The day after…

So today I finished one project for my Barbie house. She now has a shelf on which to put dishes and things. I like the Barbie house kitchen but it has no place to put things but in the fridge, oven or dishwasher.

So… Tada!

Yesterday I got an accessory pack for the Barbie house.

Here is what it contained.

The hardest part about using the pink paint was it is the same color my polish turns when my hands are cold. I think I got it all off…

Here it is in the house, staged with dishes.

See this sushi tray? I am not a fan but it was the only accessory pack I knew what to do with!

The sushi of course goes into the fridge.

Here is the trunk for her bedroom. I am thinking of making a pink cushion on top so it can double as a seat. What do you think?

here it is in the bedroom. Does it fit in?

OK I have been mulling the blog post where I told about my sister’s doll and I think those pictures were not the best. Actually, if it were not for the beauty of the doll, I would say they stunk!
So today after cleaning up my paint area I set it up to take better pictures.

Here she is.
She is defintely a look at don’t play with doll. There is no way to see inside her dress to look for a makers mark.

I do love the lace lingerie.

Isn’t she beautiful?

For some reason when I look at her face I think of Clara Bow. So, I am going to call her Clara. I intend to see if I can find more information on her some where!

My sister says This doll and a pink one were given to our mom. Mom gave her this one, the bride’s maid. I don’t know, she could have been a bride too!

Then I took better pictures of Sarah Rose. This is her new dress and shoes. I can see why Z wanted to dance with her. She is a very pretty lassie!

This one is with G’s Spiderman hat. He left it here yesterday.

Well I need to be up and out tomorrow so I am going to wish you all a good night!
Hugs y’all!

One thought on “The day after…

  1. I vote for putting a cushion on top! That would look so cute. You could even make it look “quilted” with little tiny pearls on the place where you gather it. SO sorry, i’m not a seamstress so I don’t know if that makes sense or not. Makes sense in my head, LOL!

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