A New Doll Family.

This post is special for my dear friend Helen.
My friend Helen has a Tammy doll. She wears almost the same size clothes as Barbie.
Since some of my clothing purchases were to large for Barbie, I found myself a Tammy.

I actually found this trio.
So now to try some of the clothes on them.
Notice how unlike Barbie they look to the left.

This one in pink is made of softer plastic than the other 2. Though similar to Barbie, her legs do not bend.

This orange gown fits her well. There s no closure in the back but a simple hook and eye could fix that.

This red doll seems to me to be the older sister of the 3. Doll wise not necessarily make wise. She is hard plastic and seems sort of loosey gooseyy in the legs area. Her choker matches her suit but I do not know if these are original to her or not.

Which of these outfits do you like for her?

This smaller one to me reminds me of a child. Preteen maybe.

I like this one best in this wild 70’s pant suit. It fits her face.

The red pantsuit one looks best in it.

For now the little one will be in this crochet dress. I haven’t found her display dress yet.

What outfits do you like?
For which doll?
These dolls are neat and I think I may have had one as a child, I remember one with white hair similar to these. The first 2 seem like older women than Barbie. The one in the red jumpsuit reminds me of Katherine Hepburn for some reason. The smaller one seems a bit like Skipper.
I enjoy the barbie world a bit more. Probbly because I have more choices in it.

Hugs y’all

2 thoughts on “A New Doll Family.

  1. Hey my friend
    Sorry it took me so long.
    The little one is Pepper , Tammy’s younger sister. I adore the little crocheted dress she is in in the last photo!
    The red jump suit is really cute and the Swiss dotted dress as well.
    I love Tammy so much more than Barbie.
    Have you ever seen the clothes made specifically for Tammy?
    Love ya,

  2. Hi Mel! Love all your dolls and clothes in this post! Tammy is a cutie, reminds me of the dolls that I would play with when I would stay with my grandmother in the summer. I love the white dress with the blue polka-dot skirt. With a pair of red flats it would be just perfect! 🙂 And I love the mod print outfit. So perfect for these dolls.
    Many hugs! 🙂
    Teresa B.

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