Saturday Adventures!

I went driving and what did I see? Two yard sales on Linda Lee. Linda Lee is one of my cross streets.

So From one I found:

Peanuts! Well a trash can. Never used!

From the other I got:

Barbies! A pair of twins even. Which is cool because I have a few outfits that are duplicates! The young lady selling the dollies was up front. “I don’t want to sell any clothes so they are naked”. At least she knows what she wants!

Then I drove way out to Grape Creek, where we moved from. I bought a bag of stuff there.

In it were clothes and shoes.


Including this one with mechanical stuff on her back.

Plus this cute vintage one with issues. Some one glued her head on plus she is missing a foot. I love her face and hair. I may look for boots for her so she can be displayed.

A couple of cute Kelly knock offs.

These 3 are labeled as Lovely Patsy dolls… The ones I have already are much higher quality than these. I wonder which came first…
The 3 look to me like sci fi space bimbos. No idea why.

I hit several sales where I didn’t purchase anything or what I purchased is not for me.

Then I went to a neighborhood sale where I walked down then back up the street and stopped at various houses. (What a day to forget my fitbit!) I got:

A Snoopy

A vintage Barbie with 1 leg. (I am thinking late 60s early 70s)

Another bikini babe

My first Barbie movie. (I have heard this one is really good)A bag of clothing and misc.

A bag of what looks like dolly hair clips.

More clothes.

An O’Ball. I love these. Best baby toy ever! If you ask I will explain.

Then Beloved was on his way home so I came home too.

He took me to Salvation Army where I got:

These dolls. The AA is not a Barbie but is still good quality.

We also went to the bowling alley for lunch.

Then he took me out for ice cream! This stuff is the BEST ice cream I have ever had! It is homemade in the shop. I had Tahitian Vanilla and salted caramel. I don’t ever want to buy any other ice cream!

OK I saved my best set of dolls for last.
He also took me to Goodwill. I don’t usually go to this goodwill because I have never found any dollies there. Today my friend Elizabeth sent me a message that they had dollies, and pictures of them. I left 3 dolls there, 2 Cinderellas and another generic Barbie.

There was Tiana. This one is in perfect shape, no chews or marker on her!

These last 2 are vying for my favorite of the day.

This I think, is Steffi, friend of Skipper. I will definitely do something to tame those curls!

This.. one is… unique… I have no idea how to even look her up…

The body is marked Mattel inc. C 1991 made in China.

The head is marked Bikin Express LTD. China.

I am thinking this is a hybrid… A google search brought up the company and they seem to go with Mattel on ebay but nothing like this! This face reminds me a bit of Robin Williams… She is unique though so she had to come home with me!

Which is your favorite?
What do you think of my choices?

Hugs y’all

One thought on “Saturday Adventures!

  1. Ooh! So much to comment on today I need to keep scrolling up to make sure I don’t forget anything!
    First thing is that young lady with the mechanical stuff on her back looks a bit scandalous in that see through dress lovely though it is. Perhaps a full slip?
    I adore the one with her in the rib knit dress and platform shoes!
    I love the sweet smile and cheeks of the young lady who had her head replaced and lost her foot! I admire someone who can smile through adversity!
    Just what is an O ball anyway?
    Tahitian vanilla salted caramel?
    You have ruined me for plain ole French vanilla for life!
    Tiana is beautiful and quite the regal young princess!
    Thanks for the post and the fun my friend.

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