This weeks adventures.

Thursday my neighbor, her dh and her dgd and I headed out to a thrift store. I am looking for older Christmas décor items and sadly, ebay is not helping. This stuff is not covered in gold dust folks.
Anyway, as we entered there was a sign, all Halloween 75% off. It didn’t mean anything to me, since I don’t do Halloween. Which is good because as far as I could see, there was NO Halloween stuff. 75% off or otherwise.
Next, we came on 2 large tables with orange stickers. I asked the ladies there and they said that was the dime table. There were several items there I am always looking for. Such as:
Pop Corn boxes, those plastic ones that hold about a quart of popcorn.
2 Picture frames. I often get sent pretty cards. So pretty I want to frame them. Looking at new frames at Walmart recently, I decided that just would not work.
A really truly biscuit cutter, also good for simple round cookies.
A large bowl. Not sure what I will put in it but for a dime…
Then I began in the dish section. I wanted some new fun mugs for my morning coffee. None of the 6 I found were marked. Then I saw the sign. Mugs were .25 each and on sale for 50% off. So, .12 or so each. 6 mugs cost me… .75c. I was pleased with that for 2 reasons. 1) I found 4 neat mugs for my kitchen and 2) I found 2 mugs that will make cheery thinking of you gifts.

I also found a new basket for my kitchen to hold my coffee stuff, Creamer, coffee and the cappuccino stuff I add to it to make it more COFFEE ish. The box of ornaments is in this.
A set of stationary, looks like large note cards but might be paper.
A small plaque that will go to my SS.
I found a lidded casserole. I have wanted one of these for years but just can’t bring myself to pay the price. This one was just under $5.
I of course perused the toy area looking for Barbie, but she wasn’t there.
I finally found the Christmas section.
I found several items that will be gifts. At church we are doing a secret sister thing where we give a note or small gift each week then a bit nicer gift (Not to exceed $5) at our big cookie party.

I found plates on which to gift cookies without wondering if my plate will come back…

I found one item that needs a new box, A snowman tea pot. It is so cute I have 3 options with it. 1) give it to my SS 2) give it to a friend who collects tea pots or 3) keep it. #3 is a long shot. Though I really like it, I don’t drink hot tea. I also have a hot pot for the odd cup of cocoa. I like my stuff to be useful…

I found one of my 6 mugs here too, a snow lady face.
A set of ornaments. I am thinking one each week would be fun.
A sweet box to wrap the mug in.These things are in the stack on top of the tea pot box. A few of my pictures did not come out right either.
A baggie of ribbon. I am planning an ornament making party so odd bits of craft stuff will come in handy.

A set of Enesco salt and pepper shakers for myself. I can’t find any value on the set. Nothing registers on ebay for this 1993 set. Not even under completed auctions. Most sets sold were about $5 so .79 isn’t bad.

I got an unopened 2 pack of Christmas cookie cutters. For some silly reason I gave away all my plastic cookie cutters last year in a fit of decluttering.
I defied temptation on the Santa cookie jar. I have ended up with a collection of cookie jars but not on purpose. Though I love them all I don’t go looking for them. This one was calling my name. I ignored it and moved on.

I did make 1 silly purchase. This was marked at .49c. When I opened it, it was empty. Now I love Peanuts, but .49c for an empty card box? No. When I asked the lady at the counter if they were really charging that for an empty box she was shocked and said some one must have made off with the cards. I said I do like the box. She asked if I would pay .10c. Since I can add it to my peanuts display I said yes.
After tax I spent $20. What do you think, did I do well or no?

Friday after mall walking, we went to the Salvation Army store to find fanny packs. We don’t want to lug purses around the mall so we leave things we could use at home. Like phones, inhalers and so on. I have skirts with pockets so I generally have my phone, and keys with me.

We did not find any fanny packs. I did how ever find this gorgeous blouse. I don’t have any blouses, or is it blice? Anyway I have shirts, which are basically polos or fancy tees. Red tags were 50% off this week so I spent $1.50 on the shirt. It looks crisp as if it was either gently worn or never worn.

I also found a few more frames for my project of turning gorgeous note cards into art.
I found a couple more mugs, but I am spoiled by the .12c mugs and could not bring myself to spend .69c each on them. I will go back when green tags are 50% off and see if they are still there… if I remember!

Then Saturday we hit an estate sale where I got this big ol’ box of stuff. I spent $20 but in it I got

A monopoly game. With the original pieces not the newfangled ones.

A set of sheets for my bed. From the feel they are at least 500 count.

A new quilt, printed not a REAL one and 2 matching shams.

A piece of hand done embroidery

3 yds of fabric

A over shirt/sweater… thing. For which the picture did not turn out.

A curtain set for my backdoor window

2 Trivets. They were the same so only 1 picture

A cool nightlight

With light detector. Note those prices? Well they were 50% off. So a complete bed package, sheets, shams quilt and all for $10.
We stopped by another sale on the way home where I succumbed to the lure of:

3 small gift bags, to use for our SS weekly gifts.

A set of pink glass candle sticks. I have a small bit of pink depression glass, I think in Princess pattern and these will look nice displayed with it.
My worst by was something that just demanded to come home with me. It was overpriced, and I knew it. I just fell in love with it though.

This is an English egg coddler. I found a set of them on ebay for $9,99. I paid… gasp $2 for one…
Sometimes though things just need you to take them home. The lady at the sale went on and on about its being an antique and worth at least… $25 or $30 in an antique store. I thought not to some one with google on their phone. Still I am doing my bathroom in pink roses and this will look cute on the shelf. I didn’t get the antique vibe from it. I used to deal in antiques, or at least vintage items. Mostly toys and dishware/kitchen ware. Antiques feel differently to me than more modern stuff and this just said modern to me.

So here is my coffee this morning, in my new mug. It made me happy just drinking it. Silly I know.

Here are my .10c frames with the note cards in them. That pink one I think needs to go in my pink bathroom.

This black one needs some tlc. I got some black paint and I am sure I can get the price sticker glue off. I think the dark frame sets off the picture. What do you think? I may, depending on how it looks after the paint, glue some beads or… buttons around it. I can’t decide.

Have you done any thrifting lately? Did you find treasures for you? Find treasure to use as gifts?
If you really want to see thrifting done expertly, check out the Queen of Fifty Cents blog, that lady knows her onions!
Tell me about your thrifting adventures!!
Hugs Y’all

A Misfire, Busy day Breakfast and Musings

Yesterday I attempted to bake with stevia. All the online places I found assured me this can be done. Perhaps it can, I will try again later.

However, yesterday’s attempt was a dismal failure. The dropped cookies had ugly shapes and worse, tasted awful. Like hard biscuits with no sweet at all. I even tried adding some chocolate chips and peppermint bark, not much improvement! Ultimately inedible. Though Katie enjoyed a few of the plain ones with out the added stuff.

Today I baked normal cookies and just won’t eat them all in a day. Actually, it takes days to eat a batch. I plan to make smaller cookies too and maybe freeze some. I know I can freeze dough. I may do some of that too, so I can bake a few after dinner. (I did not do any of this…) OK This is the next day. The cookies are sooo sweet. I can only eat one or 2 a day. Which is a good thing!


I love peanut butter, but not in cookies. Odd I know but it is me.
Since I plan to be busy baking, doing laundry, making a list of things to make for gifts and other miscellaneous, things my breakfast this morning is toast and coffee.

I chose peanut butter because it is high in protein and I need protein! My coffee as usually is well creamed and mixed with hazelnut instant coffee. Because, caffeine! I am having this again today, since it was soooo good yesterday!

My doll shelves are almost complete, I think I have dolls in the area I want them, I just need to organize them. Here is what I have so far.

Tv and Movie dolls. Beanie babies are on top of the dolls on the right. See the one in purple? She is a Rapunzel doll in a Jasmine costume, which is meant to represent Jeanie from I dream of Jeanie. I think there maybe a real Barbie version of her somewhere, but this is mine!I need to redo the top shelf and move the non Holiday dolls to other shelves, where they fit better. I do think I want this year’s holiday doll and I will need more room…

Snoopy. This shelf hasn’t really changed. I do want to rearrange it, I just haven’t figured out how yet.

Misc, Some Barbie, some Peanuts, some Princess. The shelf under it holds unopened clothes /accessory packs. The top shelf are my bigger dolls, the ones I like to dress. Once I get stands for them, I will probably unbox the ones boxed up. The boxes take up room that could be used to get more dolls!

Boxed Barbies. Some of these will get opened, some will stay boxed and some will go away entirely, because I have dups or changed my mind on wanting them.

Rag Dolls and Barbies and Ever After High. Plus the few porcelains I couldn’t part with. They remind me of Ann with and E and Diana…

Barbies. My vintage ones, I want to go on top. Then ones in their original outfits then ones I just like. Next to this are my Holiday Barbies. I have some on top of my TV/Movie ones too.
Now, my furry family …

Mouse being shy and then the look she gives me when I do not share my tacos with her.

Munchie, when she realizes mom means it when she says leave my knitting alone.

Katie when… ok pretty much anytime she wants in my lap…
Whats going on at your place?
Hugs y’all

More Bits and Bobs

I am working on a project. A friend gave me the idea.

I am going to use these. I am not sure what they were originally for and I think I paid way too much for them. I have no idea WHY I bought them in the first place.

My plan is to take photo pages, put them into a note book then use these cards to make daily to do routines.
I can color code them too for special things, like organizing holiday tasks. My everyday tasks will be one color. My once a week tasks one color, then tasks I do now and then one color and each week I can slip in what I want done that week.
This way on weeks when I have high energy, I can do more and weeks when I can barely move, I will do less. My hope is it evens out over all so my home is comfortable and neat all the time.
We have had rain now for at least 7. Days. Straight!
I thank God for the rain, and hope the bridges hold out! I heard our one dry lake is now at flood stage and they opened the flood gates on the other 2.

My friend Helen asked me for a close up of this doll. So, Helen here it is.
The boxed one is a little hard to get to.

Here is the unboxed one. This is I think, the first one. The boxed one is #2. I LOVE the hair on this doll.

These are by far my favorite style of Barbie shoes, other than boots. I LOVE boots. Can not wear them but I love them.
Also, if you love gorgeous artwork and scripture, and in general uplifting things. If you use facebook, check out Millie’s Coffee Corner. I don’t remember how I found it but I love it!

Now, just because I can, here are pictures of my adorable grandsons.

Enkel 1

Enkel 2
Hugs Y’all

Something Old and Something New.

I love this doll. She reminds me of Audra from Big Valley. Linda Evans when she was truly beautiful.

Before her ex made her get surgery to become his ideal.

Right down to her boots.

Now… I have told you of my totes of new doll stuff.
Do you know what happens when you see something you like enough to buy it and put it in a tote for later…

I saw this doll and really loved her hair. I paid full price. I just love the hair. I put her in the tote.

Later I Saw this doll, and just really loved the hair. She was on sale for $6. So I bought her and put her in the tote.

Then I went and saw this doll on clearance, and just really loved the hair and bought her for $4.50… and put her in the tote. Then, when I began reorganizing I decided to see what was IN the tote… yep 3 lovely dolls, and I still really love the hair!
The same goes for clothes…

Ken has a few extras… I just LOVE a man in jeans and flannel. So I got these for my MJ/Ken. Got one, stuck it n the tote… You see where this leads right? This time I stopped at 2 though…

These are just so gorgeous I may just display one and open one. I fell n love with the dress and got one… Saw it later and…

This set I love the pink tee. It looks like something I would like to wear…

I have 4 shelves of unopened dolls. The top 2 shelves are keepers. They will remain box. The other 2 are in the air as to whether they will be unboxed or not. Given away or kept. Some are duplicates, the idea being buy one to open and 1 to leave boxed. I may rethink that plan… Not sure yet but some may end up at toys for tots or under the church children’s tree.
Do you ever do this?
Hugs y’all

It was a Dark and Stormy Day…

Seriously, it is! Steady rain since about an hour ago, plus a lot of rain last night. What this means for me is… pain issues and breathing issues. Went to the doc yesterday for my every 6 months visit.
I love my doc. She is a nurse practitioner and she LISTENS. She understands my eating was off from stress and encourages me to get up and try again. Not eating more, just eating junk instead of my normal stuff. I really do need to find a better way to handle stress. Since my hands hurt lately, knitting is out for now. Maybe a punching bag… Whatever there must be a better way. I have though, lost about 8 lbs since July. Even with my eating off!

So, in the spirit of new beginnings, I made my big craving. No, I don’t always eat sugar! I have been craving for a week what I call a Denver omelet. I really have no clue why I call it that. It is my favorite way to eat eggs. I also dusted off my Keurig and made myself a caramel cappuccino. Hey, a sweet HAD to be part of this!

My version of a Denver omelet has onion, bell pepper, ham and… mushrooms! 2 eggs, scrambled and mozzarella cheese. I am not a cheese fan but gouda and mozzarella I can do.
I didn’t take a bunch of cooking photos. I really didn’t plan to blog on my breakfast. Here it is in all its glory though, and the cuppa joe too.

In other news I am rearranging dolls in the drollery. I have over the last several months collected doll stands off ebay. Yes, I could buy them from Hobby Lobby but… they get theirs from China too and for the cost of one of those stands I can get from 5 to 10 of the plastic ones that allow the doll to shine instead of the stand.

I did find out, these stands do NOT do for the bigger Barbies, the talls or full ones, nor do they work for Ken. That means I still have use for the dozens I already had from Hobby Lobby.

On thing I like about the ebay stands is they come in different colors. For instance, a red gown can have a clear or red stand.

I got a small package of thee as a test case… So far, I have not gotten then to work with any of my dolls.
Well I am going to indulge in a rare 2nd cup of coffee and play with my dolls for a while.
How is your day going? Getting any rain?
Hugs y’all

Today’s Post is a bit of Misc.

I have so much to post that I decided today to grab a few things at hand. Plus post some before pictures of the chaos that is my office.

I will begin with this tiny item. My grand boy calls these blind bags/box. I have had this thing for MONTHS moving it from spot to spot to get it out of the way.

It is pretty and pink and marked Barbie so… here goes. I cut off the wrapper and behold, a pink barrel that reminds me of monkeys. With instructions I could not possibly read.

Aha! A dr. or vet Barbie. Cute. Useless but cute.

Next just a quick pic of… Farmer Barbie… My mind is swirling with a diorama of schleich animals and this doll… I love her face.

Next a trio of Kens.
One of my favorite movies or ALL time is the original Wizard of Oz. Don’t bore me with the knock offs. I watch this movie every year around thanksgiving, along with a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. (I do CB on all holidays, since I have all the Peanuts holiday movies!)
So since these came to me not totally boxed (I have Lion, Scarecrow, Glinda and Dorothy in boxes) I decided to open them up.

Each one came with a cardboard picture.

I did Scarecrow first. I notice he is articulated. So he can stumble around I suppose. I like the face paint on him. Very vivid.

Next I removed Lion from his trappings. He is not articulated. He has a hair brush. I however will not touch his locks, I like them as is! He also is the only one that can stand alone.

Tin man was coming out of his trappings with out my help! He was losing his shoes. Notice he is totally painted silver… no swapping him out with another Ken. He also is articulated. So he can sway I bet. Note, none of these had their heads tagged to the box!

Now for my vintage girls.

Molded hair Barbie.

Molded hair Midge. Or is she Francie? I don’t remember.

Why do the old dolls look ticked off? They just look so mad to me! Reminds me of the “bad” girls in the GLH books.

I do have wigs for them! These came with the Barbie but the heads are the same size even though Midge is short. I have not taken time to try dressing them. I like Midge’s suit. Barbie has a green spot, so I will find her a dress at some point to cover it. I haven’t had time to look them up as to dates yet either. I would like to note that Barbie was somewhat diverse before this latest must make a doll to look like every possible type madness.

Now, for my office pics. Notice the general chaos. My goal is to have tv dolls in one place, historical dolls in one, vintage in one and misc. in one etc..

See behind that chair? There are 2 large totes and a shelf with unopened dolls/sets/clothes in there…

Under that table are dolls I have blogged on but have not figured out their permanent place yet. Under my desk are vintage/ used modern dolls still waiting to be sorted and blogged…
I am hoping to finish my office organizing next week. I am making a decent dent in it today.

What have you been upto?
Hugs y’all

My First Real Post of the Summer…

So far this year has been fun… well not all of it but mostly.

In May we welcomed our grandson. My oldest son is now a daddy and a father. He has been daddy to my grandboy for about 4 years. Now he gets in on the beginning of things.

In June we had a block long yard sale. What didn’t sell we donated to an organization that gives items away.

In July of course were birthdays, my oldest and my Beloved. I also got my big birthday gift in July, a pool! It is not large, still it is enough for us to float in at the end of the day, and for the kids to have fun in when they visit!
What will August bring? I have no idea! I am now a Sunday school teacher in a terrific twos class. I need to get my little people juices flowing again, after years of sparse use!

Well now for the dolly news. My Beloved and I were in Walmart the other day and I, of course perused the Barbie aisle. I found clearance! Beloved gifted me 2 dolls and an outfit pack. The outfit pack wasn’t on clearance but one of the dolls I got would look darling in it.

So here we go…

This one is one of the fuller figured Barbies. I am not sure I like them yet. However I want to test out some things with a full-figured doll so I got her.
I remember what first attracted me to her. It was her hair. I have a thing about red/auburn hair on dolls. I much prefer it to blonde.
I had t use a knife to get her out of the package, everything was tied down too. They even tagged her head to the box. As readers know I detest that. I also noticed her leg is creased, in front and in back. It wasn’t noticeable in the box.
I don’t like this striped dress. So I took it off. It was difficult to remove. Her arms are very stiff at the shoulder joint. A child would have trouble with this. The more I look at her, the more I like her face, sort of sunny.

Her extra fashion… doesn’t seem to go together… funny, they give her an outfit a small child would use but make it hard to get her undressed. Makes no sense.

OK next dolly.

Anyone know what attracted me to this doll? Hint, it was not the items that came with her!
It was her hair. So curly.

Out of the box it is soft and gorgeous too. Her smile is also sweet.

She doesn’t look like her picture on the back. I don’t like that look. The curls in the picture look tight and itchy. The doll however has curls that look soft and natural.

These items that came with her will go in the play houses. She is going to be one of my models.
In fact…

I loved this set of clothes and when I saw her, I thought she would look sweet in them.

Let’s see!

I love the way her bow helps keep the hat on! She definitely fits the style of the dress. Let’s try outfit #2.

I don’t like this as much as the dress. I think for now her outfit will be the dress.

Her feet look odd to me… do they to you? Sort of crooked…

So my friends what have you been up to this summer?

Hugs y’all

A bit of an update

My Beloved is doing much better. Our life over the last several months has been topsy-turvy but should be settling into a more even groove now. In part thanks to a wonderful home care nurse named Dawn.
There are several kinds of dialysis, the most well known is hemo-dialysis. Not as well known, at least here, is a type called Peritoneal dialysis, PD for short.
PD allows the patient to do their treatment over night, and live their life normally otherwise. After much struggle, My Beloved is now fully trained to use PD, thanks to Dawn helping push the dr.
My beloved being able to have a more normal schedule, means I can have a more normal schedule and so dear friends, I plan to begin blogging again, tomorrow! it will be slow at first but it will be fun!
I hope to see you here!
Hugs Y’all!

A New Doll Family.

This post is special for my dear friend Helen.
My friend Helen has a Tammy doll. She wears almost the same size clothes as Barbie.
Since some of my clothing purchases were to large for Barbie, I found myself a Tammy.

I actually found this trio.
So now to try some of the clothes on them.
Notice how unlike Barbie they look to the left.

This one in pink is made of softer plastic than the other 2. Though similar to Barbie, her legs do not bend.

This orange gown fits her well. There s no closure in the back but a simple hook and eye could fix that.

This red doll seems to me to be the older sister of the 3. Doll wise not necessarily make wise. She is hard plastic and seems sort of loosey gooseyy in the legs area. Her choker matches her suit but I do not know if these are original to her or not.

Which of these outfits do you like for her?

This smaller one to me reminds me of a child. Preteen maybe.

I like this one best in this wild 70’s pant suit. It fits her face.

The red pantsuit one looks best in it.

For now the little one will be in this crochet dress. I haven’t found her display dress yet.

What outfits do you like?
For which doll?
These dolls are neat and I think I may have had one as a child, I remember one with white hair similar to these. The first 2 seem like older women than Barbie. The one in the red jumpsuit reminds me of Katherine Hepburn for some reason. The smaller one seems a bit like Skipper.
I enjoy the barbie world a bit more. Probbly because I have more choices in it.

Hugs y’all

Live has a way…

Of interrupting our plans doesn’t it?
About a month ago I got tossed a curve ball.
I was planning a blog post, a special one for one of my dearest friends.
I couldn’t write it because my Beloved was home sick. When he is sick I am usually staying close to him.
Well he asked to go to the clinic. We went and got sent home with meds.
We were home about 10 minutes when the clinic dr called and said, I want you to go to the er and I want you to go NOW.
We went. Beloved was admitted. He was in there 8 days. I saw they did not expect him to leave. His kidneys are failing. It has been a month and that phrase is still hard to say. As is final stage renal failure. What his condition is called. There is a small chance for improvement.
When he got out he went back to work and insisted we take our 34th anniversary trip. We spent 3 days exploring San Antonio and Fredricksburg. Ok mostly we shopped for things we can’t find locally. Like good men’s clothes for a big tall guy and Lane Bryant, since our Avenue refuses to stock dresses and skirts. We hit the lego store and thing geek and the Disney store too. Took a moonlight haunted carriage ride and had some relaxed fun for a change. No rush to go see or do we just went as we felt like it.
He is home now, doing well. Taking his meds, following orders doing dialysis 3 times a week, and still working. This man is incredible.

So while I am still doing dolly stuff I am doing it more for me right now.
There are other things going on, my youngest is now married. My oldest is going to be a dad on May 11, or sooner!
I am battling a myriad of asthma, allergies and bronchitis things, so I am pretty much normal.

My hope is to be able to do the special post this week. Now that I have found most of my office.
I am also learning new software for audio and video editing. This was also stalled by recent events.
Well y’all I am tired and want to go sit in my comfy chair and read.
hugs y’all!