My energy level is coming back!

Yesterday I went to work. When I got home I did my mile, worked on the huge disaster known as my kitchen, bowled with Chris (we use the WII) did more cleaning and fixed supper. 
I also grabbed miracle whip for Beloved and another angel food cake to use up my strawberries. 

I really get into the bowling. My arms and back and legs ache some today. Not horrible, an advil or 2 will fix me right up. The plan is to get Beloved to bowl every night. So far I have only managed my Leslie Sansone work out on Mondays. Maybe I should switch and try it on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead…

Well I decided I need to eat real food before work so I made french toast, kinda like eggs, milk and toast all in one. I packed a lunch and off I went.

I think today we could have stayed closed and no one would have known the mall was dead.

Tonight will be roast with taters and carrots. 

My back is still aching so I may lay down with a couple advil while supper cooks. Perhaps I wil just put my feet up with a book…
At least I got laundry done before work! I had so much energy then… it fizzled at work though.

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