Whew busy couple of weeks! Plus Kindle Fire review.

This month was stock up month for us. When I fill in things we use that are in general non perishable. I also stock the freezer. Buy things for the home, like mini blinds… shelves… furniture… The last couple weeks have been busy.
This week also heralded in the 5th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed on Feb 24th. I had surgery on March 2nd and was pronounced cancer free a few days later.
Well yesterday I had my 5th year check up. The doc says I am all clear! He also said that the type of cancer I had is unlikely to recur after the 5 year mark. He says I am free! Woot! True the test results take 2 weeks but he says there is nothing to suggest they will not be clear. WHEW!
OK so now I want to do a product review. As you know, my Beloved surprised me with a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I have had an used for the last 3 months.
What I love:
The graphics are fantastic! The graphics are better than on my pc. Granted my pc is now 3 years old and advances have been made.

It is easy to use and transport. I love being able to read anywhere.
It fits in my purse. This is neat, I can use it to take notes or read and study.
The games. I am not a big gamer but the uno, yatzhee , mahjong and words with friends are addicting!
Free programs. Everyday Amazon offers a free Android ap, and they all work on the kindle!
Now the down sides.
The power plug is inconveniently located at the bottom. It is a pain to use when plugged in. Plus the plug wiggles around and feels like it will fall apart any minute.
The fonts for the web and email functions can not be enlarged and are set at 8 or 10 pt. I need 12 to read easy for long periods. So I do not do much web browsing which, truth be told was part of the reason for the purchase.
It is hard to read in sunlight.
It has sensitivity issues… Some programs, and this may be the fault of the programs, but some react too quickly when touched some too slowly if at all.
It takes a long time to boot up and for web pages to load. Plus the wifi eats power way too fast.
I also do not like that some programs are so web based you HAVE to be connected to use them. A big one I had issues with was youversion Bible software. It MUST have internet access to function at all. I wanted it to be able to study and compare different Bible versions and verses, but some places I go do not have wifi access and so it would not work. Again this may be a program function but since the BIG reason I wanted it was easy Bible study with out lugging my laptop pc around, it is a neg.
Basically I found myself using it to play games. While that is fun, it is also a big time waster.
My solution, I traded it with my Beloved for his netbook. It does everything I want, runs the kindle ap, gives me access to the many Bible programs that are really downloaded and installed, whether I am online or not.
So over all was the Kindle Fire worth it for me? No. A regular kindle would have done me just fine. That was my fear when Beloved got me the Fire. However he is having fun with it so for that I am glad we got it!
hugs y’all

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I've been wanting an Ipad and then my friend told me about the kindle fire and said it was cheaper and would probably work just fine for what i wanted, but those same things things that are bugging you about it would also drive me crazy, so…good to know!

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