Tonight we will visit with Belle!

OK I have 3 Belle dolls. 2 out of the box and 1 in the box.

Look how different these 2 unboxed dolls are! One looks pretty and normal the other is almost cartoonish.

We will begin with this cartoonish one.
First off, molded clothes are not really my thing. I like to dress my dolls. However since I don’t like neekid dolls, perhaps as undies molding is ok. This doll is all hard plastic. Her knees do not bend. She only bends at the hips. Sitting her down even is a challenge. She constantly wants to tip over sideways. She has a pretty face. Though to me it is not that engaging. She says Mattel 2009 Indonesia. I suppose her to be a ballerina, because of the molded slippers. However she does not look like the ones that come up on the search. The closest I found was My First Belle. Though I only found a head shot of her.

I did find her a Belle gown. I have 2 extras. I think this was the gown she would have come with.

Now this lass, is something like! Really she reminds more of a Barbie than of Belle. The closest I found for her was Disney Princess Stories Belle. Her gown is marked Disney. I imagine when boxed, it had a lot of tissue paper stuffed up in it. She is marked Mattel, 1966, China.

I like how her dress fluffs out when I stand her up. I think she will get the next doll stand!

Now this one… this one I love.
She is brand new, and I paid full price (I can not believe I did that!) for her.
I have heard it said that the newer dolls will not accumulate in value as the old ones did. Something about packaging and over production. However since Belle is the first of the princesses to be made by Hasbro I hesitate to unbox her. I am sure I will be able to get another eventually. I like her face. Belle is a kind, serious girl and this face shows that.

Tomorrow, I will show you something new in my play… umm sewing room!

Hugs y’all

Whew… Yard sales this weekend!

There were over 50 sales advertised this weekend. I hit maybe 15…

There was a lot of quantity but not much out there in terms of quality.

I know, Friday I was supposed to write about the 2nd Princess. I was just too tired. I think the long days and fitful nights of little sleep caught up with me.
We will do Princess #2 tomorrow. Plus a question at the end tonight to help me determine a course of action tomorrow!

So we went to Bronte this weekend. They advertised 26 sales in a citywide effort. I didn’t see much really for me. NO Barbies! I did see 1 Barbie set, it looked like patio furniture. However since I wasn’t doing play sets, I left it there.

I did find some cute stuff for my friend’s shop.

So what did I get for me?

Well one sale had porcelain dolls. A LOT of porcelain dolls. I asked the lady the price… $1 each… yipes.

Ladies, I controlled myself admirably. I only bought 2.

This lass has odd feet that do not want to work with the stand. Plus she always seems tilted to me. She was however one of the 2 that said my name, so home she came.

This one, if she were a red head would remind me of Anne of Green Gables. One of my all time favorite book heroines.

That was it for Bronte for me. I didn’t take pictures of the things for my friend.

When I got home I headed out again.

I found a church sale where I got:

Salt and pepper shakers.

A small blue and white platter.

Some patterns, most of them headed for etsy or ebay.

A Snoopy learning toy. Perhaps we will use a post to open it up!

A raggedy Ann picture. Not sure where it will go, but I needed to bring it home!

At another sale I got:

The 1 Barbie of my weekend!

A Barbie play set.

Snoopy. Once I saw him he had to come home with me!

Then I went to the SA store on my way to my friends shop, that is where I have found some good dolls lately. No dolls but… Oh… dear.. me… a 3 story, possibly 3ft tall Barbie… Dream HOUSE!!! I have wanted one for ages but where would I put it??? It was marked $7.99! In decent shape too…

I left it there and told my friend about it. She had her mom go look. Over the weekend I decided to go back to SA Monday. If it was still there I would find a place for it!

Well… it was still there! These pictures are on our dining table. I am still deciding on where it will go in my sewing room…

Here is G, standing in front of it, just to show it’s height.

Here he is playing with my tablet, about 3 seconds later he handed me back the tablet to go play with the doll house.

This thing is amazing. The fridge lights up. The TV retracts into the fireplace at the touch of a button and the fire crackles! The timer in the kitchen, works! The shower has running water sounds, and Barbie or maybe Kelly or Skipper humming.
Plus, G’s favorite part, the commode makes flushing sounds! He played with that for almost an hour. Moving the elevator up and down, and flushing the commode!

Now I wish I had gotten that patio furniture!

Now for my question. I have several Belle dolls in the yellow gown. I have 1 unopened of her in her everyday dress. Should I open her and display her like the others? Or leave her boxed?

Well it is late and I am tired out.
Hugs y’all!

Princess #1… Snow White… of course!

Over the last several months, since I began once again seriously collecting dolls, I have accumulated 4 Snow Whites out of the box. I have 1 in the box.

Snow White to me is a forgotten princess. Disney has remade Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and several others. Snow White sits there and nothing. She is also my favorite princess. She always has been. (They are being photobombed by Snoopy and I, if I were a Peanuts character…)

So I got to looking at these 4 dolls. I figured since there is a bit of difference in the faces, and the dresses that they must be different some how.

I looked online and could only place one of them.

She is this one. She came in a set with the 7 dwarfs . This is the only one I have that came with shoes. None have the head gear.

I thought maybe they had different manufacturers… That really confused me. I keep reading how Hasbro got the Disney doll contract and ALL these are Mattel… It turns out Hasbro didn’t get the Disney contract until 2016.

Hmmm Does that mean the Mattel versions will become hard to find and “rare”???

This young lass I can’t place because she came to me neekid except for the gold ribbon on her neck.

This one has a different shade of lipstick than the others, and no neck ribbon.

Apparently some one decided her hands would be a good snack… eeww.

I think if I could take this fancy bodice and put it on the fancier skirt it might make more sense. This is the plainest of the skirts but the fanciest of the tops…

Well I have taken my pain meds and it is now making me sleepy.

Before I go, I want to mention a shopping app that I have begun using. It is called Ibotta. I used it today for the first time. It was fast and easy. If I were a couponer still, I bet I could save a lot on my groceries. The app has many stores to choose from, including walmart, cvs, heb and sams. Just to name a few. I did my test at heb. I picked the deals that were on things I needed anyway and went shopping. I came home, scanned the barcodes on the items then took pictures of my receipt. I now have $6 coming back to me. Plus a $10 bonus for joining up.

If you are interested in trying it out Please use this link:


You will get a $10 joining bonus when you file your first rebate, and I will get $5 for introducing you.

Good night ladies!
Hugs y’all!

A Hairy Day…

Today I decided I had to do something with this lass’s hair. I have decided to call her Guinivere. I have no clue why, that is just what popped into my fron when I was looking her over. I know technically her name is Barbie, but I have too many named Barbie as it is!

Remind me to introduce you to Elvis one day…

So anyway I spent a while deciding what to do with it. I finger combed it and then took the front parts and braided it on each side of her face. I did not try to remove the crown, it is on with what look like spikes going into her head poor dear! I was afraid I would tear up her head if I tried removing it.

Then the ball gown that soaked overnight had to be mended. The straps, flimsy ribbon had torn off the front!

I carefully reattached them…

And here she is

Still barefoot as I have no white shoes. I do have a pair of gold sandals here that I might use… once I locate them!

I have had a pain day today so this is a short post. I have a lot of errands tomorrow so I need to get to bed!
Hugs y’all!

PS. tomorrow we will talk Princesses!

Tuesday… laundry day!

Also hair washing day!

However first… a couple of ids.

These 2 little girls are Bratz Babies… or is it Baby Bratz… either way that is what they are. I have not found out their names yet. I don’t even know if Bratz have names…

Now this young lass, whose hair I adore…. Is from the Ever After High line. Her name is Holly O’Hair. She is I think Rapunzel’s daughter and has a twin named Poppy. The one I have I found on the walmart site with the braid at $16. There was also one with out the braid at about $10. I paid $1.29…

For now I put her in this Barbie dress. It almost fits. Barbie shoes however are a no go.

Here she is brushed out a bit. I may have to look into this line. This is a very pretty doll.

Now on to the washing I did!

I took this doll.

And this doll.

I washed their hair with baby soap. (I use it for shower gel anyway)

I read online about using a mix of fabric softener and water to make a conditioner for doll hair.

I combined this much softener

The rest is water. Since our water is loaded with chlorine stuff, to the point it burns your eyes if you get it in, I used filtered water.

While I am happy with the softer hair, this stuff is messy!Make sure to carefully rinse it out!

I did this beach Barbie first. She also got a bit of washing. I could not get all the black off of her so she will be in a long skirt when I find one. Her hair had some kind of goo in it. I think some one used mousse on her hair. I had to wash and rinse it twice to get it out.

This next one had some sort of burrs in her hair. I thought I had them all out but in the end, I did not! Plus there were 3 raggedy looking gold hair bands in it. I carefully cut them, making sure not to get any hair!

I love how soft and fluffyish her hair is now. Once the ball gown is dried it will be her dress.

Now to the laundry. I washed most of the clothes I got yesterday.
Most of it was simple, just a quick washing to get the dust off. I rinsed them well and put them on low in the dryer with a towel.

However this night gown, had stains on the shoulders. Black stains. After soaking for several hours, they came out!

This Ball gown however… is still soaking. Last I looked the black moldy looking spots were barely visible. I will let it soak over night and see how it is tomorrow. I did discover it is not the dull peach color it looks in the photo from yesterday but is instead a very pretty pink.

Once dry I will reattach its straps and put Queen Barbie in it. I named her Queen because of the large crown she is wearing.
Well it is getting late and I am tired out.
Hugs y’all!

Well today was unique.

Today I got to play with my grandboy! I love this little man! His mom has a new job which means I will get to spend more time with him!

I kept him while she was busy with orientation. After that we went to lunch.
After lunch we hit up the Sally Ann store. I usually go at least once a week looking for dolls. There was only 1 doll today.

My grandboy saw a few miscellaneous bags filled with… stuff…
Looking closer I saw… what looked like doll clothes!
So I bought 2 of the bags and dil bought the other. Because GB saw a penguin in it and really wanted that penguin! She said they will give me the doll clothes in that bag. I set aside the spider and such from my bags for him.
The rest goes into my donation box.

So here is what I got!

I have no clue what kind of doll this is. I fell in love with the hair! She is marked 2012 Mattel, Indonesia.

The first goodie bag. The picture is a bit blurry, I was tussling with a kitty who decided she HAD to see what was in that bag!

From which came:

A lot of Miscellaneous.

Dishes. Small bear, unique doll.

Wind up alligator. And an inflatable something… still in its wrapper.


1 Barbie dress and a pillow and blanket set. All unmarked.

Barbie.. and maybe Bratz shoes…

The second baggie, from which I got:

More cars.

These 2 dolls… what are they???

A Kelly doll

and these clothes.

2 Pair of pants and 2 shirts.The green shirt says Summer on it.

Pink skirt

Pink shirt.

Ball gown.

Scarf or belt, not sure which.

Barbie night gown… looks to big for a Barbie though…

Barbie Towel…

Wedding veil.

Plus this weird tut/pants thing…

A lot of stuff I tossed and some is held for Gb.

I found several small dogs. These will go to my friend Elizabeth for her DD.

I spent $6 total. I got 4 dolls, plus clothes for myself.
Toys for GB and some for my friend’s dd.

Not a bad haul for a quick trip!

I went in looking for the Bratz that were there Saturday. I thought I would try them on ebay. I don’t like them but it seems other folks do!

Hugs y’all!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post on Saturdays but….

OK so I read yesterday about a community sale. I decided to go to it first.
The very first stop I saw this:

A Barbie carousel with 3 Disney princesses in it, in their original dresses. Elsa even has 1 shoe… On looking closer after I got home Tiana has a chewed hand. Still, I didn’t have her yet! The other 2 dolls are in great shape. Now the only Princess I do not have is Aurora. The others I have multiples of. I plan to compare them in a post. Just to see if they are identical or have some differences.

Elsa, is even a Disney store doll! My first!

I found apron fabric! (Like I need more fabric!)

Beads for a project I am thinking about.

A book of funnies… I almost didn’t get this. The gal at the sale told me they were only dealing with dollars no change… I offered .10c for the book. Fortunately I found something else. I bought that and she gave me the book for free.

This cute little squirrel had to come home with me… literally… he was freaking out the lady hosting the sale. When I took him from her he began moving and squeaking and chirping… She said he is definitely yours… he likes you!

I also found another beach barbie. I have her already but, the more the merrier! I also found this lass, she needs hair help but the crown might make figuring out who she is a bit easier!

For ebay, or etsy, I picked up this Bunnykins set.

Actually to be truthful, I got a lot more than just this. However I stopped by my friend’s shop and she bought the rest of it!

I ended the day with more money than I started with. This is an extremely rare occurrence but a welcome one!

Did you go saleing today? Find any treasure???

Hugs y’all!

Flitting about Friday


Today’s yard sale adventures…

Today was not very productive. I went to about 6 sales.

One was across town and over quite a bit. They advertised it as a church fundraiser… I went. I asked for toys and was shown a small box about ½ full. I said oh no doll stuff?
The lady said she thought some where they had 1 doll…
She posted later on facebook that she had found the doll if the lady looking for dolls would come back. That was very nice but I am not driving all that way for a .50 doll…

So what did I get? 2 Porcelain dolls, a horse and a Chewy.
I also got not pictured a big sack of mega blocks. Those may got to The Trendy Trunk. Or they may go to Liam. Not sure yet.

So here are the things I got:

When I got home I decided to play dolls.

I discovered I have 3 Ballerinas.

This doll may not be meant as a Ballerina, but she looks cute in the outfit…

This one has a hole in her arm. As if she was attached to something.

I also dug out this mermaid. I looked and looked online under the names Teresa and Barbie and found tons of mermaids, but not THIS mermaid! She is permanently a mermaid. Her tail does not remove and become legs.

Then there was this wild haired beauty. She wore a funky white suit with a top that would not stay up and pants. I like her better as a Princess.

In order to tame her hair, I pulled some of it back into a pony tail.

Well that is all the dolly news for tonight.

I am worn out and so sleepy!
Hugs y’all!

Traveling Thursday

Today I went with a group from church to go see the Blue Bonnets. I have lived in Texas for about 25 years and I have never gone and seen Blue Bonnets in the wild.

We went to see the Regency Bridge. It is a suspension bridge off of JCT 500. We got a bit lost and had to back track to find it.

I and 2 others thought this was where the Blue Bonnets were. We got there and I said It is gorgeous but I see no Blue Bonnets… the lady who organized the trip said oh, they aren’t here… they are out near Mason where we are going for lunch.

My pictures of the bridge do not do it justice. We parked the car and walked over the bridge. We could feel the bounce of us walking on it.

I noticed on one side the river (Colorado) was moving at a fairly good clip. On the other side not so much. To me that was a Little weird! This bridge built in 1939, replaces one taken out by flood in 1936.

I took photos of some of the graffiti on the rail posts.
It is also know as the Regency Ghost Town bridge and The “Swinging Bridge”. It is one of the last surviving suspension bridges in Texas.

We did not see many Blue Bonnets, but here are what we did see.
I know Indian Paintbrush is the orange one. I have no clue on the others except the few Blue Bonnets.

Plus, since I love old buildings…

McCullough County Courthouse.

The cafe in Mason where we had lunch.

Honestly the history of the building made a much better impression on me than the food. For the quality, the food was much over priced.

If I ever make another trip to mason (to ummm check out the antiques stores we saw!) I will find another place to eat.

I was going to do something Dolly tonight but I am just too tired.
I saw in the paper some sales tomorrow, so perhaps we will have some new discoveries to go over!

Hug Y’all!

Something a Little Different…

OK I have been super focused on my dolls lately. I realized this morning though that I have been neglecting one of the hobbies that started me blogging in the first place.


So today I have decided to be crafty. Plus, I have a lot of apron stuff around that I need to clear out. Of course… to make more room for doll stuff…

Besides I read someplace that crafting helps fight off depression. Since I have bouts of this affliction now and then, I need to get back to my crafting!

So My plan is to take this:

And make a cute little apron out of it.

It should be easy, I won’t have to do all the seams, the ties are already done. I will have to move the waist ties but the neck ones are fine.

So here we go. First I snip the neck straps. I will cut off the ends with the metal on it and the neck ties are only in need of a quick hemming.

Next cut out the back zipper area. I may use part of this for a pocket. However since this apron is one I will use mostly for serving table, I may ditch the pocket.

Ta Da!

Finished in less than an hour. It went much faster than I expected.
One thing I didn’t count on was the skirt was actually a slip and a skirt. Hemming the sides got a bit messy. However I like the idea of the double layer in case of spills. My skirt will stay clean.
I like it. What do you think?

Now, just because I feel the need to do something dolly…

This young lass is getting a bit of work.

Not all she needs but at least now she doesn’t look drunk or hung over! I admit… her gloved arms are freaking me out. They always seem to turn backwards… eep…

Now I know I got some new clothes yesterday and some how they have disappeared. I thought I put them in my dolly drawer but no I did not. Only the shorts were in there…

This young lass donated her blue ball gown to Ella. Sooo she needs something! I noticed her earrings were pink… Ah ha! The pink dotted dress from my cheap China clothes stash will do for now.

I had this little romper thing… I thought it was GG. This is a Ty Kid… Her name is Princess. No the romper doesn’t say princess to me either. However it does better than neekid…
When I bought her neekid my goal was and is to make clothes for her. Perhaps my crafty gene will kick in and inspire me!

Now a while ago I bought a doll who, after she came home lost her head. Apparently her neck was cracked and I didn’t see it. It broke and her head fell off.

So I bought these dolls yesterday, thinking of one as a body donor until I fix the neck…

I chose the lighter toned one because the original body is really pale.

Well… now I have 2 headless dolls. These dolls are NOT meant to be donors… At least they were cheap. Live and learn!

Hugs Y’all!