Mel’s Apron Philosophy.

I have some specific ideas on aprons.
Aprons must
1) provide good coverage.
2) Have pockets!
3) cover my skirt at least to the knees
4) make me feel good about wearing them.
I have many apron patterns. One thing I notice about many simple bib patterns is the lack of front coverage. As one of my friends once said, I need them to cover my girls. When I make a bib apron I always make the bib bigger than the pattern, just because my friend reminded me that splatters hit all over, not just the 1 spot the pattern designers thought of.
An apron with out a pocket, preferably 2, is just useless to me. As I rush around my home, and I generally go a a fast pace every where, I need to have an extra hand, even if it is just to carry my chain… I mean cell phone with me. As I flutter through the house I pick up bits and bobs that belong elsewhere. Some times I need more hands than I have to cart them where they belong. Plus there are the inevitable stops and starts on the journey.
I dislike the new mod short aprons. I wear mine in the yard as well as in the house and I like to have my knees covered too. No sense ruining a skirt with grass stained knees. When I make an apron I make it a bit long, so I have solid knee coverage.
Now this last item is really important to me. I am short and fluffy. In general things marketed to my size range are… well ugly. I mean I have yet to find a denim skirt I would feel pretty wearing. I stick with basic tank tops and tees because I can not find blouses. However I can control anything I make! There for I declare that just because I am a sahw does not mean I must dress in sweats and dull drab things. I can make aprons to brighten my day and make me feel pretty. My apron is my sign that I am on duty, cooking and cleaning seem to be easier when my apron is on. I KNOW that is just in my head but still it works that way for me.
My friend Miss Maggie says “Aprons are the lingerie you wear on the outside. ” I love that idea. So when I look for fabrics, and I gather them from all over, I go for the pretty patterns and colors. No browns, grays or dark dull colors for me. I want reds and blues, maybe even a pink or 2. And I SHALL wear purple! Even though I have no red hat to go with it yet…
Different aprons in me produce different moods too. A simple cleaning apron is different to me than my favorite LHOP apron. 
My favorite style is the LHOP apron. Here is the one I have made:



It is too long and needs some tweaking but I LOVE it and plan to make many more!
I was able to enlarge the pattern just a bit and make it good for my short fluffy self.
What is your favorite style of apron?

2 thoughts on “Mel’s Apron Philosophy.

  1. Hi Sweetie! You've been a busy girl. I am so proud of you for venturing out. I just know that our Lord has many blessings in store for you!

    I, too, like a full apron. The more I look around, though, the more I find myself drawn to the full smock type aprons ~ I'm sure that's probably not what they're called…but they're something almost like a dress to wear over your dress, I guess.

    Squeeeeee! Dress, I guess. That sort of rhymes, yes? Hey! That does, too. Er…never mind. That is all.

    I love ya, girl!

  2. I LOVE that apron, Mel!!

    I'm going to have to order a few off from you.

    I do prefer the top a bit wider only because I'm larger on the top and do prefer it to cover me shoulder to shoulder.

    I'm so proud of you for taking this step and pursuing your sewing dreams!!!

    Love you,

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