My work area.

Welcome to my office/sewing room.
I still have a bit of work to do to get it just right. However to do that I need to invent more storage options for the closet! LOL what I have is obviously inadequate!
As we walk into the door we see the desk with most of my books. This is where I do my writing, bill paying, planning, and some designing. I also do my craft stuff that does not involve sewing here, like making the button magnets for my magnetic aprons. The loose buttons are in the antique sewing basket and the carded ones are in the plastic tote. I get buttons new and used, always looking for something cool or fun!
Yes I really do run 2 pcs at the same time. Sometimes one is helping me research while the other is a chat or searches or music and so forth. The laptop really lives in the living room so I can compute while Beloved and I watch Tv. For the 2 years we had the kids living here it was my only pc. The desktop is a recent thing, built from cast offs of the kids updated computers. It has most of my genealogy and such on it, though I guess I ought to put it on the lap top as well…
Above the books and laptop you can see my toy collection. Well part of it anyway. I LOVE raggedies! Some Barbies are cool too and the big doll is a Baby Crissy from the 70’s. My goal some day (when time permits) is to get her new hair and make her a new outfit. I want one to match that sweet bonnet she has!

Behind the desk you can see the “black out” curtains I made to keep heat and light out of the room. I dislike the need for them but the lamps make less heat than the 103 days we often have here! My hope is they are also heavy enough to block cold winds out in winter!
Looking to the left you see my antique rocker. I LOVE this chair. It is old and comfy and the perfect place to read and pray. Please note the stack of “to be read” books on the top shelf! Below that are 1 set of my LHOP (I have 3, 2 are vintage and delicate so I got a newer set to actually read!) and my Anne Books, ones I reread quite often! Notice the quilted flag hanging up? My friend Kristi made that for me and I adore it!

Next we see the other ugly window. I do not have a curtain rod for it yet. So sadly the black out material and the curtain are just stapled up for now. This window is where the sun comes directly in. Some day there will be a trellis with roses outside it to help block that blazing sun! Under the window sits Elvis. Elvis is an albino orangutan Beloved got me one Christmas. I adore him.
Next we see Kenny, he is for now my staging area, where I iron small bits and pin things. Kenny is a 1967 Kenmore in a really nice table. In the corner is White, a 1940’s cast iron machine. White has been I think rewired. He boasts a knee pedal instead of a foot pedal. I have never used White, he so far has intimidated me! Add to that his table is falling a part I do not want to do much with him until I can find a decent replacement table. 
Next we see my pattern/thread/ and other sewing needs shelf. On top is my “Mel” doll. My friend Ella made that doll as close to resembling me as she could! It really fits who I am too! Next up is Baby, my new Brother machine. She is covered to protect her from dust and kitties. She worked hard this morning finishing curtains! Beloved bought Baby for me last year as a surprise valentines gift. I LOVE sewing on her she is so smooth! 
Next we see the drawers where I keep more sewing needs and other craft items. The book shelf holds most of my favorite series of books. MY Grace Livingston Hill collection is here, as are my Leisha Kelly, Maggie Sefton and Jan Karon. I love to read, as you can tell! Many of the books on the bottom 2 shelves, are a set that I have not read. They are called inspirational romance. I need a good quick read now and then and these so far fit the bill! On top is one of the nativities I collect. Beloved bought this one for me 2 Christmases ago, it depicts small children. Next to it is the video picture frame Chris (youngest son) sent me for Christmas when he lived in Washington state. A much as I like it, I am happier with him home in Texas!

As we turn towards the door we see my disorganized closet! The shelves hold books for sale, craft items and I forget what else! The totes are fabric in the bottom 2 and ribbons and laces and trims in the top one. On top of it all are the materials ready to go to my cutter when she is ready for them.
Well thanks for visiting! As I said it is still a work in progress but at least it is finally set up enough where I can get to work! I hope you come back soon and often!
Keep on Sewing y’all!

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