More Newness!

First of all tonight, some ids!

The Ken in the prince style shirt is… The first Ken doll with flocked hair! The shirt is indeed a prince shirt, from his costume as the Prince in Cinderella, From the early 60’s “Little Theater” set. Thank you Amber!

This lovely lass, which I thought might be pretty in peach is actually Super Star Barbie in a costume ball gown. Remember I thought the butterfly wings thing was an add on? Nope it is a masquerade mask for you to wear when you attend the ball with Barbie! Thanks to Teresa at The Barbie Blog for the id help!

I think this guy, is a Super Star Ken. Mostly the hair and the smile give him away. He looks similar to the Tennis guy but I think that one is older. Plus is it just me or does he have an odd torso? He reminds me of Heman from Masters of the Universe…

Well there was nothing at the sale that said Barbies! The lady said a guy came by and right before me and bought it all! We got there at 8:05!

I found a set at the next sale, a Barbie and Ken. He is the new, Justin Bieber clone Ken. Yuck but they were together in the baggie for $1. They said the guy might be one from one of the boy band lines…

They did have a couple extra pieces of clothes.

The next sale I found a box of misc. I offered $5. Ended up paying 6 because she didn’t have enough change. Still, I got 4 dolls.

This one in the leopard print, I think has had a sloppy hair cut done.

I like this one with the pony tail.

I love the hair on this one.

This one is a Belle, and I like how the reddish color is coming through on her hair. Most look shiny brown, hers has red in it too.

There were 2 little dolls marked Mattel, but no names. The top one has molded hair, with 2 little pig tails on top of her head. The other I think had her hair chopped off. I found a dress, looks like a former ball gown, with the inside all cut out too…

Plus these accessories. There were more, tiny pieces but I didn’t drag them out yet.

These tiny princesses, and clothes. These were in a baggie I still need to sift through. The tiny accessories probably go to these.

That will be all for today. Unless I do another post later. I am tired today and we have Conner, my nephew too.

Hugs y’all!

3 thoughts on “More Newness!

  1. Helen, I looked at tons of photos on google and ebay for the children from the sunshine set and these do not match.

    Thank you for the idea though.

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