Family Time.

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Family is important. I love my family, even the members I do not see eye to eye with.
My favorite thing to do with my family is play games. Some games more than others!
I am usually up for Uno, but rarely interested in scrabble. No one can figure that one out since I love to read and write.

One game we all love is Apple to Apples. This game is such a hoot.
You need at least 5 people to make it fun. There are different varieties to it too. We have the Party version and the family version. The family version is easier on younger crowds… preteens and such.


The game is a word game. There are 2 sets of cards, green and red. You pick a judge to begin with, each turn the judges changes so everyone can play.
Everyone gets 7 red cards. The judge takes a green card and reads it out. Then everyone plays a red card from their hand that somehow is connected to the green card. Sometimes the connection is real and sometimes not.


Sometimes nothing in your hand will fit. Then you just chuck a card in and hope for the best! The judge reads all the cards and picks the rounds winner. My older osn says it really helps to “know your audience”. A card that might win with dad, may not win with mom and so on.


We got to introduce Jennifer to Apples to Apples this weekend. She had never play.. the poor girl is so sheltered, we also taught her to play Uno… cut throat version even! Perhaps Dominoes will be next… Or maybe Tenzi… or the one word game I like… Bananagrams… ( For my non local friends these are available at Amazon. For my local friends they are available at our local toy store, Specialties Games , Toys and Gifts on Knickerbocker)

It was the first time all my kids were here… we were only missing Gideon to make the circle complete. I hope the Lubbock kids had fun too. The girls are very different, but both sweet and loving.

I look forward to more games in November!

Hug y’all

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