So I find myself wanting to redo all my doll shelves now… My office looks like I am moving…

First here are my DOW that are already unboxed. I have the German, which I bought new, have no clue where her shawl went…
The Irish, an ebay purchase and the Dutch, also an ebay purchase. Both for under $5. Plus about $4 for shipping.

I first am going to unbox the Scottish Lass. Her box is not friendly to resealing. You have to tear it to open it. There are a lot of little tie things. Twisted every which way it seems. She has black heels that do not want to stay on. She also has a silly little stand that I can not get around her calf. I am afraid I will break the stand if I push too hard so the stand will be replaced with a real doll stand.

Now for the next. She is a Hallmark Christmas Romance doll.
Folks who know me well will be surprised I got this one because her dress is so… GREEN… While I do not like green, her face won me over. Her gown is soft velvet with gold trim. She is ready for shopping with her hand bag on her arm.

For the next 3, I tried something different. I tried doing a video. I still need to work on it, sadly once you open a doll, you can not reopen her! However, neither wordpress nor photobucket will upload the videos…

So here are pictures of the dolls after being unboxed. I really like the hose and boots on the Czech girl. The Valentine one looks almost porcelain to me, and still very regal and awe inspiring. The Polish is even more lovely that in her box!

I will talk to my Beloved and see if he can figure out the videos. Though perhaps it is best to do just stills… I say a lot of silly things when I talk to myself…
Ok a test to see if this works…

Hugs y’all!

Round 3!

First off, my friend Amber alerted me that the doll with the crown is indeed a ballerina doll from 1976. Which makes sense since her face matches my 1974 Sweet 16.

Here they are side by side. This Sweet 16 is not my original one. I am sure I have told the story before but it anyone wishes to hear again, just leave a comment saying so.

I was planning to unbox the Russians today but we had company last night so didn’t get to putting up the new shelves. Maybe tonight.

Still here are pictures of them in the boxes.

This is the more plain one. This one to me is just a Barbie. Not really special. It appears her hair is loose, not styled. Her gown is dark pink with sparkles in it and gold brocade on the bodice, all one piece. I can not see her shoes and on the box the picture makes them look amber… She has a bit of something like a feather boa at the shoulders, I think it is part of her dress. I do love the fur hat. Her jewels are simple diamonds. So far, not a favorite of mine. Though the hand wave does give her a friendly look.

This young lady is a bit more flashy. Though… her outfit some how reminds me of the pope… I do love that it is mostly RED, and colorful. She has a long braid. Do you get the idea I like braids??? It looks like she has a skirt with a white blouse and an over top of RED with gold trimmings. Her boots are RED. I love her head piece. It is not a cap, sort of crownish looking. Her box denotes her as a collector edition. Perhaps that is why she is more festive than the other more plain one.

Next I have this lady. She is Sentimental Valentine Barbie, by Hallmark. I have… 3 Hallmark dolls, 2 Christmas and this one. She is the second in the Be My Valentine Series her box says.

She looks very regal and queen like to me. Her gown is burgundy crushed velvet with white, antiqued looking lace. She wears a head piece of burgundy and pearl trim. Her jewels appear also to be pearls. I can not see her shoes. Her box is damaged so as to not be pretty displayed so it will be gone once my new shelves go up.

Next up I have these 2 cuties, they however are NOT Barbie’s though they are wearing marked Barbie clothes.

This suit with the capris and bikini top, I really do not like. I am not into the tropical colors at all really. The reason it is even here is the doll! LOOK at those Dimples! They kill me! Very Shirley Templeish.

This one, also very cute but only marked made in China. She has a black streak running down her back too that is not ink. It appears a flaw in the plastic. I love her dress. It is labeled with a white label that says Genuine Barbie Fashion on it.

I also got a Sun Jewel Teresa. No box, but she has her suit and her jewelry! This is the first of these dolls I have who I KNOW is not named Barbie!

Next, more Fashions!

I brought back the blonde model from yesterday.

I love this pink sundress. I actually, in college, had one similar. I found them on sale one year and bought pink, blue and yellow. Most of my friends got them too. Ah sundresses and prairie skirts…

Though I have to admit, I am partial to this blue one, an original Barbie fashion. If it were not, I would close the seam in the back… it looks kind of like a hospital gown to me…

I love this pink dress with the white collar. Tagged Barbie. It might go with the pink and white dress from yesterday but that one was not marked.

This next doll, is unique. She is marked Mattel 2010. She has clear rubber bands that run from should to shoulder and cross on her back. Under her hair, there is a tiny bit of hair also bundled in a clear band. She is harder plastic than most of my others. Her legs do not bend, her waist is solid. It looks like she has a belly button area too. All she came to me with was her earrings and a smile. She is now in a RED ball gown I bought off ebay for .55c from China.

First she is in a pretty vintage looking sundress. Again unmarked.

Here she models what I suppose from the fabric is a swimsuit. I love the colors!

In her RED ball gown.

Stay tuned for more doll news! Please leave me comments too on what you think. I would love to know!
Hugs y’all

Today I will do 3 of the DOW dolls I got, MIB. The boxes are not mint so I may unbox them. That will happen in another post later though because I am out of display space and I don’t want to unbox until I have a place to show case them.

I also am going to show you my favorite loose doll I got, plus a few of my other dolls modeling clothes I got. I am not sure I will display them in these clothes. Wow… now I have more than 1 dress per doll… amazing!

OK our first MIB doll is, Poland. The one I got is in a blue box, and says it is a collector edition. I love the braids, the head dress and especially her costume. Of course the RED ribbons appeal to me! I definitely love the RED boots! Her RED jewelry is simple. I like simple. Overall I think she is gorgeous.

No, btw I do not think that all Barbies are gorgeous. I myself and not a fan of the newer ones that show the hinges. Yes they move easier, and for me they are ok if you can dress them to hide the hinges. I don’t turn them down when I see them, unless there are other dolls I like better with them.

Next we have the Czechoslovakian Barbie. She too is wearing RED boots. It may just be me but I really love the fuller skirts style. This girl has a full skirt with a black bodice and lace collar with white short sleeves. Her jewels are a bit more blingy than the Polish one. I love her bangs and her thick long braid. Another astonishingly pretty doll. Her box is marked with Special Edition in a ribbon.

Next up is the Scottish Lass. She is near and dear to my heart, being as my genealogical make up is mostly German and Scot. I need to look up her tartan and see which clan she belongs to. I LOVE the reddish hair. Most of my dolls are blonde, just because that is what I find most in the 2nd hand market. Being in Texas you would think brunettes would rule, but no. She is in a long sleeved bodice with a tartan skirt. She proudly wears her tartan sash. I love the angle of her cap. Her jewelry is yellow gold. Not my fave but a small matter for her other attributes. I can not see her shoes, I am guessing black. On the box it shows a strapped heel. Of course the box also has her as a blonde… Her box is also marked Special Edition in a ribbon

Now for the loose dolls!
I tried to take pictures on a Barbie stand. Some worked, some, not so much.

Up first is this lady in a gorgeous RED/Black evening gown. She wears black pumps. I see no label on the gown so I am supposing it to be home made, by an expert! It is perfect in every detail. This doll will definitely stay, displayed in this gown, unless some one else connects the dress to a different doll, that I happen to have…
These next ones are dolls I had but the dresses are ones I got with the new batch.

Up now is what I am thinking maybe a skating or former ballerina. She is not hard plastic or colored like my other ballerina doll though. She is very loosey goosey too. Not sure if it is by design or wear and tear from use. She has a tiny gold crown on her head. She is marked Mattel, 1966 U.S. Patent pending Taiwan. I have never seen patent pending on any of my dolls before. The reason I picked her for this dress is, she has the same face as my Sweet 16 doll. I tend to put her in pink and this is a darling pink dress. Homemade I think as there is no tag. Again, expertly done! I have no shoes for this one. I would like white or pink go go boots… I had to clean this one, as it had a stain on the breast. I used dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. I don’t notice the stain anymore.

Next is one of my unique dolls, modeling a unique dress and scarf. I still have not figured out how to remove the ink from her leg.
This RED speckle Dress is a Mattel fashion. It has a purble label with a B and Barbie on it.

Now as to what makes the doll unique, she has a lever on her back. In the up position you can move her arms around. Up and down. In the down position, if you put her arms down, they snap back up as if to run her hands through her hair. I am guessing she maybe one of the rock style Barbies.

Next up, Wedding gowns!
I chose this doll to model these because I love her hair. Simple, straight no muss no fuss.

This first dress is my favorite. It is lace or netting really over satin. It was quite wrinkled and I smoothed it a bit with a cool iron and a touch of water. The dress is simple. An off white, I think it is ivory and it shimmers. There is no label but if it is homemade, it is expert. Look at the tiny silver threading along the shoulders and bodice! I do not think I will ever be that good no matter how much I practice! The back closure is a snap instead of velcro like on so many things now days.

This next dress was my least favorite. It was hard to get on. That, to be fair, could be the doll I chose as model too, her fingers spread out daintily, and are not all stuck together like on many of my dolls. Again there is no label. Judging by the way the seams look, definitely homemade. I do like the old fashioned look of the dress.

This last wedding gown is my second favorite though it is more modern than I am prone too. It was so tight at the feet, I could not get the poor doll on the stand. This is another one that was made by an expert. Very professional looking.

This veil doesn’t seem to go to any of these wedding gowns. It is to me more modern like dress 3, but this is silver and that has gold flecks in it.

This last doll and dress are ones I have had for a bit. I got the doll in the dress. I do not know if they go together or not. I just LOVE this dress. It is very well made, not labeled. So I have no clue home made or store bought. I got her shoeless, then on ebay I spotted a pair of vintage white boots. They were .55c, free shipping, so now she wears white boots under her dress.

Well I hope you enjoyed the show! If you have any information on any of the dolls or fashions, PLEASE share! I am researching them all and can use any help! Help will be posted, given credit, with links back to the helper of course!

Tomorrow, we visit Russia and Valentines day! Plus more loose dolls close ups and more fashions!

Hugs y’all

Are You Ready??

I have to say last week I was feeling kind of punkish. I am pretty sure it was weather related. What ever it was I did my best. I worked on Saturday. Now to me, working is going to yard sales, estate sales and thrifts looking for items to put on ebay. I have not done anything on ebay for a couple years and it is time to get back to it. (I now have 23 auctions up!)

Saturday night we had big storms roll in. I was tired and feeling icky on Sunday so my Beloved decided we needed to take a drive.
He also loves estate sales. It is rare we get to go together, but this week there were 5 advertised for Sunday afternoon. So we left to go to one about 30 minutes away. Now I must explain. The difference to me between estate sales and yard/garage sales is this. Yard/garage sales are outside things and rain generally stops them. An Estate sale usually indicates an indoor sale, so weather isn’t so much of a factor.

So we drove the 30 minutes out and… no sale. Now I decided to be positive about it, they sold it all on Saturday for full price. Sunday’s are usually 50% off days.

We drove back to town and had breakfast at The Peppercorn Grill. Our favorite locally owned spot. Real food, not the frozen stuff places like Ihop and Denny’s serve. Plus, reasonable prices. Our bill for a breakfast is usually about $20, plus tip, which is fast food price.

We walked around several stores, getting in steps for fit bit and waiting for the sales to open.
The first sale I spent $2. I got a yellow pyrex bowl and a little perpetual motion flower gizmo.

The next sale… was a Barbie bonanza. As I was checking out with a small find, I heard that at 2:30 everything went 75% off… it was 5 until 2 then! So we drove to the 3rd sale which had nothing and I do mean nothing of interest either personal or ebay.

Beloved took me back to the Barbie sale (ok the house was full of nice stuff but all I could see was BARBIE)

I will not detail all I got in one post. However I got, 9 MIB Barbies, and 9 loose dolls, 5 of which I think I have identified, and are original and complete, just no box. They even have their jewelry and shoes! 2, I found are very good but not Barbie at all, though they are wearing Barbie original clothing.

I also got a lot of clothes. Some genuine Barbie, some homemade. Beautifully made homemade. The lady had a serger, it is hard on some items to decide if she made it or store bought it! I even got 2 pairs of black pumps!

OK so with out further ado, I will begin with 3 favorites I wanted when they first came out but never wanted to spend the money asked.

Alphabetically they are

Colonial Barbie

Patriot Barbie

Pioneer Barbie. (Though in my head I always call her Prairie Barbie… I wonder why…)

The loose ones I have identified, I think are:

Peach Surprise Birthday Barbie, complete with jewels and shoes

Pretty in Peach Barbie, complete with Jewels and shoes.

I say I am not sure on these 2 because even though they look like those dolls, the gowns are not tagged. Plus while the gown on the Pretty in Peach is correct, originally it had a flower, not the big bow looking thing.

Sun Jewel Teresa, (The one on the right) I am not sure she had shoes, being a beach babe and all. The one on the left is not a Barbie. She was made by Lucky IND> LTD. I will find her some other clothes, because I think she is adorable, the dimples kill me, like a teen Shirley Temple. The middle one, I LOVE this dress. I do ot know if it was homemade or store bought. If home made, the seamstress was an expert. It is gorgeous!Sadly it has no tags.

Hollywood Hair Barbie, complete with jewels and shoes and Malaysian Barbie, though not in her correct outfit.

Then there is this gal. Aren’t the clothes cool? Her face and coloring remind me of a Suntan Barbie I had in the 70’s. The clothes though are not tagged so I am supposing they are homemade. Check out the purse!
I think I have a pair of sneakers I can give her. She looks so fresh, as if she just came in from outdoors! I plan to change her into her dress instead of the pant suit.

Tomorrow, I hope to show you more, possibly getting into some of the clothes I got! Which means taking more pictures! Some of these clothes are a hoot!

Hugs y’all

I spend so much time on line, you would think I would find time to blog wouldn’t you? I have several posts in the works but for now, I want to share a couple dolls.

For some reason dolls have suddenly been taking up a lot of my time. So, I decided why not share them. I spend a lot of time reading and researching things.
While doing that I stumbled upon a cool Barbie blog. I even emailed the owner with pictures of my dolls, well some of them.

Today I went out yardsaling. Alone. Sigh. No one I know, other than my beloved enjoys this as much as I do! Sadly he works at least until noon on Saturdays and there are rarely any sales on Sunday afternoons.

Today I found a sweet baby and I … I… am certain I over paid. I am sure she is a reproduction, even though I have found dolls online that are real and almost her twin.

I am sure she is reproduction, because she has NO marks at all. Her wig does, it says “KEMPER ORIGINALS, 50% Modacrylic Fiber from Japan, Made in China”.

I have never heard of Modacrylic fiber. I had to look it up to make sure it is a real word, and it was hard to read inside the doll’s wig.

Reproduction or not I HAD to bring her home. You see she looks a lot like a doll I inherited from my great grandmother on my father’s side. She came from Germany in the late 1800’s. I was allowed to hold the doll, which to me looked and felt more like a real baby than any other I had (at the age of 6). When I was in my teens the doll got caught in a flood. I didn’t know she was in the house or she would have been in MY room with me. I hadn’t seen her since the day I held her, when I was 6. I kept her, intending to find a doll hospital to fix her when I had the money. I stored my things in a family barn, and all of it but 1 box of salt and pepper shakers was stolen. I have missed that doll often over the years, as well as the Sweet 16 Barbie, that was my mother’s last gift to me.

So this doll stirred something deep with in me and she HAD to be mine. I would rate her condition fair, her paint has cracks and chips. I don’t think her dress is original, but since she is a reproduction, maybe it is.

The other doll I will show you I found on one of my Barbie hunts. She is NOT a Barbie and I knew it when I bought her. She however is astoundingly beautiful at least to me. I loved her hair and her face the moment I saw her. She of course was naked, as most all Barbies I find are. Some one must eat their clothes or something. I rarely find one dressed.

While she is gorgeous, every princess (all my Barbies are princesses don’t you know!) needs a fitting gown. Since I am not yet confident enough to sew them, I got some cheap ones off ebay. Yes they come from China, but I can’t afford the $30 folks want to make them here. Plus I needed a lot of them in short order.

So she got a beautiful red gown. So beautiful, I bid on 2, hoping to get 1… I got 2! LOL
I will probably dress my naked Snow White in the other one. Snow White is my favorite Disney Princess.

Then, I went to Walmart and bought myself 2 dolls. One is the new Belle, she is gorgeous and not as goofy looking as the original. There are 2 Belle dolls in the new series. I want both but I had set my heart on a M.I.B. Snow White, which I have trouble finding. I saw one and got her too.

Now my trouble is I really want 2 of each… one in the box and one out of it so I can see how pretty they are. I am still deciding which these will be…

Right now I need to get my other shelves up, so for now they remain boxed.

Next time I will show a few more dolls and perhaps retell the story of my favorite Barbie, the Sweet 16.

Hugs y’all

One of the hard parts of blogging to me is, I don’t do anything new and exciting.

I am a home maker and it takes all my time.
My typical day begins like this.
Get up
put dog out
wash face
get dressed
drink water
scoop kitty box
take out trash
begin laundry
walk with Leslie Sansone (on dvd)
In between there I check my computer. Look at my running auctions, read new posts on PH, maybe check facebook, and the news.
I read Philippians and P31:10-31.
I clean the kitchen.

Prep things for dinner.

Work on the days room.
Then knit or sew.

Sometimes I get called to watch my grandboy. Those are exciting days. G is now a 4yo bundle of energy. He has learned to enjoy Mimi’s lap and wants to sit with me under a blanket and read or look at his tablet… my tablet…
Lately he likes to talk about zombies. Monday He came over and we went to McDs for lunch, we had breakfast for lunch. He got a cat woman toy. Then we went to the park until he wanted to go home because it was yucky with too many girls and boys there. He doesn’t enjoy the after school crowd, which since most of them were rude I can totally understand.

Today as I sat down at my pc, I saw the first rose blossom of 2017 off my vintage rose bush. This rose bush was planted by the original owners of my home, in 1951. The bush has no scent, which I find both odd and sad. I LOVE scenty roses! Though I must admit what it lacks in scent it makes up for in perfect, beautiful roses.

So you see, there isn’t much to write about!
Hugs y’all

SACA Dinner

Saturday February 25th MJ and I attended the annual SACA (San Angelo Christian Academy) fund raising dinner. As a part of the dinner there are 2 auctions. 1 silent, 1 live. As usual the items in the live auction, while they would be awesome, were well above my purse!

I did bid on 3 items in the silent auction. A rocking chair, a Barbie in a lilac crocheted gown and a science kit. An odd mix isn’t it? Well I collect rockers and there were no bids on it yet, and I collect Barbies, she also had no bids. The science kit would go to my nephew, the student we attend these events in support of.

The band played. The choirs sang and then they had a couple of skits. The pastor of the church that houses the school talked a little and promised a sermon on propitiation… but they cut that from the program… I never have heard his sermon on propitiation… Seriously, knowing this pastor, that was a joke.

Two of the skits I found really fun. One had 4 students in it. They were all talking as if they were cookies and gave a short description of the life and what it is like to be a cookie. My favorite in this batch was the young man, probably 3rd grade, who must love oatmeal raisin cookies. He did a grand job on it.

The other skit that I really liked was a version of Tangled. Two young ladies did this one… I hope they keep their senses of humor as adults, they will be fun to hang around with!

Dinner was brisket with a potato casserole, green beans and a roll. Tea and lemonade were offered as drinks.

How did my bids do in the silent auction?
I was outbid on the rocker and the science kit. I was floored to find out I won the Barbie! I have looked at these dolls and never hoped to afford one. I know how time consuming they are to make. I actually feel bad for the donor that my small bid was the only one. In any case she is now part of my collection!

Hugs y’all


Months ago I promised a friend an apron.
I finally made it last week!
It was like I woke up out of a fog and got crafty again!
So with out further ado, here is her apron!

Sue apron2
Why wordpress insists on posting my pictures sideways I do not know. I have tried everything I can think of to correct that!
hugs y’all

I have had this running through my mind for a couple weeks.

Do you take God personally? Do you really realize He thinks about you as an individual?

How personal is God to you?

What I mean is, when you read your Bible do you personally take on the promises and commands of God?

In John 3:16 for example. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that who so ever believed on him should not perish but have ever lasting life.

Do you realize that verse is equally true if you read it:
For God so loved me that He gave His only begotten son so that I might believe and not perish but have everlasting life.

Too often I think we get… used to the ambiguity of the “world”. These verses make big claims. The world is a big thing. However God didn’t mean it to be impersonal. When He says the world, he means you, and me, and Sally and Sam and so on. We each figured into His thinking. The great big God of all the universe thought of us each as an individual. Some verses remind us that He thought of us before our parents even knew we existed. Yes I know the verse specifically refers to Jeremiah, however I see no where that indicates God doesn’t know us all.

Think of that. God is calling YOU. Yes you reading this right now.

How do we answer the call? We decide to accept his gift of grace. This covers all our sin. Then we act in Faith. What does this mean? Well if you trust Jesus to save you, won’t you show it? He asks so little of us. Jesus says He that believes and is baptized shall be saved but he that believes not shall be damned. He asks us to be baptized. Commands us to believe. You can do one or the other, but Jesus clearly wants us to do both. If my Faith is not strong enough to convince me to be baptized to please and obey Jesus, how will it ever get through the really big stuff that will come?(Mark 16)

More to the point, who of us is better than the Son of God? Shocking question? Well then consider this. When John protested to baptizing Jesus, the sinless, righteous Son of God what did Jesus say? Mat. 3 13 Then came Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him.
14 But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and come thou to me?
15 And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness. Then he suffered him.
16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:
17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

What better reason is there for baptism than to well please God? Who needs more encouragement to do it than that?

What does a life of Faith look like? Well Galatians says this:
Galatians 5:21-23King James Version (KJV)
21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Again in Ephesians we find this:
Ephesians 5:8-10King James Version (KJV)
8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:
9 (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)
10 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

There are many examples of how we will live if we truly accept Jesus. Philippians 4, the entire chapter lays out many things. This is a good section, VS 8:
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
How hard this is in today’s world! Everywhere you turn there is negativity and wrong thinking!

However, reading the words of Jesus, you will see that this is all to be expected. Jesus tells us that children will turn against their parents, that right and wrong will be twisted and turned in ways God does not approve.

Fathom this. A book written over 2000 years ago, by many different men, would nail this current world to a T. They weren’t just writing to those churches back then, they were writing to US.
Each one of us is individually responsible for how we respond to God’s words. In the end it won’t matter on our account what the preacher, the pope, or who ever told us. We, just as God called us individually, will answer for our life individually. God writes to us individually. He watches and sees us individually. Not just in an ambiguous way. He will come to us individually when we go to Him as he commands us to.

Will you come? Do you believe the life He offers both here and hereafter is worth it? He won’t strew the paths with roses, but He will guide us and comfort us among the thorns.

Hugs Y’all


My beloved bought me a book that has been on my Amazon wish list for ages. Living on A Little by Caroline French Benton.
I have looked but can not find when this book was published. It was, I am thinking early 1900s. Possibly 1890s. The lady had a telephone and refrigerator in town, they did not refer to it as an ice box but a refrigerator. Also the house in town was lit by gas jets.

I like this kind of book because I love learning how people lived in times past. This book deals mostly with the table and how to economize there.


The basis of the story is this. Dolly is to be married in one year. So she goes to her sister while her parents travel Europe and her fiancee is working in South America, to learn how to live on a small salary of $1800 a year. The feeling is that the parents have raised the girls in luxury and now she must learn how to do with out that.


Her older sister, Mary, has been keeping house for six years. She has some very inventive ideas too. One thing confused me in the reading and I am not sure if it is a typo or if there are two appliances the sister has to make her work easier. One is a “fireless” box. A box lined with asbestos in which she makes puddings, and things. Later it is also mentioned a “tireless” box. Which from the reading seems to be the fireless one but the typist who put it on line seemed to have changed its name.


The grocery amount per week floored me. Mary budgets $7 a week. This covered the cost of food for herself, her husband and her sister, or maid if she has one. Plus out of this she saves for any entertaining she plans to do. In this book that included; a surprise visit of two gentlemen her husband brought home, a drop in set of guests for luncheon, 2 dinner parties and 3 luncheons that she planned. When she has a dinner party she also pays from this the 75C cost of a serving girl. Who stays and does dishes after the dinner too. At the luncheons her sister is her “maid”. She hires out her heavy laundry, does her dainties herself and hires a laundress who comes in once a week to do the heavy floor scrubbing too. The amounts of her parties were so neat to read. Imagine serving 4 people on $1.35! Or paying some one $1.50 a week to do all your heavy laundry and scrub your floors!


The meal amounts taught me just how much we over eat now days. Then sugar was something to be saved and cakes and cookies were a rarity. Eggs were .04c a piece, cream .15c a pint, and both considered too extravagant to be used in desserts very often. Yet they had dessert every night! She used only 1 dozen eggs per week! Now to be fair I use about that too, but if I make a big breakfast everyday, I would use twice that! With two eggs each. Mary only fixes one egg each. I think in gerneal today people would think of the food amounts used in this book as starvation rations and yet they worked harder than we do and thrived.


Some of the meats she uses I just can’t imagine. Such as boiling a calves head for meats. Using the brains, I don’t like the idea of tongue and can not stomach liver. All of which were common in Mary’s kitchen. At least when we was saving for a party. She believed in economizing before she spent extra instead of making it up afterwards. I believe in this too.

Dishes 3

I do find that I agree with Mary in that you need not spend a lot to have a pleasant home. Cheap pretty dishes, treated as if they were expensive china will do just as well as Haviland on a carefully set supper table.


One thing I think today’s young woman lacks is the hope chest. In Mary’s time a hope chest was begun by the girl as she learned to sew and she made things for her future home. A passing comment is also made on the trousseau. Both the hope chest and trousseau held the clothing and linen a girl would need for at least 1 year.
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Though Mary suggests buying inexpensive linens for daily use as the purse permits. I agree with this. I prefer table linen to paper and I prefer to use a table cloth and place mats (Mary uses doilies to protect her table linen). My dishes may not be expensive ones, but they are pretty and I enjoy them. I am blessed with an abundance though, having inherited several sets from family and being given one set by a friend. My everyday set is a patterned Corelle, because it can handle the microwave and most of my inherited ones can not. (3 sets are from the 40’s or earlier). For special occasions I select my table from my more fancy, or as my dil says “ooo pretty dishes”.

My goal as a keeper of the home, is to provide a comfortable, safe place for my loved ones. While the methods and general feel of this book is old, out of date and perhaps not considered these days I find the basis is one we should aspire to.
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You don’t need to spend beyond your means to keep what you have nice, serviceable if not pretty. Home isn’t made up of expensive things as much as it is the attitude of the one preparing the meals, doing the laundry and the scrubbing. If one does these things cheerfully, there will be rest and happiness at home. If one does these things grouchily with a complaining or as the Bible calls it a downcast countenance the home will not be restful or happy.

I understand we need money to live. Thriving is a whole different thing though. Money can not make one thrive.

I do recommend this book. If for nothing else it’s historical value.
However you do not need to buy it unless you want to. It is here on Amazon for $2.99.

It is also here on Project Gutenberg for free.

I hope you enjoy it!

Hug Y’all!


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