Bits and Bobs

That is what I have been doing the last 2 weeks. This week I have been hampered by pain. Pain seems to mess with my mental abilities as well as my physical ones.
I have done bits and bobs of things though.

I got a Barbie Bed together. All these wicker pieces seem… sideways… I still haven’t got any covers made. Need to find my sewing table again!(It is buried in Barbie stuff!)

I made bread. I made it egg bread. I liked that it ended up softer than usual for bread!

Beloved took me to dinner. We went to Stango’s which is a cross between a coffee place (Think Central Perk in Friends) and 50’s diner. They make their own ice cream and it is awesome!

We got to see the Stango’s cat. Looks comfy doesn’t he? (or she)

Katie slept.

Katie guarded the new doll house. Somebody parked Barbie’s car in the cat perch…

I began experimenting with flooring for the new house. I also experimented with blocking the old elevator hole. I think I finally figured it out.

That is pretty much it for the last 2 weeks.

Here is hoping things get back to normal soon!

Hugs y’all

A Special Doll…

One of the dolls I have gotten that I am excited about is this one.

Spring Blossom Barbie. An Avon Barbie! My first that I know of!
There is no picture of her on her box.

Her face is simple and sweet. Her hat feels like actual straw.

I notice her gown is pink tagged. So some of what I thought were gowns from sets may actually be clothes that came from dolls.
Her basket of posies is a rubbery plastic.
She has pretty yellow slippers.
I do not intend to remove this lass from her box. She is perfect as she is!

I spent this morning painting. I was able to do 3 pieces in the time it took to do one with my tiny paint bottle yesterday. When these sides dry, I will do the other side.

Now this set… I got these tiny Fairy dolls.

I recognize Tinkerbelle.

I think I have seen a larger version of this one.

I love this red head! Her flower dress adorable. Not keen on the face though.

I like this yellow one too. She appears a bit knock kneed though.

I really like the braid on this orange one. She is also the only barefoot one! Plus, those freckles!

This one looks very… curvy. Somehow her dress just doesn’t look right to me. The others are all simply little girlish. Which is how I picture the fairies. I know it seems silly the things I get hung up on. However it is my sincere belief we push children to mature too quickly in some areas. Looks is one of those areas.

So what do you think of the Spring Blossom doll?
The painting? Will the pieces look good in white or should I leave the rest alone?
Which is your favorite of the fairies?
Hug y’all


Ladies this post is a pre post. Why? Because there has been a large influx of stuff!
Both doll and house craft related.
I finally have some paint for the furniture. My original plan to spray paint it was a flop because the paint just rain right off.

I used up a 2oz bottle of my acrylic to get 1 headboard done. Then I bought a quart of satin latex. We will see how that goes. What do you think of the painted one? They are a little warped, not sure how to fix that, even the beds are. Comes from being played with I imagine!

Then as if I didn’t have enough work to do to refurbish 2 doll houses… I got a third…

This is the house from the webisodes Life in the Dream House. I do not plan to fix the elevator. In fact I plan to remove it and cover the holes. Still working out that plan but have the materials I hope will work!

Check out the bathroom. No tub, no commode but…

Tada, at least they get a tub!

In order to make this house playable in my office it needed a table. With rollers.This is because the only space left is in front of my outside door. I never use this door, but sometimes in the fall I like to open it.

My solution? A garage sale table, that Beloved put casters on! This baby took up the whole of my cargo area. It rubbed against my driver seat!
I put a tablecloth on it but I may have to just take it off. It got all twisted around while I was taking pictures.

I also acquired a Barbie yacht. It is not complete, but what do you want for the grand sum of $1? It will be cleaned up and I will decide what to do about deck chairs. I might get some more beach chair sets, if I can find them. I wanted 4, I found… 1, so far! That blur is Katie getting into the shot!

Now there are bags of craft or Barbie items all over!
New play sets, a pool, clothes, I REALLY want to get some stuff done and put away so we can play fashion show!

Plus, several new play sets.

Some tiny Fairy dolls to talk about.

Plus, I don’t have any pictures yet but… on the Doll not Barbie front, my sister sent me some of my baby clothes. When I came home from the hospital at 7 months, they went to thee toy shop to get me some clothes! I plan to put some on my German doll (fitting since the clothes were bought in Germany) and if I can figure out how to reattach this doll’s head, I will display her with some too!

My plan for this week is to work steadily in my office, fitting in homekeeping here and there, and take pictures of each step and write up several posts so I have some ready to go. I also need to tidy up the shelves to make room for several of the dolls I already posted about to find a home. In a bag on the floor is no fit home for a Bride doll!

Which project would you like to read about first?
I don’t have space for fashion shows until I get some stuff fixed and put away in its place!
I am itching for the pool party shoot! I think I will need to clear off my big table for it though, I must have 20 bathing beauty dolls!

Hugs y’all!

Last Week I found Some Stuff…

I will post the non Barbie things first.

LOL A Snoopy dressed as the easter bunny! A friend found him for me.

OK so then I found this bed. It is RED and not for a Barbie but… for Apple White! She is so far my favorite of the EAH dolls. Perhaps I will work on an EAH house project…
This bed has stuff inside…

A drawer…

A hidden shelf!

Now back to Barbies.
There are some tiny dolls.

A tiny Merliah and I think a Rapunzel.

A small boat, with waves.

A Ball. Might belong with the dolphin trainer set.

Of course my favorite of the tiny ones, a Christmas one! In RED!

Another swimsuit doll I like her but she is very stiff feeling. Her suit looks almost clear in the front.

Check out this Bride. She doesn’t feel like a Barbie. She feels more like a display doll. Very porcelain like but not porcelain. Her legs do not move. I mean she can’t even sit!
Looking at her face I wonder if she is a repaint. She has real lashes. Someone messed up the lashes. They cut them almost off on one side.

Her nails are even done! She has painted on lingerie too.

Next is this princess looking doll. She is articulated in her legs. Her dress to me looks like a village lass dress….

Next is this, I think Teresa. She is fashionista like. no tnt waist, no bendy parts. I like her simple dress.

My friend had this one waiting for me too. She is some sort of a fairy I think.

My friend suggested her wings would make a good bubble wand. From the feel of her hair, she isn’t the only one who had that idea.

Which one is your favorite?

Hugs y’all!

The Boxed Dolls

I saw an ad on facebook for MIB Holiday Barbies. I bought 7 of the ones she had.

My plan is to leave these boxed for now. I down sized my porcelain doll collection to make more doll room.

First is the 1998 Birthday Wishes Barbie. This is not the same as the Birthday Barbie. This is marked as first in the series.

I am so tempted to open the box to straighten her dance card and pearls! I do like her gown though. Very feminine. I like the added touch of pearls in her hair too.

This next one is a character doll. Barbie as Rapunzel. I almost passed on this one because the dress just doesn’t wow me. It is pretty but the teal is just not my thing. I like the bodice though and the long braid. I think the hat is a really nice touch too!

Next is another character doll, Barbie as Sleeping Beauty. I like this dress other than the collar. I do not like that. I like the face a lot. Better than the Mattel princess Aurora. The hair on this one doesn’t wow me, it just looks messy.

Now… The holiday Barbies…

I already had this one but thought it was the brunette. 2001.
Since I had this one I gave this extra one away. I love the cape on her!

2007… LOVE this doll. I like the hair. Reminds me of Barbara Eden. I of course love the RED gown. I even like the frosty appearance of the box. She looks very delicate in the face too, which I prefer to the massively made up faces. Those are just scary. The gown reminds me of the gown Rosemary Clooney or is it Vera Ellen…wears in White Christmas.

Now this lass is a Special Edition Holiday Celebration Barbie. She looks to me like Pasquale Hutton. She has real eyelashes. I love her hand bag.

Last one, 2012! Again a very delicate looking doll. The lips are a bit too red but the rest of her make up is lighter. I also must say I definitely like the silver accents better than the gold.

So which of these are your favorite?

Next time I will show you the loose dolls I picked up last week!
Hugs y’all!

The next purchase.

OK so my main website is down. We are working on the issues. I found a backdoor to my blog so am finally able to post. Sadly, all posts for July have gone missing…

After my huge Barbie haul you would think I would have had enough to keep me busy wouldn’t you. Well I didn’t! It seems Barbie stuff comes to me either in feast or famines.

So I went and picked up a few others that have patiently waited their turn in the light!

This first one, I admit I got for the clothes. I already have one of her in perfect shape so the doll will go in the donate box. I liked the crocheted or knitted clothes.

Next this lass… I LOVE the hair do. Reminds me of Buffy from Family Affair. I like her suit too so her Dress will go on another doll.

Turns out I also got her twin!

Her dress will also go on a different doll, hmmm maybe the purple light up one…

This one, I like her bangs. Not a fan of the outfit though. Well it turns out she had bikini bottoms on under her skirt. Still not a fan but she is cute in her bikini.

Now we come to my favorites. I LOVE the beret on this one. She is not a Barbie. She is a Uneeda Doll Co. doll. Somehow to me she seems more delicately done than Barbie. She takes batteries and has a button but I don’t know what it does. I will get some new batteries and check her out. Her beret is still firmly attached to her head. I am thinking this is her original outfit. It just seems to fit her personality. I will see if I can find some dainty shoes for her.

Next is either a bride or a prom doll. Her clothes look vintagey to me. Her flowers are still banded to her wrist so I am thinking this is her original outfit.

So which one is your favorite?

Next time I will show you some dolls I got, MIB!
Hugs y’all!

The Unique Dolls

Among my large lot are several unique Barbies.

Among them is a Video Camera Barbie.She is the Video Girl Barbie. How did I miss this? She apprently caused a bit of uproar in 2010. With an FBI report “accidentally” being released to the media.
Her necklace holds the camera and her back has the view screen… I am sure we have a plug here somewhere that will fit her. I plan to ask MJ when he gets home. I will post an update if I can get her working!

Next is this lass with wings. I have never seen anything quite like her. Her hair needs a bit of fixing and I need to try and find her other shoe, it is probably in one of the baggies full of shoes. She has a weird… fin looking piece on her back too… Research on google turned up nothing, not even an image of this one! She doesn’t move either. Only her arms. Her legs don’t even move.

This one is cool… I love Dolphins! Her hair too needs a bit of work. Again, I do not recall ever seeing this one in stores!

You just wind up this knob in back and away they go!
There is a lever too which is an on and off switch. Push it up and it holds the Dolphins in place while you wind up the knob. They make quite a breeze when let go!. It turns out she is I Can Be Dolphin Trainer Barbie.

This lass had a molded on necklace. When you push the pendant, it and her belly button light up… It seems she is the Barbie Sparkle purple light up doll… Where do they get these long drawn out names from?

Actually I found 2 of these, a Blonde one too! Now I need to find a proper dress for the brunette. The yellow one does NOT go with her shoes…

The last 3 lasses are Ballerinas.

This purple one and the blue one have springs in their hips.
I have no clue what line these are from and can not find them online.

This pink one is a bit different. No springs. She does have this hoop on her back, perhaps so she can be wired to fly? Her tight skirt does not appear removable and limits her leg movements.

So which one is your favorite?
Do you think Video Girl Barbie is worthy of the hoopla surrounding her?

I think my favorite is the wind up dress Barbie. I just really love her gown!

Hugs y’all

The Princesses.

Yes it has taken me a bit to get this post up. I am just feeling worn out these last few days.

This guy came and he helped me feel better. He kept saying say cheese… something neither of us like!

So now the Princesses from my Dolly buy.

I got Aurora! 2 of them! These are my first Auroras too! Though honestly, other than the pink ribbon, she looks a lot like Cinderella… One will go on my shelf, the other in the play area.

Ariel. Though she seems dressed more like Pebble Flinstone…

Belle, I got 2. One has the more simple gown and the full pendant. This one also has a simple gown and just a ribbon around her neck. Both of these I have already. I think the pendant one will go on the shelf.

Cinderella. I really need to do something with Ella’s hair. I think I have this one. If so I will need to see which one is more complete and put that one on the shelf.

Elsa. I got 2. Both more complete than my others so they will go on the shelf definitely. One is articulated too. The Elsas on the shelf will be reevaluated to see which goes to the play area>

I also got 3 Anna’s. All complete, one even still has her shows banded to her feet! One has a painted on body suit, she will probably go in the play box. With instructions her crown is NOT to be removed. One is articulated. She is the one with the banded shoes. The last one has a gorgeous gown on. These 2 will go on the shelf. The other one might also, depends on what the Anna there looks like!

Jasmine! My first Jasmine! She is not in her original outfit. I need to find her something princess to wear and do some hair work. Her hair feels softer than the others.

Merida… I got 4 of these. 2 are identical but one has her shoes. Can I just say, I love Merida? One of these has a different face. I love the freckles. One is articulated in the knees.

Rapunzel. I got 2. One in a cute Fashion Avenue Barbie dress. The other one seems to have way more hair than any of my others. She also has freckles and a different face. She will definitely go on the shelf.

Snow White. Who is now vying with Merida for my #1 princess. I got 3 of these. All different… One is articulated and still has her shoes. The other 2 are wearing the same dress but have much different faces.

This one has the normal, vacant stare they seem determined to stick her with. Plus some kind of glitter effect that makes her look odd.

This one looks simple, fun and cheery. This one also, it not a Mattel or Hasbro. She is a Disney doll!

Tiana. This Tiana is in perfect shape! I love Tiana’s dimples! She will definitely replace the one I have on the shelf now.
Then in the bag also were… 2 princes!

Aladdin.. ok so he was not a prince but he is my favorite of the Disney dudes. He has articulated arms and bendy legs.

Then one of the prince charmings. I think it is Cinderella’s guy but I can’t tell you why I think that! He also has articulated arms and bendy legs.

So which princess is your favorite?

I like Snow White because to me she always seemed forgotten. I like Merida because she has spunk and stands up for her ideals.
Hugs y’all

Small Dolls.

This batch of dolls are different from what I normally collect.
These are small. Not happy meal size but smaller than Barbie.

When I was a child, Dawn was one of my favorite dolls. I have a couple Dawn dolls now too. These dolls are ones I have not fully identified. Dawn I KNOW! LOL

This pretty pink butterfly lass I believe is a miniature Barbie. Her wings are cloth, they feel like iron on patches.

This is a Chelsea dressed for halloween. One of these days I need to bring order to her pigtails!

This one, despite the hair, I don’t like her. Too… I can’t even find words to describe her. Not appropriate for a child’s toy. Even if she had clothes on I don’t think I would like her.

Here we have another Chelsea, looks ready for school to me. Her knees are jointed. I have several Chelsea’s and this is the first jointed one!

I don’t know if this is a Barbie or not. Her arms, head and waist move, her legs do not.

This one is similar. Her head does not move. Only her arms do. Her hat seems to also. It is not removable.

Here is one of Chelsea’s friends. I do not know yet which one. I love the red hair and pigtails! I love the freckles!

Another Chelsea doll. Her skirt does not want to stay up.

Here is a Christmas Chelsea! I have seen a picture of this one somewhere.

This one is one of the Barbie family I think. She is wearing a purple label Barbie dress.

Another ready for school Chelsea!

I have no clues on these two… any ideas?

These next 3 are mermaids. I almost did these with the mermaid post.

Love the pink hair!

A mini Merliah?

The last one, a blue one!

OK I have enough Chelsea’s as Helen said to begin a Barbie preschool!

Next time I will do the new batch of princesses, and princes. Then we will begin on the Barbies!

Which was your favorite small doll?
Hugs y’all!

Update and Next Batch of Dolls.

I got a reply to my post on the Bratz forum.
Several of them are not Bratz.

I have 2 Cloe Bratz dolls, Snow Kissed and Desert Jewels.

The bright orange hair is Masquerade Finora Bratz doll.

The Meygan is a Bratz Catz

I have a Totally Polished and a Trend It! Yasmin

Also a Desert Jewels Jade.

The Penn I knew.

Then I have 3 Moxie Girls.

I believe this one is Ida. If so, my assessment of her being like YDS’s girl is spot on. Her motto is…You’re all beautiful. And let no one tell you you’re not! Something my dil firmly believes.

I think this one is Merin.

I believe this one is Avery.

One Vi and Va doll. She is Felicia. She is in her original outfit too.

Much thanks to the Bratz forum, member Happyboy88 for the ids of the Bratz and pointing me in the right direction on the others!

So now lets look at the ones I have not yet found a group for…

This one is an Equestria Girl. I have a miniature one too. This one appears to be Twilight Sparkle.

This doll… is an animation character. I know I have seen her but I can not place her…

This next one… I have a couple like this, HUGE head, tiny skinny body. This one is cute. She is, I guess a seamstress of some kind. She has 2 different earrings on. One is a sewing machine the other is… it looks like a zipper with shears on the end… It tangles in her hair and is annoying! I love the rose in her hair! I can’t find any identifying marks on her and searching for big head small body doesn’t bring her up either…

This one looks like a petite Barbie but she has no marks and feels more rubbery than Barbie. I like her face. When it is time to play, I plan to test her out in some Barbie clothes.Her knees bend and actually click. like my old Barbies!

This one had wings of some kind I think. She has a contraption on her back for them. I just discovered it pulls out!

That means this doll is part of the same line! The contraption fits both dolls.

They both have this hole on the back!

This one looks like her clothes got torn up.
I love the elfin ears. She looks like she should be one of the Bells (Tinkerbell…) but I see no evidence of wings.

This lass has wings, well 1 and ½! Helen since you have one, can you tell me who she is? She also looks like a Bell.

This one with the PINK hair I love. I don’t know why but I think she is adorable. Again, just like the other one, no marks. This one has no earrings but appears to be a princess of some sort.

Here is another of the same line. Again no marks, no earrings.
I love the face on her though and the hair!

This one is a dollar store quality doll. I looked her up and she is just generic. On her back it says Chic. The site is mail order and you order a lot of one item at a time. 12 of this or 24 of that.

This last lass I really like. I love the color of her hair! I also love her sneakers! She has a sweet simple look to her that I prefer in dolls.

So what do you think? Which is your favorite?
Next time I will do the bag of small dolls!

Hugs y’all!