Surprises Barbie

OK Beloved and I took a walking trip through Walmart. I found on clearance for $5 a Surprise Barbie! Now seeing as these are still $19.98 at the other Walmart (we have 3 super centers here and… 4 or 5 markets) I had to scoop this one up!

I love the face and the hair. She is a simple doll, suitable for a young girl. Also for grandma’s who still act like small girls!
The hair is so curly, I LOVE dolls with curls. She doesn’t bend or turn which is disappointing in a supposedly $20 doll. Still she is pretty enough to keep for dress display.

Ok the first box contained, scrubs! So I am supposing her to be a nurse. BTW I adore the pink tennies!

The next compartment revealed… a smock and artists palette and brush.

So a nurse who paints as a hobby…

The final compartment revealed… a puppy with a bottle… maybe she is a veterinarian instead of a nurse.

I have no clue but she is a lovely doll. To be honest, I think the $5 was a decent price for her. I would not have paid $19 or $20 though.

I got another doll at the same time. This one I have not decided to open or not but the box is good for pictures anyway.

She is National Geographic Barbie.

I love the penguin. I actually got my oldest grandson a bag of penguins for Christmas. This one was on sale for $4. They had a lot of these so I might get another one and open one. I might get a few and keep some for gifts for my Barbie needing friends…

Have you scored any dolly goodness lately? Find any lasses on clearance that had to go home with you?

Hugs y’all

One thought on “Surprises Barbie

  1. Love the National Geographic Barbie!
    Do you think they have any with different animals?
    I have one granddaughter who loves pandas and one who loves sloths and one who just plain loves Barbies!

    Love and God bless,

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