Another Haul of Dolls!

Well I did not post anything yesterday. I was busy taking pictures and writing up auctions.
Today was yard sale day.
Boy howdy did I score!

This box contains… over 30 dolls.

I have now taken pictures of all the dolls. Not all are Barbie, and I will need to do some research.

I got several Disney princesses and a couple gowns.

2 kens, the new ones with hair… actually I think I got 2 of the same dude.

A couple of articulated ones. These were in a gallon baggie with a bunch of other stuff. For $2! There was a Kelly in there, with some kind of face paint, at least I think it is a Kelly line doll. A Bratz doll that will not be here long, either ebay or donation will get her. She has no hands… I just do not like them. I have no clue what to make of the one in the middle. She looks really strange to me. Her waist is not squishy, she is just odd.

I found 2 vintage Barbies, One says 1958, Made in Japan. She is in awful shape. My original thought was that the less damaged body would be used for this head, whose neck is broken.
The 1958 Barbie still has all her nail polish on her fingers, but her knees are gone. I think one is taped together. The other one, which says 1966 US registered US Pat pending, is in slightly better shape body wise, but her hair has been shaved off. Her head and arms are dark, the rest of the body is light. She is missing a pinky and her legs are coming out of the sockets.
Are these salvageable or should I make what my friend Teresa calls “Frankendollies” of them. I could use the one with loose legs for the head and use the arms from the head to replace the dark arms and put the good legs on the one with the broken knee.

Here are pictures of the other dolls I scored:

This Bride, I am told is in her original outfit, minus shoes.

I was told these gowns were original to the dolls too but one just says made in China and the other says Disney…

These are all misc. If there are ids, I don’t know them… yet! The one in the jeans says Pretty Patsy on her back. Never heard of her!

This doll had a stick in her back. It moves her arms. Not sure what its function is.

I got the Indian doll at a sale for… .25c!

This mermaid one was part of a lot I got today. I don’t like her tail, it doesn’t come off. I was just reading about this on Teresa’s blog yesterday but now I don’t remember which post. Ii comb her posts looking for things I have that she knows.

Another cool find was this nativity. It is a music box and a snow globe. It appears to take batteries too.

I also found fan blades to replace the broken one in our living room fan! We can finally fix that!

Well ladies, I am bushed. I left the house with my Beloved about 7.
He took the morning off and went to work in the afternoon. I went by and picked up Jenn, my oldest’s gf and we went out to a small town but there was no sale. Though it had been advertised.

I got home about 6 and Beloved and I went out and got groceries and dinner.

I may have forgotten something. If so I will post about it Monday. I Just realized while uploading pictures there are 2 neat finds I did not write about. However my arms ache and my head is beginning to so they will wait until Monday when I will have videos and more Dolly goodness to share.

I think I am going to hit the bed early!

Hugs Y’all.

6 thoughts on “Another Haul of Dolls!

  1. I absolutely love the dress with the rick rack trim!
    Keep an eye out for Tammies please? You seem to have super doll finding magic!

  2. WOOHOO! Score indeed! Love reading about them. So excited for your treasures! “Frankendollies” are so perfect for wigs. I’ve found that it’s hard to find heads for the vintage dolls and vice-versa. I think Mattel changed the neck thickness and when you swap the heads they have a major case of “giraffe neck” LOL!

  3. SORRY, third post. I’m blowing up your comments. The doll with the pink skirt with the silhouettes on it. I have her still in the box. I’ll have to send you a picture. Hugs!

  4. Teresa, I think I will look for wigs for both of these old ones.
    Please feel free to blow it up! It gets lonely some times!
    I can hardly wait for the picture! I loved the gown and had to have the doll.

    I someday will do a post on my collection of Nativity sets!

    Helen, Yes I will keep my eyes open! Though I admit, these last 2 weeks of dolls are the exception, not the rule!

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