Lets Play!

So Beloved read the label on the back of the doll house, before he screwed it into the wall. It said Pjs Toys 2004.
According to what I found this was sold on Amazon at one time and is a pack and store doll house.

So here is the furniture in my first house, the dream house. It is so close to the edge, you can barely get dolls in.

Here it is in the pack and store house.

Fits way better doesn’t it? Plus there is room for dolls to move. I actually made the bed from foam and fabric, hot glued together with spools as bed legs. I am not happy with it, but at least Barbie has a bed. I laid a doll on it, then cut it to her size.

OK here is the PAS house with the shelf liner I got to put down as tile/ carpet. I think I have decided to paint the house inside. White. I may or may not stencil in some pink accents.

Ready for the fashion show?

OK this first one, is not one from the $2 tote.

I got this from dollar tree. I wanted to test something I read on a blog.

It fits Ariel ok. A bit large in the chest. Tomorrow I will test it on a Barbie and see the difference.

Here is a generic Barbie, by that I mean she has a face like most others, not that she is not a Barbie. I love this flowered dress. Very summer tea party isn’t it?

This next one is also super cute. I love the soft colors. Agan our model is a generic Barbie.

Next is Snow White in a simple yellow gown. Possibly a Belle dress? Not very fancy though. looks like an everyday dress.

This is another generic Barbie, see how similar she is to the other one? She is wearing a nautical suit. Complete with sailor hat.

Here we have Princess Anna from Frozen. I have currently 4 of Queen Elsa. This is my first Anna! I tried to re-braid her hair. It was not a good look when I got done!I took it down and went for a simple pull back to bring some order to her hair.

These last 2 are vying for the spot of my favorite from the $2 tote. Both will remain in these outfits. Just because I LOVE the look of them!

First we have Rapunzel as Jeanie. I have always loved I Dream of Jeanie. I have always felt it was way better than Bewitched. I adore Barbara Eden, she has a timeless sweet quality, just like Rapunzel. Yes I know she is wearing a Jasmine suit. I do not happen to have a Jasmine though so… Jeanie she is!

This one will be Helen’s favorite I bet! I don’t know if the thing on her shoulders belongs on shoulders or if it is supposed to be a belt. I like it on the shoulders. Especially since her dress is strapless…

So, what do you think? There are a lot more clothes to go through. I need to match things up so they can be shown off too!

OK, a vote, should I redo the PAS house or leave it as is? I can live with it but it looks dated and dirty, even though I have cleaned it. Please let me know in the comments.

Hugs y’all

4 thoughts on “Lets Play!

  1. I actually squealed when I saw her in the red dress! And the earrings are a perfect compliment! Hope she doesn’t spill any hot chocolate on it.
    I vote to keep the PAS as is!
    It wouldn’t be authentic if you painted it and I do love the drawn furniture on the walls. The flooring is very floorish looking and a great match!

  2. Oh my gracious! I love that first little summer tea time dress! I would love to have one like it. ?

    My initial thought was to give the house a fresh coat of paint and then definitely add some stencils to it. But, I wasn’t giving authenticity any consideration. That’s a tough one, Mel! In the end, you should do whatever is going to make your heart smile the most every time you walk into the room and see it. ?

  3. Well here is my thinking.
    1) I am not worried about authenticity, since I got this as a staging house. I didn’t get it as an investment, but something bigger I can play with. (The kids can too but they seem prefer the other noisy one)
    2) I like some of the painting, but a lot of it is marred by scratches/stains so looks pitiful. I am not skilled enough to just fix those areas.

    What I might think of instead of painting is, since there is a lip, getting poster board and cutting it to size to fit in the lip.
    That way if I ever do pass this house on to some one else, they can remove the poster board and set it back to vintage looking if they want to.

    FWIW I don’t consider 2004 to be vintage. Vintage to me is 85 and beyond. For me, it takes 30 plus years to be vintage. Some folks cut it at 20, but I have been around too long to do that!

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