Finally… Dolls!

OK I know it has been a looong time since I wrote about dolls. Sorry Helen!
Hopefully today’s post will make up for it.
Last time I told you about our trip to San Antonio and I mentioned a new dolly that came home with me.

Here she is! 1972 Shirley Temple! I just love Shirley Temple Movies. I am in awe of how they allowed children to see the tragic side of life too. Not like now days with rainbow bridges and such. Children then saw tragedy as a part of life. Shirley was adorable as she maneuvered through the various hardships of a depression or civil war tyke. Real tears erupt when she says her mommy got cracked up too (like her dad a pilot did). Anyway, I saw this doll at Mason Country Collectibles and fell in love. They actually have 2 more that I want. All in original dresses but not totally original.

Next, I got another of my all time favorite Barbies. Sweet 16! Now I have one in the package, one out on display and one to play around with. All 3 have complete dresses, with the often missing string bow.

Then, I saw this young lady and fell in love with the face. It is simple, adorable and not overly made up. I love the freckles. I believe she is a Midge, because my older Midge is the one with freckles. Sigh…

I saw her on clearance for $5 and got her to open. Got another not on sale for $7.94 then forgot and got another for $7.94… and I didn’t even put any of them in totes!

Then I saw this one in RED. Did not fall in love but still thought she rocked the plaid pretty well. She needs leggings though. I think I have some here somewhere.

Then I saw this dress set and it made me happy so home it came.

This swimsuit set also made me happy so it came home as well!

So lets open the dolly with the damaged box because I think she will look great in these new clothes!

This set looks like a wedding outfit. Something you would wear to a fancy affair of some sort. It needs shoes…
Which pair?

OOPs the ones that match the purse won’t go on over her heel!

OK lets try the swim set.
Not my favorite suit. Though the gold lam`e sets off her hair. I do love her silky hair!

OK with the cover up. I like the cover up better than the suit. The necklace just seems out of place. The bangle rolled somewhere on my desk and eludes me!

Let’s try the shorts set.
I think it makes her look young and less fashion star. I added the sneakers from my stash.
I think she will stay in this set for a little while.

So what do you think? What shoes go with the fancy dress best?
Should I unbox the RED doll and give her some pants?
Do you like my Shirley?
BTW I don’t buy every doll I see.
I did not get this one because I don’t like the mouth. it looks… foamy some how like she’s rabid…
My hope is to be able to blog at least once a week now that things seem to be slowing down and aligning in better lines.
Hug y’all!

2 thoughts on “Finally… Dolls!

  1. Love your Shirley Temple! She is beautiful, congrats on finding her! I love the peach/pink lace dress. I like the second pair of heels, with the single heart. The Fashionistas sometimes have different feet and that is why the shoes are not fitting as you saw when I redressed my TV news team in the Super Mario outfits. I had NO shoes that fit them! You are right, the swimsuit looks better with the coverup. And the last doll, I have never liked the super pale/nude lipsticks on the dolls. You should repaint them! 🙂

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