Busy busy busy!

I have pictures to upload once I get a new battery in the camera. So far…
We got the garden spot tilled, and already I want a bigger one… We began it with a hoe and ended up renting a tiller. Our acre is on caliche, which makes great bricks… there is good soil, but it is mixed with the caliche. This used to be a cow pasture so I know the nutrients are in there. 

Chris had an awesome time mowing, he looked like a real farmer! He is also the one that did the tilling. We did not make the ground all smooth, but I think as a first garden this one will do just fine. We mixed in 10 bags of top soil. Beloved mowed the front at dusk, and loved using the headlights!

So far I have planted, tomatoes of various kinds, green and red bell peppers, a jalapeno, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries watermelon and canteloupe. Still to go in are potatoes, more straw berries (root starts) onions and… I forget what other seeds were begun… I think Judy knows.

To be planted in pots I have Stevia, Dill and more Basil. I need more pots… We also planted a rose bush. I want more of those… I have a rosemary bush a friend gave me that I plan to put near the fence. My friend says it should help deter the goats from my yard… I am thinking of moving some iris at the base of any tree I plant too since they do not touch those when they get loose.

I love the garden and I will especially love the fried zucchini and tomatoes, but man am I tired! Chris is going to town with me today because I was forewarned about a large shipment. I am glad he got a “real ” job so he can begin working on his own dreams, but man I will miss him when it starts!

Well laundry needs beginning and the garden needs its morning drink. Y’all have an awesome day!

2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy!

  1. It's so wonderful you are able to have a garden this year, Mel. They are a lot of work, but the reward far exceeds the pain of a few aching muscles we feel along the way. Heehee!

    *Crossing fingers you get your new camera battery installed soon!*

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