Opening! Coca Cola Barbie

Ok, no one else voted. So combining the 1 vote with my desire to open her up, I did!

Here is a close up of her box.

These fell out as I opened it.

Out… Almost.

They actually sewed her hair to the box and plastic strip. Plus tied down her head with a twisty tie thing. This is getting ridiculous.

Her… card board cooler. There are card board dinners and cokes and a blanket on the back of the box. However they are all too warped to salvage.
The inside of her box feels almost sticky as if a coke spilled inside it.

Free at last!

With her accessories. her hands are not set up to hold either the bottle or the frisbee… that is kind of silly.
She will go on my DOW/Americana shelf. Coca Cola is definitely an American icon, as is Barbie!

Plus the outfit for Raquelle, which is her name until I learn differently!

Temporary spots, until I get more stands!
Hugs y’all!

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