A bit of an update

My Beloved is doing much better. Our life over the last several months has been topsy-turvy but should be settling into a more even groove now. In part thanks to a wonderful home care nurse named Dawn.
There are several kinds of dialysis, the most well known is hemo-dialysis. Not as well known, at least here, is a type called Peritoneal dialysis, PD for short.
PD allows the patient to do their treatment over night, and live their life normally otherwise. After much struggle, My Beloved is now fully trained to use PD, thanks to Dawn helping push the dr.
My beloved being able to have a more normal schedule, means I can have a more normal schedule and so dear friends, I plan to begin blogging again, tomorrow! it will be slow at first but it will be fun!
I hope to see you here!
Hugs Y’all!

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