Let the unboxing begin!

So I find myself wanting to redo all my doll shelves now… My office looks like I am moving…

First here are my DOW that are already unboxed. I have the German, which I bought new, have no clue where her shawl went…
The Irish, an ebay purchase and the Dutch, also an ebay purchase. Both for under $5. Plus about $4 for shipping.

I first am going to unbox the Scottish Lass. Her box is not friendly to resealing. You have to tear it to open it. There are a lot of little tie things. Twisted every which way it seems. She has black heels that do not want to stay on. She also has a silly little stand that I can not get around her calf. I am afraid I will break the stand if I push too hard so the stand will be replaced with a real doll stand.

Now for the next. She is a Hallmark Christmas Romance doll.
Folks who know me well will be surprised I got this one because her dress is so… GREEN… While I do not like green, her face won me over. Her gown is soft velvet with gold trim. She is ready for shopping with her hand bag on her arm.

For the next 3, I tried something different. I tried doing a video. I still need to work on it, sadly once you open a doll, you can not reopen her! However, neither wordpress nor photobucket will upload the videos…

So here are pictures of the dolls after being unboxed. I really like the hose and boots on the Czech girl. The Valentine one looks almost porcelain to me, and still very regal and awe inspiring. The Polish is even more lovely that in her box!

I will talk to my Beloved and see if he can figure out the videos. Though perhaps it is best to do just stills… I say a lot of silly things when I talk to myself…
Ok a test to see if this works…

Hugs y’all!

3 thoughts on “Let the unboxing begin!

  1. Beautiful !
    The Christmas romance one is so elegant.
    Now you have me wondering if Finland is available,I’m sure England is. Those are the two sides of my Ethnic heritage

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