Crispens Point by JoHannah Reardon

I had the blessing of getting this book on my kindle. I love my kindle though honestly I still prefer hard copy books.
This story follows Charlotte Fyne as she begins her life in a new town. I loved how real the different peoples reactions to her came across. I also loved how she responded to her across the street neighbor. We all have people in our lives like the town folks.
As Charlotte lives out Christ before them they begin to glimpse that she is not what they thought.
Take the pastor of her church for example. Charlotte is a Christian romance writer. She stands by her career choice because “God created romance”. The pastor envisions all romances as bad influences on women and is determined to show Charlotte, from the pulpit the error of her ways.
However Charlotte is oblivious to the barbs being showered on her and agrees with the sermons much to the pastor’s chagrin.
Another totally awesome plot is Charlotte’s ability to reach out to tween and teen girls. This is an ability I wish I had. Charlotte admits to having been wild as a teen and uses her abilities to help the young girls learn the true meaning of romantic love.
Charlotte also have an exceptional relationship with her mother. I love the camaraderie between them, even when faced with devastating news.
In then end the world rights itself and Charlotte find the man God has planned for her.
I loved this book and intend to find more by this author. This one will be on my read again shelf. I see JoHannah Reardon becoming one of my favorite authors.
Check out her books, both in hard copy and on kindle!

Hugs Y’all

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