Meandering Monday

I like to meander. Online anyway. I like to meander anywhere really. In fact I just plain like the word meander. It seems a combo of 2 good words. me and wander… 

Ok ok so anyway when I read a blog I meander through the links.  Sometimes I find gems and add them to my blog role or bookmarks.

Last week while reading my cousin’s blog I decided to recheck her list for anything new.  I discovered a blog that just makes me think and enjoy. It is called down to earth. It is not about being a Christian woman. It is just daily life. 

The down to earth blog has a forum too that I have looked at. I think in time I will discover it to be a wealth of information. I am still looking around on there D2E

The blog also has a weekly feature called you me and the kitchen sink. This is where she posts pictures and stories about folks and their kitchens from all over the world.  I really like it.

Today from that I discovered a happy blog about a young mom in Scotland. My paternal grandfather was from Scotland (by way of Canada) and I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Anyway I read the first post on this blog and it gave me a calm happy feeling. I do not know why. The blog is named Happy Doings.

It is nice to relax and visit other folks at their boards and blogs. I love running the PH site but sometimes it is rewarding to sit back and not be the one to fix things. Though I do admit, the last year on PH has been pretty uneventful. Quiet even. No drama. I like that. I am not a drama person. I especially do not like the manufactured kind.

Well I need to grab some paper to make sketches and make my lunch for work. Y’all have a blessed day!

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