Live has a way…

Of interrupting our plans doesn’t it?
About a month ago I got tossed a curve ball.
I was planning a blog post, a special one for one of my dearest friends.
I couldn’t write it because my Beloved was home sick. When he is sick I am usually staying close to him.
Well he asked to go to the clinic. We went and got sent home with meds.
We were home about 10 minutes when the clinic dr called and said, I want you to go to the er and I want you to go NOW.
We went. Beloved was admitted. He was in there 8 days. I saw they did not expect him to leave. His kidneys are failing. It has been a month and that phrase is still hard to say. As is final stage renal failure. What his condition is called. There is a small chance for improvement.
When he got out he went back to work and insisted we take our 34th anniversary trip. We spent 3 days exploring San Antonio and Fredricksburg. Ok mostly we shopped for things we can’t find locally. Like good men’s clothes for a big tall guy and Lane Bryant, since our Avenue refuses to stock dresses and skirts. We hit the lego store and thing geek and the Disney store too. Took a moonlight haunted carriage ride and had some relaxed fun for a change. No rush to go see or do we just went as we felt like it.
He is home now, doing well. Taking his meds, following orders doing dialysis 3 times a week, and still working. This man is incredible.

So while I am still doing dolly stuff I am doing it more for me right now.
There are other things going on, my youngest is now married. My oldest is going to be a dad on May 11, or sooner!
I am battling a myriad of asthma, allergies and bronchitis things, so I am pretty much normal.

My hope is to be able to do the special post this week. Now that I have found most of my office.
I am also learning new software for audio and video editing. This was also stalled by recent events.
Well y’all I am tired and want to go sit in my comfy chair and read.
hugs y’all!

One thought on “Live has a way…

  1. Oh Mel, I am deeply saddened by your recent turn of events. I am sending up prayers for healing for your husband. Take your time with the blogging. We’ll be here when you get around to posting.

    *many hugs!*

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