Learning about myself.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. For me that can be dangerous but in this case, it was not. I have spent much of the last several years feeling tired, worn out. As a mother of young sons years ago I felt that way. Then it was because I was on my feet chasing youngsters, stopping fights, cleaning, cooking and off and on working taking care of other peoples youngsters.


Five years ago I had cancer. It was not a big deal. Surgery took care of it with no “extra” treatments. I dislike when folks call me a “cancer survivor”.  Cancer was an illness I had. It did not and does not define who I am.


I was however left with a lasting side effect that is sometimes debilitating. That side effect is fatigue. Some times I get so tired my arms are too heavy.


About a month ago I rejoined a group I used to be part of called Flylady. One habit in particular has stayed with me. It gets me through some tough days, though I admit there are still days when nothing gets done.


That habit is what I call 15s. Flylady says you can do anything for 15 minutes. This is true. I accomplish great things each day, 15 minutes at a time. My trouble was though that I expected myself to do EVERYTHING related to a certain task IN 15 minutes.  It does not work that way. So I must often recite to myself, “I can do anything FOR 15 minutes, NOT everything IN 15 minutes”.


Another thing with the 15s that helps is to do them in a group.  If I go off to do a job my tendency is to work on it until it is all done and I am worn out. This cascades through my day until my Beloved comes home to a lackluster meal and a wife incapable of a decent conversation.  Doing the 15s in a group means some one is waiting for me to come back and chat for 15. It seems silly but the same amount of work is getting done, and I am NOT a frazzled worn out wreck at the end of the day! Actually I am usually finished with the days work, other than the supper and after supper dishes, by noon.


I do usually need to take a rest in the afternoon, usually around 2 or so. This enables me to be fresh and rested when my Beloved comes home from work.

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