What to do?

The need : Curtains to cover the ugly window…
The available tools:
Sewing machine
Since this blog is all about aprons, you just KNEW aprons had to figure into this some how right???
Cutting the apron in half proved to be very difficult. Not because straight lines and I do not get along (though we do not!).
It was made by a cherished friend I have lost touch with. However being a ½ apron, I just kept it in a drawer. I need the drawer space and can not longer justify storing aprons I do not use. What to do??? I want to keep it for the memory it holds of my friend.
The answer was repurpose it and make it into something else. I have 5 such aprons and am thinking on projects for all of them. However this one is perfect to cover my ugly window.
The window in my kitchen is ugly. Well ok all the windows in my home right now are ugly. They all need to be replaced, but I only have 1 that can be fixed with an apron.
So I cut the apron in 1/2. I actually cut 2 aprons one I will use for a different idea later.
Here is the ugly window:
Yes I have a window ac unit in the kitchen. When it is 103 outside, I need all the help I can get to stay cool!
Here is the area where magic happens… ok so it is where my feeble efforts to produce pretty things happens:
The beginning, 2 aprons with no clue the harm about to befall them:
Under the watchful eyes of Spazzie Girl the cruel scissors do their work…

2 aprons are now 4 panels…
Off to the sewing machine for new hems…

Sew Sew Sew… 

Viola, the ugly window is… still ugly but less so with pretty curtains in place!!!
Stay tuned tomorrow for my philosophy on aprons!
See y’all then!