Ebay #2

OK first there were 2 yesterday I missed.

These are definitely party dresses!

OK now, ready for some vintage?

First my favorite real Barbie dress. Suburban shopper. This is the no hat one. The other is still unpacked! These shoes are some from my blue shoe collection. This dress does not fit this doll. She is… bustier than the old dolls. Once I unpack the vintage dolls I will model it on one of them.

First we have my red head in a maroon ensemble. It looks to me sort of western. It is so pretty!

Here we have a modern bikini babe modeling an older body suit, with skirt and jacket.

Next we have Blondie in a nightie and robe. This is the easiest of the batch to put on her!

Ok ready for some mind blowing stitchery????

First the petticoat. I used to wear these but mine never had snaps!

Ok, Dark blue. This one has a bit of tape marked Bette on it. I wonder if this was a dress for her, or if she made it…

Light blue. This one is signed, Janet L. Lein.

Purple gingham…This is marked Janet L. Lein What talent!

With bonnets

Wedding gown

A new petticoat…

Perfect in pink.

For cold days… I am sad it has such a big stain! Still, lovely.

A few odd bits I have no clue what to do with! I do have more of this pink silky stuff someplace.

Well what do you think? Isn’t this a trousseau to be the envy of any 18th or even 19th century bride?
What is your favorite? Stay tuned for more!
Hugs Y’all

2 thoughts on “Ebay #2

  1. Oh my! Almost too much pretty to look at! Notice I say almost. Lol!
    First of all the blonde Barbie is just the best model ever.
    The gingham and bonnet are my favorite. In this she is the perfect Southern Belle.
    I love the dark blue with the tiny flowers as well.
    The peignor set (is that what they used to call them?) Is absolutely beautiful.
    The pink set is so sweet. Have you tried a mixture of peroxide and Dawn dish liquid on the same.
    Sighing in happiness,

  2. Oh my, these are exquisite! My favorite is the light blue. Love your Teresa doll at the beginning and a soak in oxy clean will brighten up that suburban shopper outfit. Love! Also, that stain looks like it might come out! Try soaking in oxy clean too. Maybe!

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