Finally Friday

I really love these days when I can stay at home. At least for most of the day. I have errands to run later this afternoon. I am pretty sure I can get my home keeping done before I go. 

OK ready for some pictures?

Yes this is me about 5 minutes before the hoe broke…
This is the original plot.
after working on it almost a whole day, and breaking 2 garden tools, Beloved decided a tiller was in order.

This is the yard tractor with the top soil waiting for the tilled ground.

Chris, Judy and friend Shawn  on the second pass with the tiller. I was in town when Chris called and said the tiller was not working… He had removed the stabilizer bar and it did not like that. When we got home Beloved fixed it and away they went. 

Shawn conquers the rake…

More tilling. Chris put more into this than any of us i think…

Putting in the top soil

Tilling the added soil.

Done tilling and the border frame in. 

I will take some pictures of the plants today and post those probably tomorrow.

Have an awesome day y’all

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