Sorting! The Fun Kind…

OK as I said I am done showcasing the Barbies from the last couple of weeks.

From now on it will be ones added to my collection over time. One caveat to this… there is a sale tomorrow, that advertised Barbies! So I may have some new ones to share tomorrow night. We will see.
I do have a question for Barbie collectors. I have noticed on the dolls I have unboxed, their clothes are not tagged. Is the the norm or a new thing?

Another question. I have other boxed dolls. Well not boxed so much as in plastic. These are all relatively cheap dolls, usually about $12. I got most on clearance. Is there any value in keeping them in the boxes?

To be honest I have thought often of just selling them off or giving them away. I don’t know at this point why I even bought them. I did give away my Butterfly Art Barbies. The market has been flooded with them since I got mine on rush clearance at Amazon years ago. Though they are kind of growing on me…

Here are the candidates for opening.

Spy Teresa

Spy Barbie

Pink and Fabulous Barbie with brown hair. I always thought it was Teresa that has the brown hair…

I can be Actress Barbie. Looking at this one, she has so many tiny accessories, I think boxed is best for her.

My shelves are working well. However…

Look at all the unhoused dolls! True some are duplicates and triplicates.

This shelf set is going to be for the formal, ball gown or Bride type dolls.

This shelf set will house the DOW, American Story (Of which, I found out, there are 4 more I need to hunt for!)

This under shelf is where I plan to put the dolls I intend to … play with… as in changing outfits now and then…

Over here are dolls that will not be unboxed. I think all the top shelves will be these as well. So I don’t worry so much about dusting!

Star Trek!


Tea Party

Valentine Sweet Heart


I now have 4 or 5 Snow Whites so this one will stay in her box.

So will this gorgeous Belle, at least until I find another on clearance!

OK some dolly help is needed.

Yes I know Donnie and Marie…

Who are these two, who look ready to play tennis?

This guy with the sort of prince jacket? He is marked, Ken Mattel inc Patent pending MCMLX (MJ says this is 1960) On his foot he is marked Japan. I have had him for a while, just stuck him on the shelf. I think I paid $1 for him on our vacation across country yard saleing 2 years ago.

And this guy? He is very wiggly. Marked Ken, Hong Kong.

This cute blonde? She is wearing a Sweet 16 dress. That I know well!

This is Camp Barbie, I bought her new. She has lost her lantern. It is here someplace. (We have moved several times and had various people “help” in the packing since I got her)

Now I have this coca cola Barbie, her box has been wet… Unbox or keep as is? She will be my only Barbie in jeans…

I think the ones that will not be unboxed will go up on the top shelf. Then the princess dolls can go on the next shelf, leaving me the bookcase top for more unboxed dolls.

Beloved made me this tonight:

Isn’t it cute!
Well I need to be up and at it early tomorrow so good night! If you have any insights into any of these dolls or clothes PLEASE share!

Hugs y’all

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