Big Barbie stuff…

So today I went to some yard sales. I didn’t find 1 Barbie thing!
Not one!
I found a musty smelling GG that I left there.

I went to my friends shop and found something new for my BIG Barbie.

hp photosmart 720

She is about the size of a 3 year old. My Barbie, not my friend… This is the only before photo of her I could find.

After. She had a dress on her sale rack (my friend not my Barbie) I might grab too. I will take Barbie with me to try it on though. While there we will try on shoes too.

Then I went to CIA, my favorite thrift store. I found a lot of Barbies, all clothed and with neat hair. I picked out 9 and brought them home with me.

This is how they package them. The price is $1.50 each. More than I like to pay BUT, the hair has already been done for me! Plus I get clothes too!

I tried to avoid getting Blondes. However a few of them had something unique so they ended up in my cart.

This lass is too big for this dress, it won’t close in back. Let’s rummage and see what we can find for her.

There, this pink heart dress is too short, I will add lace to it eventually. At least it matches her earrings better than the blue one!

This poor girl is all mismatched! Diamond earrings, pink hair streak, which goes ok with her top but… tartan does not go with pink!

I don’t have a pink skirt that matches so… let’s put her in this dress instead!

This lass, I like just as she is. The pink Dress is a Barbie gown. All I will do to her, is change her black hair band for a pink one.

Look at her neat nautical necklace!

OK on to the brunettes…

This is a Belle doll in an I don’t know what kind of out fit. I don’t like it, that I do know!

Ah. Belle looks much better in a Belle gown than that too tight whatever it was!

Here is another Tiana.

Fortunately for her, I have another Tiana dress!

This young lady I will leave as is. She and her dress have a more vintagey look than the others.

While I like the red on this young lass, it doesn’t match her shoes…

We will try her in this dress from the other lass. Well it still doesn’t fit.
I need to look this brand up… it says chic on the label.

OK this one for some reason was my favorite pick of the night.

These jeans do not fit, they don’t close in the back. Also the red and blue do not match her lilac earrings or shoes… so…

I saw this at walmart and got it for her.

It also has a white necklace that just looks wrong with the peter pan collar!

Ok ladies, what do you think?

I am tired out so goodnight for today.

Tomorrow, aside from yard sale things, I have a very special doll to share.

Hugs y’all!

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