Two Special Dolls

I know I wrote a post about this first doll a few months ago. Then our host crashed and several posts and pictures disappeared.

I found this little lass at a yard sale. I paid $20 for her. I probably over paid but… when I was six my mother let me hold for 1 day a doll my father’s mother had brought over from Germany. I don’t know how I got it. After that day I never saw it again until… my sisters home flooded. Then as we were doing the clean up I saw her. She was moldy and the water had caused her arms to break off.
This doll is as close as I can see a duplicate of that doll. In looks anyway.

That doll though had a metal head covered in flesh covered… plaster I think. I do not know what this doll’s head is made of but it is covered in plaster and paint. This doll also has a wig. I am sure she is a reproduction and not an 1800s German doll. Still the emotions she evoked were overpowering and so she came home with me.

Next is a lass my Beloved gave me for Christmas. I have never touched an American Girl doll. I can’t imagine paying the money. Perhaps one will come to me as a gift but I don’t count on it. My friend Miss Maggie writes about dolls and loves the Springfield line. These can be found in Hobby Lobby and Michaels and are imitators of the AG dolls.
I wanted one.

He got me this one. Olivia. I have kept her in her box because I didn’t have clothes for her.
Then I got a surprize package from my sister. When I was born, I was the size of a triplet. I was 10 days late and under 3lbs. The doctors told my parents I would not survive. Yet here I am…
My coming home from the hospital clothes well, preemie was not a size back then… so my brother and sister went to the toy store to get me some clothes! I was 7months when I left the hospital. My sister wrote with the box that she knew I was into dolls and maybe my baby clothes would fit some of them.

Enter Olivia.

Pretty in Pink

Another pretty in pink.

Pretty in yellow

One of these 2 was my christening dress but I don’t know which one.

This one is short…

But this one is so big!

My favorite outfit.

I don’t have a single picture of the sweater.

I even found her some shoes in my dolly doodad stash!

My mom had high expectations for me… as this huge bib shows!

These are 2 of my baby blankets.

This one is light and soft and lacy. I love the pearl accents.

This one is heavy, itchy, wool and would definitely keep baby warm!

I love the ducks!
I wonder if these could be cleaned… I am afraid to risk it! They are over 50 years old!

So there you have it. What do you think?
Hugs y’all

3 thoughts on “Two Special Dolls

  1. I love the first doll especially. Love old dolls. I have 2 my grandmother gave me about 50 yrs ago.
    The dresses on Olivia are beautiful!

  2. Oh Mel!
    I cried reading your post!
    I know just what you mean about a doll evoking strong emotions . That’s how I wound up with mine.
    Then when I hear the story about how teeny tiny you were and how fragile your start in life was, I just thank God that you are here now to be my friend!
    The clothes are super adorable and that little white sweater and the Christening gown are my favorite!
    Olivia is super cute too!
    She reminds me of the American girl knock off that Target makes.

  3. There is a woman who runs a Doll Hospital called Dr. Noreen. She is AMAZING. She can restore just about anything. If you have the option (or did not dispose of the doll) i’m sure she can help out. I follow her on her facebook and she is a magician with restoring dolls.

    That is so awesome that you still have those clothes for your Olivia doll. So awesome!!

    If you don’t want to risk washing the blanktets, you could hang them outside (when it’s sunny) to sun bleach the discoloring. Or spot clean……I tend to throw everything in the washer but that’s just me 🙂

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