Well I am Back… I think…

This post I will write about the thrift finds.

I had a blonde on of these dolls but she only had her odd outfit. Now this doll is complete for the most part. It makes more sense! Olympic ice skating Barbie!

This one, I love the dress. It needs leggings or something!

This one, I love this face Not overly made up and just a bit flirty. I need to find her a pastel dress to match her earrings. Though the crochet dress is nice.

Belle’s Prince! I even hav the pants with the beast feet!

What is it about Rapunzel’s gown I can’t resist? This young lass’s lip gloss does match the strings…

Here we have a… dr? Vet? With beach feet.

Another, I think, Bride doll. Now if I could just find my bag of wedding dresses…

Plus a lot of misc.

Check out the tiny cassette tapes!

Then there are these 2 dolls. I knew they were not Barbie.

This brunette is dressed as Belle.

She has a secret! Her hair is a wig!

This blonde I had to get for the dress!

She is also wearing a wig!

These are Liv dolls. They, like some others, remind me of marionettes from old tv shows.
I like the faces.

For an in-depth review check out the Toy Box Philosopher.

So what is your favorite of today’s finds?

4 thoughts on “Well I am Back… I think…

  1. The one with the dress on with the cherries on it made me actually lol!
    Her expresssion is that of a frazzled
    I feel the same as you about the doll in the yellow crocheted dress! I was thinking the exact same thing before I scrollled down and saw your comments! Great minds think alike!
    I like the Olympic ice skater and the dress with the flags. Leggings would compliment the outfit!
    Thanks for the fun.
    So glad you’re back!
    Love ,

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