Well the 2 people who read my blog have spoken. They want to hear first about Thursday’s adventures!

The day began with this young man. Here he is patiently waiting for his sausage patties at “old Donald’s”. That is all he will eat. That and a Hi-C orange… only they are discontinuing the Hi-C orange in favor of another soda. In which case he will be getting apple juice.

He played for a while.

He saw me take a picture and said I had to take one of his Princess Peach toy.

Then I got a text from my friend at the Trendy Trunk.
I have Barbies are you interested. With a picture. My reply, we will come look.

I got all her Barbies. Mostly because I want to help her succeed but I really did like most of them.

This is the only one I didn’t like, What on earth is her purpose?

You pull the cord and her top half spins, but when you let go the cord, it goes in and she stops spinning. I do love her face and hair. I just wish she didn’t have this odd contraption on her body!

This one is a Cinderella doll. I probably have a Cinderella dress around here some where. However since I already have 2 or 3 of her I will leave her in the visitor play bin.

This Ken seems pretty standard. His outfit though seems to be rare. It may go to ebay. Since I plan to keep him in the play bin I will buy him some new clothes.

This one, I love the suit and matching cover up!

This one, I think has been redressed in one of the super star outfits.

Look at her jewels. They are more reminiscent of a holiday Barbie to me. They do not match the pink shimmer of her dress and Pink belt.

Later that day I saw an ad on facebook. A lady wrote her daughter was selling off several of her dolls she didn’t play with anymore. Most were Monster High, and I don’t do MH. I just don’t like the dolls.
However further down she listed several Barbies so I messaged her I was interested in the Barbie stuff. We set up a meeting and when dil came to get GB, we all went. GB needed a nap, and dil, ds and DG were all going to a movie that night.

GB napped in the car and continued on the couch once we got home. He and mimi had our own movie night, complete with a big movie box of candy.

From this meet I got:

A baggie of misc items.

Pet bowl and carrier

kitchen stuff


Some things I am not sure what they are. Looks like barrets a head band and maybe dog toys…

Halloween Barbie. Not a fan of halloween but I like the doll and will keep her with her stuff.

This one that seems a cross between a star Barbie and a princess… She goes in the play bin.

Another Elsa, this one complete! With shoes!

I think these 2 bikini babes come from the same line. Now just to figure out which line it is!

This young lass has a gorgeous swimt suit under her clothes! I am beginning to think I need a Barbie pool so I can play… ummm stage… a pool party…

There was also this lass. She went in the play bin, she was not to me unique.

Now for the last 2. These are my favorites out of my Thursday hauls.

This is it seems Video Game Hero Barbie, old version. The new version has smaller pink skates. LOVE the pigtails!

This one is obviously my favorite, since she is holding a guitar!

So what do you think? Was it worth the wait?
Do I tackle too many dolls per post? Should I scale back and just of one or 2? Or do a big post like this and then do each doll on her own at some point? (For the special ones anyway).

My next post will be my birthday haul!
Hugs y’all!

4 thoughts on “Thursday…

  1. Could the oddly jointed Barbie be the gymnast?
    I seem to remember my granddaughter having her.
    My favorite is the little roller skater.
    I like seeing a bunch at a time and at some pint they could be posted on more thoroughly! JMHO

  2. Thank you Helen.
    I like do a large bunch, then doing smaller posts on singles of the bunch later.
    It helps me keep track of what i get when I get lots!

  3. Do as many dolls in a post as you want! you’ve seen my blog, it varies depending on how many dolls I have to show off 🙂 I love your haul and definitely worth the wait!
    The collection of 2 beach dolls, they come from Barbie: A Mermaid Tale. The blonde one on the left has color change hair, it turns pink in icy water. LOVE! 🙂
    I’ve been planning on getting the Video Game Hero doll but not the one you got. I like the doll with actual clothes and am so planning on getting her when she goes down in price. And the one definitely has holiday jewelry but I can’t put my finger on which one she is. I’ll have to take a look. Nice score! 🙂

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