Fun Weekend.

It all began on Thursday night. Beloved took me to supper at a place called Dickey’s Bbq pit.

The food was awesome. The atmosphere was fun even though they are in a small regular shopping center.  I think I want to go there next month for my birthday dinner if I do not choose to make something myself.

Then Friday in the early morning we went yardsaling. It is nice for Beloved to have a day to do this. We grabbed some groceries to make lunch before… we all went to the movies! We saw Clash of the Titans and it  was pretty good. After the movie we went and picked up my paycheck. Then we came home.

Today we did more yardsaling. It is so nice! I had my yard sale list in my head and did not veer off of it too badly. I got a new canister jar, 5 skirts, they look never worn! 2 movies. (Under the Tuscan Sun and The Terminal.) I also got a large bucket of lace. I also bought 2 purses, a coupon holder and some pyrex and other mixing bowls. The pattern is not my first choice so they may find their way up for sale.  All in all I spent about $15, and I got books too. I will talk about books more in a second. Beloved found a lot of computer stuff he wanted. 

Part of what made this week fun was I was asked to be part of a book round robin. This is like a letter round roubin but instead of recipes or what ever you send books. I got the books in last week, the Red River Valley series, books 1-3 The author is Lauraine Snelling. I must send these books on sometime this week. (Once I pick some one to send them on to) I hate to part with them. They are wonderful and I will be buying my own set. The second part of the set will be on it’s way to me once the lady is done with them. 

We went by Rita’s, the second hand book shop where I found some Grace Livingston Hill . Her books are getting harder to find. The trick for me is to remember what I have and not rebuy them! As a result of not doing that, I already have 2 duplicates that I will either put on ebay or in the PH mall. I also found another Lauraine Snelling called Ruby that looks interesting.

Well like all good things, this weekend draws to a close with things still to be done. Laundry as usual awaits, dishes and dinners and such must be cared for. 

Before I leave off, please keep a lady I met this weekend in prayer. Her name is Marjorie Allison. She is 82 years young. She is spry and wonderful. She also has cancer. This week sometime will be her 5th and hopefully final chemo treatment. This lady along with her 89 year young friend was having a yard sale to help cover her expenses. She has some lovely pieces she wishes to sell, that would probably do well on ebay. I am praying on if that is where God wishes to direct me. She is beautiful and grace just shines through her. Apparently no on in her church uses ebay, or has the time to help her sell her items. Some how that hurts me. 

Have a glorious Easter y’all. Remember Christ has risen, and He is with us, in the midst!

2 thoughts on “Fun Weekend.

  1. Wow, what a weekend! Made my heart sing.

    Our yard sale season is just beginning too – I got hubby just what he wanted for his birthday (a couple months early) and saved $130! He wanted a good charcoal grill. We used it today and made enough food to last a few days – yay!

    I know what you mean about Lauraine Snelling – her books are hard to part with, but they're so good you want to share them too!

    Keeping Miss Marjorie in my prayers,
    -Laura at TenThingsFarm

  2. What a truly wonderful weekend you've had, Mel! How special that your beloved was able to join you ~ and he found his box of treasured goodies, too. I am married to hardware / network geek, too, so I understand just how much joy an ol' discarded box of cables, processors, chips and drives can bring to a man. Heehee!

    I will absolutely be praying for Marjorie. I just have to believe our God has placed her before you for a reason. Praying that His will be revealed to you soon.

    Wishing you and your family a very blessed Easter. Rejoice! He has risen!

    PS: The iris in your yard are very pretty ~ they appear to be in perfect bloom for this perfect day.

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