Well I took a Two ummm … Three Day Break.

This weekend was tough… Saturday yielded nothing but this chair yard sales wise.

I think it will work for my skipper.

So there was nothing Barbie wise to write about.

So I am playing with dolls again. Tonight I will play with this pile…

Remember this beauty with the black hair and ponytail? This girl has attitude. Notice her hip swung out at an angle! That slight angle makes sitting her down… very unladylike….

Tonight I will try her out in different outfits.

Also so far there is one vote to open the Coca Cola Barbie.

Here are some more close up pictures of her box. It really is in rough shape. Plus her accessories have come loose. That is drying me nuts.

OK so now on to my play time!

Here she is in the pink sundress I originally picked for her. Some how she has more attitude than this though.

Hmm… definitely not feeling the blue kimono…

Pink skirt, pink shirt, black leather jacket and black mini boots… Maybe…

Heart dress and pink and white jacket??? Hmmm the jacket says genuine Barbie yet it doesn’t want to fit this Barbie… see how much of her wrists hang out???

So you all get to vote, which outfit works best on this doll?
I wish I knew her name! I think maybe Raquelle but I can’t find any that look exactly like her!

OK I began this post last night and just finished it. So good morning!
Hugs y’all!

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