A Special Opening!

I have gotten so many dolls lately it is getting hard to remember them all!

Tonight I will feature several. One an old favorite in a new (to me, really a vintage) dress. I will also feature a couple I am just not that into. Remember I have said I do not think all Barbies are works of art. These 2 fall into the not category for me. Plus a special opening at the end!

So lets get them out of the way first shall we? Then we can have fun!

First is this pink haired girl. I think this doll is pretty enough. Her hair is very soft and long and… pink… I think I prefer the pink as a highlight not a main color. She has a sparkly silver streak in it. Her face is pretty and I myself like the straight arms better than the bent. I think it is really her dress I don’t like. It is just too short and tight. I have seen girls try to wear such dresses and they always look uncomfortable! Check out those shoes! Really pretty but killers!

This next one with the hair.. it also is very soft but way out of control! Again she is ok but not a raving beauty. Her dress is ok. Not too short/tight. Her shoes also are cute but killer!
OK I admit I have trouble walking in my sneakers some days but still…OK now on to the fun!

This doll has a very similar, it might even be the same face as the last but there is something… different in it. She has painted on clothes, plus a purple skirt. Her killer shoes are in a lilac. My personal favorite of the purple hues. Her hair has a bit of bounce, and I like bounce! My own hair is just straight, fine and fly away, brown. (with hints of red and blonde and now and then white)

Next up is, I think a Barbie as Belle, though the gown is unmarked it is gorgeous. She has a very serene expression on her face too.

This next doll was also in a Belle gown but she is NOT a Belle. She might be the belle of a ball though…

I decided she needed a less fussy look so here she is in a vintage, possibly homemade, sun dress. I like this doll because she is unique among my Barbies. Yes she is blonde but she has bangs and they give her an different attitude than the rest.

Next we have one I labeled Don King Hair. Her hair is… well there is a lot of it…
I put her in this outfit but will probably change it. I think this one might be to one of the DOW but I don’t know and it is not labeled. I just noticed, her eyes actually sparkle in the light. I like her face.

Here is a sweet faced girl that I am not sure is Barbie, she might be one of the High School musical dolls. Anyone know? She is Mattel, that is certain.

This young lady is pretty in pink and even has her shoes! She is just too sweet!

I may have shown this doll before, but I wanted to show her in her new kimono. This one and an identical blue one were ebay purchases and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Next is a glamorous Barbie. I put her in a one piece suit with a sarong skirt. I love the silver belt!

Now this next one is other than my Sweet 16, favorite. She is one of the HAIR Barbies but I have not figured out which one… yet… The dress I have her in is one I got last week at the Barbie bonanza estate sale. It reminds me of one I see often on ebay, called either a night at the movies or something about shopping. I paired it with the 1 pair of sneakers I had and a little purse that looks to have palm trees on it. I thought it looked cute with the dress and sneakers.

Ok … Are you ready for my BIG doll of the night?

I went to get my nails done today. A thing my Beloved insists I take the time and money to do. I don’t do much, a shellac polish and a simple manicure. Well a couple doors down from my nail place is a children’s/ladies resale boutique called The Trendy Trunk. I go in to check for Barbies now and then. I gave her my name as looking for Barbies and legos.

Well when I came in the door she said, I knew you would be in here today. I was hoping you would, I am so glad to see you.

How is that for a greeting? I had promised her some Nancy Drew’s I had. I was putting them on ebay but I would rather give them to some who will appreciate them, kwim?
Well this is what she had waiting for me:

Yes that is an I Love Lucy Barbie! Missing only her box! Ladies, she has nylons on! I do indeed love Lucy. I have since I was a kid. It is the red hair. My mom kept her blonde hair dyed red. This was just so cool! Even my Beloved MJ was impressed! So what did she cost me? Nothing. Just some books I was going to get rid of anyway! I also scored 3 gallon baggies of legos.

Here she is free of her trappings. Ladies, this doll is from her personal collection. This isn’t just one she picked up to resell. That makes her even more special!

Here she is on the DOW/American story shelf. After all who is more American story than Lucy???

OK ladies, I am beat. More dolly goodness tomorrow.
Don’t forget, if you want to hear me yammer about my dolls, I have several videos up. Let me know if you want more!

Hugs Y’all!

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