Happy New Year!

Yes I know I am a few days late. I have been busy getting things done around the homestead. I love calling it that even though there are no animals or at this point even a garden!
Christmas for us was good but had a tint of sad with mil not being here. I know she is happier with Jesus but we miss her still.
Judy made me a gorgeous apron! Her sewing skills are just totally amazing! Here are the dresses she made for my friends little girls:

The apron I made for my friend:

My goal for this year is to move toward more self reliance. I plan a garden again. Hopefully we can avoid hospitals this year.., Though next Monday I take my darling fil to the dr for a test on his heart. He may or may not get a pacemaker put in then. They come prepared to stay over night…
This week I am beginning to seriously watch what I eat and exercise. I am using My Fitness Pal.com to do this. I down loaded the app to my Fire. yes Beloved blew the budget and got me a Fire!

 I do love it and can do most things on it that I do on my pc.
I also downloaded youversion, a Bible program. I plan to work on memorization this year. I want to memorize books of the Bible, not just bits and bobs. This program not only lets you read and take notes and follow Bible in a year plans, it will actually read it to you! I love that part.
Well I have decided to declutter. You know what that means. This time I have after careful thought and consideration decided to part with the old stove. It need way more work than I have skill or cash. Plus on reflection, there is just NO space for it in this house. With that, mil’s china cabinet and the freezer in the breakfast room there is just no space for a table… we NEED the freezer, table and I refuse to not have mil’s china cabinet, so the stove must go.
Also going is the gazelle exercise thing. It is just too awkward to use. Since I use Leslie Sansone’s walk away the pounds, I do not really need it anyway.
Well the charity shop’s truck will be here any minute so I best sign off for now!
Next time I will review a book I read by an author I just found, JoHannah Reardon. Which for some reason my kindle insisted was mrs. Fearsome…
See you in a day or two!
hugs y’all!

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