Do NOT play twister with cats…

As you all know, I have 3 adorable kitties.
My favorite is Mouse. Yes I know a mom is not supposed to pick favorites but Mouse acts like she is my baby. Plus she is smaller and fuzzy and cuter than the other 2.

I mean just look at that cute fuzzy mug. Her sisters, Munchkin and Spaz are tubby grey tabbies as well, with a bit of orange tossed in. Mouse is grey, darker grey and white. 
Now Friday I was asking my helper Judy a question and when I turned to leave her room all 3 kitties swarmed me, once I had my foot up to leave. In trying to step over kitties my foot landed on the case holding doll clothes… and I hit the floor in a spectacular face plant. 
 I laid sprawled on the floor for a bit taking stock. Everything hurt, my hands and knees stung, you know that burning scrape feeling. My toe really hurt and my shoulders throbbed. Slowly I sat up. Nothing seemed to be horridly wrong so I slowly rose to my feet. Other than achy pains I was ok. Nothing seemed out of place or broken there were no cuts just areas feeling stung and bruised. 
Over the course of the last few days the pain increased in my right shoulder. Today it seems a dull roar instead of an echoing crescendo. My foot seems fine too, I did pop my toe last night and after a resounding crack the pain almost instantly dissipated. WHEW! I was tired of limping! I did end up laughing at what my fall must have looked like. If I can’t laugh at myself, what is the point of being a klutz?? And to think, my name means Graceful Honey Bee… ummmm yeah that’s me….
I am back to doing my normal duties today. Being Monday that means laundry. 
Well the dryer is buzzing so time to go reboot the machines!
hugs y’all

One thought on “Do NOT play twister with cats…

  1. Oh my goodness! Thankfully you are OK. I love cats too so I can relate to your story. They have a way of being underfoot, and quiet about it, bless their little hearts. 🙂

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