Yes, there is more dolly goodness!

Good evening!
OK here are some more dolls I have acquired.

Here is the biggie…

Yes I have an original 1958! She is in awful shape though. My friend Amber asked for more pictures of her, and says she can be repaired. Hmmm something to think about!

Before I forget to answer Helen’s question, I am always on the look our for Barbie clones as well. Tammy, Sindy and so on.

Speaking of, I now have 2 Lovely Patsy dolls. A Ravishing red head and a beautiful Brunette!

I also found a Palm Beach Barbie! She was dressed in this princess gown, marked made in china. Underneath it I saw a strap and I thought I recognize that…
Yep I did! I had seen her or some of her friends on my friend Teresa’s Barbie Blog!

She was in this bag that I didn’t even remember I had gotten!

In there also was a Mr. T. doll… Remember him on the A-Team?

Then there is this young lady with the split boots… Not sure if they were made like that or if they are broken!

There was also some non Barbie goodies procured Saturday!

You have I am sure heard of Daisy Kingdom patterns, where you make a dress for your little girl and a matching one for her doll?

Well here is the official Daisy Kingdom doll! Her take notes that she is NOT a toy. I feel in love with her face the instant I saw it. When I asked the price the lady said $1! So home with me she came!

Then there was this poor baby imprisoned in this wreath! Someone tied her to it by her dress sash. I set her free and she just looks so much happier!

I was going to put in the last few videos, but youtube is not cooperating! I have not had time to learn editing, nor to open the last 2 dolls! I am trying to find my work table so I can finish sorting clothes and so on.

Hugs Y’all!

2 thoughts on “Yes, there is more dolly goodness!

  1. *squeeee* vintage!!! That is SUCH a good score, congratulations! I’m not sure about the repair, you might! These legs don’t bend so less moving parts means an easier repair. If nothing else you could just stick a pair of pants on her and call it good. Mr. T! That is hysterical! He looks short and squatty. Beautiful Daisy Kingdom doll. I most definitely‚Äč would have brought her home with me too. What a cutie. Yes! Free her from the wreath!! She does look happier!

  2. Mr. T had to come home with me, for .25c!
    Now I need to wait for my next allowance to get stands for more of these Barbies/Disney princesses. I have one left and I am struggling to decide who gets it!

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