them. That pink one I think needs to go in my pink bathroom.

This black one needs some tlc. I got some black paint and I am sure I can get the price sticker glue off. I think the dark frame sets off the picture. What do you think? I may, depending on how it looks after the paint, glue some beads or… buttons around it. I can’t decide.

Have you done any thrifting lately? Did you find treasures for you? Find treasure to use as gifts?
If you really want to see thrifting done expertly, check out the Queen of Fifty Cents blog, that lady knows her onions!
Tell me about your thrifting adventures!!
Hugs Y’all

My First Real Post of the Summer…

So far this year has been fun… well not all of it but mostly.

In May we welcomed our grandson. My oldest son is now a daddy and a father. He has been daddy to my grandboy for about 4 years. Now he gets in on the beginning of things.

In June we had a block long yard sale. What didn’t sell we donated to an organization that gives items away.

In July of course were birthdays, my oldest and my Beloved. I also got my big birthday gift in July, a pool! It is not large, still it is enough for us to float in at the end of the day, and for the kids to have fun in when they visit!
What will August bring? I have no idea! I am now a Sunday school teacher in a terrific twos class. I need to get my little people juices flowing again, after years of sparse use!

Well now for the dolly news. My Beloved and I were in Walmart the other day and I, of course perused the Barbie aisle. I found clearance! Beloved gifted me 2 dolls and an outfit pack. The outfit pack wasn’t on clearance but one of the dolls I got would look darling in it.

So here we go…

This one is one of the fuller figured Barbies. I am not sure I like them yet. However I want to test out some things with a full-figured doll so I got her.
I remember what first attracted me to her. It was her hair. I have a thing about red/auburn hair on dolls. I much prefer it to blonde.
I had t use a knife to get her out of the package, everything was tied down too. They even tagged her head to the box. As readers know I detest that. I also noticed her leg is creased, in front and in back. It wasn’t noticeable in the box.
I don’t like this striped dress. So I took it off. It was difficult to remove. Her arms are very stiff at the shoulder joint. A child would have trouble with this. The more I look at her, the more I like her face, sort of sunny.

Her extra fashion… doesn’t seem to go together… funny, they give her an outfit a small child would use but make it hard to get her undressed. Makes no sense.

OK next dolly.

Anyone know what attracted me to this doll? Hint, it was not the items that came with her!
It was her hair. So curly.

Out of the box it is soft and gorgeous too. Her smile is also sweet.

She doesn’t look like her picture on the back. I don’t like that look. The curls in the picture look tight and itchy. The doll however has curls that look soft and natural.

These items that came with her will go in the play houses. She is going to be one of my models.
In fact…

I loved this set of clothes and when I saw her, I thought she would look sweet in them.

Let’s see!

I love the way her bow helps keep the hat on! She definitely fits the style of the dress. Let’s try outfit #2.

I don’t like this as much as the dress. I think for now her outfit will be the dress.

Her feet look odd to me… do they to you? Sort of crooked…

So my friends what have you been up to this summer?

Hugs y’all

A bit of an update

My Beloved is doing much better. Our life over the last several months has been topsy-turvy but should be settling into a more even groove now. In part thanks to a wonderful home care nurse named Dawn.
There are several kinds of dialysis, the most well known is hemo-dialysis. Not as well known, at least here, is a type called Peritoneal dialysis, PD for short.
PD allows the patient to do their treatment over night, and live their life normally otherwise. After much struggle, My Beloved is now fully trained to use PD, thanks to Dawn helping push the dr.
My beloved being able to have a more normal schedule, means I can have a more normal schedule and so dear friends, I plan to begin blogging again, tomorrow! it will be slow at first but it will be fun!
I hope to see you here!
Hugs Y’all!

Ebay #2

OK first there were 2 yesterday I missed.

These are definitely party dresses!

OK now, ready for some vintage?

First my favorite real Barbie dress. Suburban shopper. This is the no hat one. The other is still unpacked! These shoes are some from my blue shoe collection. This dress does not fit this doll. She is… bustier than the old dolls. Once I unpack the vintage dolls I will model it on one of them.

First we have my red head in a maroon ensemble. It looks to me sort of western. It is so pretty!

Here we have a modern bikini babe modeling an older body suit, with skirt and jacket.

Next we have Blondie in a nightie and robe. This is the easiest of the batch to put on her!

Ok ready for some mind blowing stitchery????

First the petticoat. I used to wear these but mine never had snaps!

Ok, Dark blue. This one has a bit of tape marked Bette on it. I wonder if this was a dress for her, or if she made it…

Light blue. This one is signed, Janet L. Lein.

Purple gingham…This is marked Janet L. Lein What talent!

With bonnets

Wedding gown

A new petticoat…

Perfect in pink.

For cold days… I am sad it has such a big stain! Still, lovely.

A few odd bits I have no clue what to do with! I do have more of this pink silky stuff someplace.

Well what do you think? Isn’t this a trousseau to be the envy of any 18th or even 19th century bride?
What is your favorite? Stay tuned for more!
Hugs Y’all

Sparkle Girlz

Among this lot of dolls were several Sparkle Girlz.
I really like these dolls. The ones I got in this lot are really much prettier than the ones I bought new. These dolls have a more … little girl quality to them.

I love this lass’s reddish hair. Her pretty pink and lavender dress is charming. As is her simple face.

This lass, in her jeans and tee, seems to really sparkle. She looks like some one who enjoys life.

This one in her ball gown is adorable. I just need to do somethng with her hair. I ran a comb through it but it seems to need just a little something… more.

With this one, I learned what all those clear slippers were for! I love her wavy mane of golden hair. Just a quick combing put it in decent shape. It reminds me of a GLH book, Job’s Niece where Doris ran a comb through her hair to put it in order. Wish my hair was that simple!

This one has a mane of wavy brown hair, so thick! For supposedly cheap dolls, they are really well done! All of these dresses are gorgeous.

This one’s face looks so bright and cheery! How can such similar faces, done in vinyl manage to send out emotional vibes? Love the pink dress too! So happy!

Another reddish mane! Again a quick combing set it to rights. I think I will experiment with a braid or 2 once I get all the new dolls written up, Once that is done, it will be play time!

This AA lass is gorgeous. Her hair felt softer and silkier than all the others.

I really do like these dolls. One big thing I like is, their hair never seems to get in their eyes. At least so far! I like their simple lines and ease of dressing. The hair is really well rooted too. Plus, while I am not a big fan of the head proportions it does make it easier to comb and style.

The one thing I do not like, is their heads are hard and filled with glue. I know this because I got a couple at the thrift store once, planning to use one of them as a donor body for a Barbie head. Taking the head off is impossible, it breaks the neck, which is why I needed a donor body in the first place!

So which Sparkle Girl is your favorite? I like the AA hair the best though I like the first red head’s face better.

Net time I will post the miscellaneous dolls I can’t identify.
They are not Barbie, Sparkle, Bratz or any other line I have seen before!

Now, because he is adorable, here are some pictures of my GB. We went to a new ice cream place. The Latest Scoop.

Best ice cream on the planet!

Hugs y’all

Ok so Bratz… (A post even for non fans)

Now I will state when Bratz came out I did not like them at all.
Among doll lines they are still not a favorite. However Several of these I just got, are growing on me.
I joined a Bratz forum to try and learn more. Only to find it has been inactive for about 8 months! I guess the cool factor has worn off on them.
However I did find 2 names.

I have Cloe. She is one I am learning to like. Her hat is too fun. Plus, I like the boots. Though mine would need to be flats… or flatz???

I have also identified Masquerade Penn, as a vampire. There might be a shirt for him in the bag of clothes. I haven’t looked closely at it yet.

Another one I really am beginning to like, I call the hippie chic. It is her hair! LOL I LOVE the long hair. She is taller than the rest by a good margin. I found one like her on ebay but she was wearing pink sneakers not these boots. I don’t know which is really hers. She was the only doll with out shoes and these were the only shoes so this is what she got! The ebay person did not give her a name either.*** While looking up the orange haired doll, I did find a picture of Meygan, in this outfit… It was only a head shot, but at least I know who she is…

Next on my getting to like it list is this lass. I can’t find her anywhere, definitively. I have found several that look really close… I haven’t gone over any of these with my comb yet. I like her because she is just clean and simple.

The rest of these, maybe they will grow on me too eventually.

I do like how simple this one is. No bling, just a girl in her jeans. When I was young, I might have even pulled this look together myself. I loved my jeans, boots and tees!

This one… oh my word! That hair! I love it but it is going to be a challenge for sure!

This one too is simple. I like the color combinations and there isn’t any blaring bling with her.

This one I am sure is Bratz. I think it is Megyan. The hair color and the boots are right but I can’t find her in this outfit. This doll is also different in that her legs and arms are articulated. I too love the RED hair!

This one too is getting to me. Such soft colors in her face. While the lips on the Bratz bug me, I have to admit the make up is beautiful. I like the colors in her clothes too. I admit here and now, those pictures women take pooching out their lips, drive me batty. Ladies, it is NOT at all attractive! Then again I don’t like those open mouth poses either…

These next 4 may or may not be Bratz. They have the same stamps on their backs from MGM but they only loosely resemble the Bratz…

This one is shorter than the others and is not peg legged. I read there was a Bratz kids line of shorter dolls… Perhaps she is one of those…

This one does have the peg leg with… feet attached…

These last 2, now that I look at them I wonder.

This one somehow reminds me of an anime character. She really is cute. She also reminds me of my 2nd dil, my youngest’s girl. This doll on Amazon looks like her. The hair isn’t just the right color, but they have on also called Lottie with this color hair…

This one… I was thinking maybe a MH doll. She doesn’t fit though. She has the Bratz style eyes. She is peg legged. However looking over the only Bratz site with character pictures, I can’t find her. The spider and cobweb is more MH-ish…

Now, perhaps it was the packaging they came in. I remember the whole look being one of… I don’t know, when I saw the dolls in the store I thought of them as disgruntled, discontented. I also thought the make up was over the top. However seeing these, no packaging and sitting side by side with my EAH, Barbie and so on, their make up is not so glaring. Actually, compared with several of the outfits for Barbie, these dolls are modest!
Though to be honest, a lot of the modern Barbie stuff, I just don’t like.
So what do you think? Bratz yea or nay?
Next time, I am delving into the Sparkle Girlz! These are prettier than the ones I bought new!
Hugs Y’all!

The Beginning.

So tonight I will do as requested.
One reader asked that I begin with the EAH dolls.
I KNOW 3 of these dolls are EAH.(Cuz I found their direct matches here)
The others I suspect but am not sure.
So I will begin with the not sure ones first.

This little orange haired lass might be a Bratz. I always thought Bratz had peg legs though and she does not. However neither is she slim and jointed like the EAH dolls.

This red haired lass is slim and jointed. However I can not find any doll that looks like her. She looks a bit like Rosabella Beauty. I do not think she is a Bratz. I however have no clue who she is! Maybe a Monster high?

These 3 I know who they are!

Apple White, I have one of her already.

Blondie Locks, Daughter of Goldie Locks

Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty (AKA Aurora)

Ok, now for the clothing puzzle from last night.

Remember this cape?

Now, remember this dress?

Tada, a set! Each from a different sale event! This is why I keep mismatched shoes. Eventually a mate might just appear! Each has a black and white Original Barbie label.

I am tired tonight so this will be all for this time!
Hugs y’all!