Tonight’s Episode of Mel’s Barbie explosion…

Tonight I will open the last 2 dolls from the Barbie bonanza estate sale (BBES). They are Pioneer Barbie and Colonial Barbie.

I am out of stands… pout. I went to Hobby Lobby to get some and… they are also out of stands. I bought their last 5 last week. I found 2 dolls that fit the goofy little stand that came with the Russian and Polish Barbies. The ones that do NOT fit the modern dolls!

They work ok with… Skipper! The 1976 Ballerina fits okay in it too.

Tonight I also decided to play dress up with my dolls. Well a few of them.

This beauty, with no hair, I put in the outfit I had the Don King hair doll (DKH) in.

She will wear this until I find a wig for her.

Her friend I put in a dress that will hide her atrocious knees better. I love the dresses they came in and plan to find dolls for those as well. (They are drying right now because I washed them out, the sale I found them in was.. well a mess…)

DKH Barbie is in this cute vintage dress, with modern sneakers. I do NOT like these split back shoes. I want the old style back!

I also, in an attempt at some sort of control over her hair, gave her a couple braids.

I did the same to this Barbie as Belle doll. Looks a bit better.

Next, remember these guys? I think they are both Blaine but I am not sure what Blaine!

Is he more buff than Ken? I ask because, I bought this set of Ken clothes at the store tonight and getting them on the doll was almost nightmarish. At first I thought it was the bent arm but this shirt just doesn’t want to fit him. I finally got it on and closed. The material feels almost like water proof upholstery material. Yuck.

The shorts and shoes went on no problem. His old shirt I gave to his surfer shorts wearing twin. You know, I am not into the boy dolls and now I have…7 of them… Of course I imagine I have over 50 Barbie’s… oh wait.. including the 2 sets of Barbie/Ken I have 9 boys now. I will do a post just on my guys later I think.

Ok ready to open 2 more Barbies? Hopefully with real stands…

Up first, Pioneer Barbie:

I LOVE the RED curls. She does indeed have a real stand also! She had a wad of tissue paper up her skirt. See the basket of apples?

She comes with a mail in card, to register as an official doll owner, and they send you free stickers. For giggles I am going to send it off and see what happens.

Look at this cute basket of apples! Since we have cats, I am leaving them in the plastic wrapping in the basket.

Joy a REAL stand!

I love these flats, of all Barbie shoes these are my favorites. She also comes with a book.

Isn’t she gorgeous? A bit of a funny. While I was at the BBES looking at the dolls, my former boss came up beside me and said I HAD to get this one. WHY? Because the pioneers headed west to the prairies and I am known online as the Prairie Homemaker! The apples make me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Rocky Ridge Farm. Definitely this doll is one of my favorites.

OK next is Colonial Barbie.

Her box is already torn so I don’t feel quite as apprehensive deboxing her!

She also comes with a mail in card. I will send it in too and see what happens.

Her prop is what is supposed to be a bit of stitchery I think. Ah, a quilt block. The Frame was in pieces and I put it back together.

All the goodies in her box have come unglued or taped from their places, making it easy to get them out.

She too, is gorgeous. Pioneer is still ahead though, because of the RED hair!

Here she is on her stand with her book and quilt square. According to the box I am missing one in the series, the Harvest Feast one. I may just have to begin hunting her!

Next time, I will begin introducing dolls I have that are not recent additions! As always, help on iding dolls I don’t know, as well as clothes, is welcome! Even encouraged!

As an aside… My Beloved got a 3d printer at Christmas. He made this little guy for me last night. I keep hinting at Barbie shoes…

Hugs Y’all

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