PH Aprons and Accessories

4 thoughts on “PH Aprons and Accessories

  1. I have had some givn to me and just displayed them untill the other day and decided to give it a try woow was I amazed .
    so, now that is all I have been using like them alot .

  2. Hello to all,
    what a sad year 2012 has beconed upon my Family with the passing of my youngest sister inlaw in November ,then my mother in December was a shocker to all of use she was my Rock and mentor of showing love to all who passed her way wither in person a phone call or a note cared she greated you with open arms and a hug.
    I am lost with out my home maker sisters for contiuing my journey of being frugle and fellowship from many chritian sisters abroad and acrossed the globe.
    I am asking to be reconectued and follow the step rules for posting and commenting .
    I have tried to regester Mel but some how would not let me in I am on Facebook please PM me for my new e-mail thank you ! Love and prayers to all Connie <3

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