Snoopy Stuff???

OK I know I was supposed to open the Snoopy thing.
I did.

This is it… 6 3.5 floppies. Which my pc can not use.
So I asked my Beloved to put them on a thumb drive for me.
We shall see when he gets a chance if it works!

Today I had workmen here. Doing some kind of weatherizing of the house. It took them several hours. They replaced all our led bulbs with new ones. Wow, these are MUCH brighter than the old ones!

OK so while they were here…

Remember this lass? The long haired Rapunzel. The one on the top left, with hair down to her feet? Her hair was definitely a big tangle!

Well I did the boiling water and fabric softener on her today.

Here is the final result. I like it.

I couldn’t decide between lilac boots or the gold sandals. Ultimately I decided gold sandals were more princessy.

Then, the doll that had the really short mini and top and lilac boots got some attention. I really detest mini skirts on grown women, which Barbie is. They are ok on 5 year olds, older than that and they are in bad taste. Plus her hair was also a mess.

While I was readying her for her hot water treatment, I noticed she has an.. outlet or jack hole in her back.

Then, check out this huge hole in the top of her head… What on earth is happening? What kind of Barbie/alien is this???

Anyway I fixed her hair and redressed her. Much more feminine and not so harlot.

Now this doll is to me a puzzle.

She is much too large to be a Barbie clone. Yet everything I can find points to a Tammy or Sindy doll. However the only marks on her are on her head.

Which is faint and I think says unique…
The bottom of her shoes say Made in H.K.

Searching for her, I find her face and hair among the Tammie and Sindy dolls. No way she is one of those though… right?

Her head is vinyl and her body hard plastic. She really is a pretty little dolly. I just wish I knew what kind she was!

Well I am really tired tonight. No idea why, I have been one step ahead of falling asleep all day!

Hugs y’all

One thought on “Snoopy Stuff???

  1. Your Snoopy stuff has made me think of those semi hard rubber/vinyl ( not sure which) Snoopy and Belle dolls/figures they used to sell. They had clothes and everything. Do you remember?
    Now I want one, lol!
    I adore the Tammy look alike!
    She is so sweet!

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