Made it!


Wednesday Morning we bid a fond and reluctant farewell to my wonderful friend and sister in Christ, Sue Ellen.


We made it to Gadsden about 11:45. Didn’t even eat supper, just crawled into bed.
The motel was meh. It was clean just not fun. We had been in 4 states in 10 hours. Both phones constantly asking for charging!
On today’s journey we saw traffic, and trees!




This morning we went to waffle house. Neither of us had ever been. Our plan was to take advantage of the free breakfast. It was scanty and not appealing. Let me just say, Angelo needs a Waffle House. The food was old fashioned and old time tasty!

Since today was the first day of the sale, I did not anticipate all the traffic. Plus it rained from about noon on. Most sales were closed up due to the downpour.


So we drove and we drove. We saw more trees than I have seen since I left California. Not mesquite, live oak or Pecan. I think I even saw Kudzu fine, I am told it is a scourge in the south.

Tonight we had a nice meal in a quiet place called Mount Vernon. It has been in the same family since the 1950s. MJ got chopped steak (a hamburger patty smothers in sauteed onions and mushrooms) I got jumbo butterfly shrimp. They had fried corn that was wonderful. Slaw and potatoes that we ok but not fantastic. For dessert I got an Almaretto pie that was oh so good! I couldn’t finish it, it was much too sweet and rich.

One thing too that I like about this trip… tap water you can actually drink!
Well I am exhausted and need to go lay down. We ran by walmart and got a couple extra pillows… what is it with king beds and 3 pillows? Don’t most folks use at least 2?

I have more pictures to upload but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I am just too tired tonight!
Hugs Y’all

One thought on “Made it!

  1. Thank you for sharing your trip! I am loving your pictures, especially of the trees. I love trees. (Sometime, do a Google search for famous trees in Texas. The history of these trees is so interesting.)

    Almaretto Pie – definitely have to find a recipe for that!

    Hope you and M.J. are having a blast hunting for treasures!

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