A month???? Really????

Wow, almost a month has passed since I last posted! I really can not imagine why!
This month I read two more JoHannah Reardon books. Gathering Bittersweet and Redbud Corner.

First I will tell you about Gathering Bittersweet. Anyone who knows me knows I am big on pioneer and early Americana works. This book takes place about the time of the railroads so while not pioneer, it still fits in the eras of my interest.

Fay and Rachel are heading to Montana after their father dies, by way of their uncles farm in Illinois. A short stop for the summer ends up having life changing effects on both young women. The book was a very interesting read and I finished it quickly. the characters are engaging. She gives villains to grapple with as well as heroic acts. Always things are rooted firmly in God’s hands and prayer is a common act, not just a way out of dire circumstances. I really like that. I also like that her women have senses of humor. All too often Christian women are portrayed as dour and correct. Granted some Christians are that way. However looking at some things on this earth indicates our creator has a sense of humor, and so should we! Mrs. Reardon captures that very well. The plot is also realistic for the time period. 

The next book I read was Redbud Corner. This follows the tale of AH Ni or “Annie” as her American friends come to call her. Ah Ni is Chinese and here just for study. She has no time for anything other than her books and her work, especially not the “American” God her friend love so much.
This book was a departure for me. I have not read anything involving other cultures as a main theme. I have come across them as a sub plot in various stories but not as the main thing. For example Jane Kirkpatrick’s series, Kinship and Courage, speaks a touch about Chinese ideals in the 1800s. This was a first though in modern ideas.
My favorite part I think was seeing Ah Ni’s relationship with her mother. Mother’s are important to me and I like that Ah Ni was devoted to her’s. I also enjoyed watching her growth in social and other areas. 
Please give Mrs. Reardon’s books a read and let me know what you think! She has made my top 5 lists of favorite authors.
hugs y’all!

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