Well 2017 is finished!

I hope your year ended well. I as usual ended up sick!
Christmas and after brought me LOTS of dolly goodness. Some Barbie, some not.
I am working on pictures and descriptions now.

Also, there will be doll opening! I got some great deals on a couple of dolls, and got multiples so I can showcase one and play with one.
For tonight I will do something small I discovered at walmart. These were in the clearance section.
Flip Zee Girls.

Never heard of them but they look fun so lets open them up and see!
The idea seems to be they hatch and you can put them back in the pod.
They are made of a rubbery feeling stuff. I love the faces. However the freckles seem to be almost chicken pock like. The pictures of them open refuse to upload for some reason. I will work on that and edit one in later.

I will work on more pictures and such. In the mean time this was my favorite gift this year…


One thought on “Well 2017 is finished!

  1. AWWW! Congrats!! How exciting! And what a cute announcement. Your grandson is so cute. I bet he’s excited to be a big brother.

    Flip Zee Girls. Never heard of them! Will be interesting to see exactly how they “flip” once you get them unleashed from the packaging!


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