Fabbbulous Friday is here!

Today being Friday I will be busy at home until around 230. Then I will head to town for grocery shopping and such.

My agenda today is laundry, grocery planning (the ads just got here yesterday!) and cleaning the kitchen.

I am getting excited with making plans to fix up the kitchen. We are interviewing one more painter before we decide to hire or paint the house ourselves. I plan to take lots of pictures for the before during and afters.

This weekend I also plan to get some plants for the front, and the stuff for the veggie garden. 
I bought some stevia seeds and plan to try them out. Both in pots (so I can grow it all year) and in the garden to be dried.

I am also making a master shopping list. I have a sams membership my son bought me and plan to go there and really research what is cheaper there than HEB.

If the kitchen, yard and painting were not enough chaos I plan to work on redoing the bedroom but on a much smaller scale. I will pack away or sell off most of the beanie babies and other plush. Take down the shelves on Beloved’s dresser and get new sheets and comforter set. The room right now is really crowded furniture wise and so my changes will be limited. I just want ti to feel like a calm oasis from the chaos of a small home with 5 adults living in it!

Well I need to get this posted and get busy I have 2 yahoo groups to post to also, the 15s and the 45s

Have an awesome and productive day ladies!

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